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Before I start this video, I challenge Zack Knight under 666-Computer lie detection in court to refute what I allege against him in this video, that he is quite possibly the greatest screenwriter and director of all time, in a vast and epic movie which I will title: The Life of Gail Chord Schuler.

Zack Knight’s entire life is committed to his role as writer and director of the greatest film of all time about the life of Gail Chord Schuler. He uses the world as his studio. His characters are Jesus Christ, himself, me, the real and clone Brent Spiner, the real and clone Matthew McConaughey, the real and clone Vladimir Putin, and his Jesuit agents Loree McBride, Camila Alves and Lyudmila Putin. His supporting characters are clones of the rest of the men on my marriage list, and his Jesuit army who act out various parts, comprising my other family members and the world I interact with.

The movie has been in production since around 1991, when Star Trek: The Next Generation star Brent Spiner fell head over heels in love with a nobody housewife and mother named Gail Chord Schuler. Zack Knight releases the movie in parts, and lets the world draw their own conclusions, as each actor plays out their role, and bits and pieces of his screenplay are released through his vast online mediums, Encyclopedia Dramatica,, and just about all of the Internet, Hollywood, and the news media and worldwide press—mediums almost completely under Zack’s direction as he paves his way for his grand entrance as the Antichrist or Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ’s deep love for Gail Zack has twisted into a sexual passion, who marries Gail Chord Schuler as his wife in the millennium, separate from His true wife, the church, and during the millennium filling her with His semen, and that when Gail makes love to Brent, she substitutes Jesus Christ for Brent during her lovemaking, though Jesus has made clear to Gail that He will never make love to her directly or indirectly in the sexual act, and thus Zack will pave the way for his future claims that he, Jesus Christ, is married to the bride of Christ, Gail Chord Schuler, who he will fill with his semen during the millennium.

Gail Chord Schuler’s unbelievable genius will be twisted into paranoid schizophrenia, and her vast spirit, loving heart and forgiveness which causes famous men the world over to die for her, will be twisted as a delusional woman obsessed with unreachable famous men and, because Zack moves heaven and earth to block her from her men, he twists this to mean that Gail lies about her online communications she has with her men or she would be with one of them now.

To deal with the problem that several men on Gail’s marriage list began corresponding with her online in 2011, revealing Brent Spiner as vast, deeply spiritual, and brilliant; Zack has twisted the real Brent, Matthew and Vladimir into Internet trolls who take advantage of Gail’s schizophrenia and cruelly play on her delusions to mock her before the world. Zack conveniently neglects to reveal that his true Jesuit Internet trolls who have tried to impersonate her men or seduce Gail online have all failed and been uncovered, showing that true Internet trolls do not deceive Gail.

Famous men would actually die for Gail but Zack’s power and brilliance has blocked them from her, because he will move heaven and earth to keep these men from Gail, twisting the truth that they would die for her but that he blocks them from her, to mean that though middle aged Gail is sexy, Brent Spiner’s depths he twists into a playboy Brent who prefers his younger Jesuit drug rapist, the sexy bombshell Loree McBride, and Matthew McConaughey’s deep sensitive sexiness he twists into a shallow muscle man who prefers his younger Jesuit extortioner, model Camila Alves, both of whom have gained their entrance to Brent and Matthew through meticulous and well planned Jesuit extortion plots, Zack using his massive press power, his genius scientific and technical prowess, incorporating stolen semen from Brent and Matthew or their clones, then using artificially induced pregnancies in Loree or Camila to extort the real Brent and Matthew into conformity to their Jesuit roles.

Vladimir Putin as a politician requires a slightly different script, but the lying script for all characters in this grand movie will be that youth, sexual vibrancy and sexual excitement always defeats wisdom, maturity and spiritual depths as a means of attraction, with the exception of Jesus Christ, who is divine and perfect, but deceptively portrayed as full of sexual passion for Gail Chord Schuler. To make Zack’s script for Vladimir believable, for Vladimir, the script will add that Vladimir takes advantage of Gail’s schizophrenia, twisting Vladimir’s genius, deep love and sexual passion for Gail into a cold and shrewd eroticism that serves a cold and brilliant political purpose.

The characters who play minor roles, number in the thousands. These include Jesuit clones of Gail’s family members or actual evil family members, whose help promote Zack Knight’s scripts for the major characters, already discussed. If a real family member overcomes their clone and exposes Zack Knight’s clone deceptions to the world, we never hear about it. Zack has chosen to reveal select portions of his massive screenplay for his Gail Chord Schuler movie at his website and throughout his vast, worldwide online, press and Hollywood presence. To address the problem of Gail, as the most intelligent woman on earth who has uncovered too many of his plots, he makes his movie’s theme that mental illness has ravaged the earth and causes untold heartache. He inundates the Jesuit controlled press worldwide with carefully orchestrated images, texts and websites to portray Gail as crazy Gail. This will prep the way for the mark he will require from those who are NOT mentally ill, to take on their forehead and right hand (Rev. 13:16), when he is in power as the antichrist. Those who refuse his mark, he will label with a mental illness (his favorite strategy) to lock them away in psychiatric hospitals to reform them, if possible. If they won’t conform, they DIE.

He now offers himself as an irresistible sexual firebomb online celebrity who truly desires Gail, despite her schizophrenia, and that crazy Gail actually desires him, though she won’t admit it. As part of his movie script, he is just another troll after her and he twists her deep and committed love for her famous men as lusts and schizophrenic masturbation for Internet trolls. However, he would like to have masturbation with Gail, and alleges she secretly likes it, too. Again, he conveniently neglects to point out that Gail can tell the difference from a troll, such as himself, and one who really loves her, like the real Brent Spiner whose communications with Gail have revealed a vast and deep heart and soul.

Once Zack convinces the world that Gail has had willing and knowing masturbation with him, the ultimate sexiest Internet troll alive, he plans to claim his crown as Jesus Christ, and that he has now acquired Christ’s bride, Gail Chord Schuler, though Jesus has told Gail He cannot marry her in a person to person marriage, because He is married to the church. To show Zack’s complete devotion to his bride Gail as Jesus Christ, once Zack attains world wife power, he plans to make worship of the King James Bible a law, twisting Gail’s past idol worship of the King James Bible into a theology that the King James Bible is God and needs to be worshipped as Jesus Christ or himself. This explains the King James only criminals who, under Zack’s direction, currently attack Gail, because Gail has dropped her worship of the King James Bible. In the future, he will downplay her rejection of King James Bible worship, as not being true to herself as the bride of Christ.

Of course, Zack cannot admit now that He uses King James only criminals to attack Gail, or this will mess up future plans for instituting King James Bible worship in his reign as Jesus Christ. Once Zack convinces the world Gail has found a true Internet troll, HIMSELF, attractive, he will devastate her credibility as the true lover of the real Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey and Vladimir Putin who have actually communicated with Gail online.

“As you can see, Gail lusts after Internet trolls, that’s why she masturbates over me.”

He will lie and say that his attempts to troll her online have been successful, promoting his script that the real Brent, Matthew and Vladimir have never had a genuine attraction for or communicated with crazy Gail online, because the real Brent, Matthew and Vladimir would not waste their time with a crazy woman who likes to masturbate with an Internet troll, like Zack Knight.

THE TRUTH: Jesuits, like Zack Knight, Loree McBride, Camila Alves, etc. can only have “sex” of any kind with Gail or her men by impersonating themselves as someone else to trick Gail or her men into believing that they are making love to someone else besides a Jesuit.

Can we trust someone who has obsessed for years with a massive fiction movie of my life worldwide, taking truths about my life and distorting them into clever lies to pave the way for Zack Knight’s takeover of the world as Jesus Christ? Come on, Zack, get on lie detection and state that you have NOT, over the years, created a massive fiction movie about my life, using the world as your studio, to promote your goal for a world takeover as Jesus Christ.

CONCLUSION: Can we trust Zack Knight to tell the truth about me, when he has devoted his life, using the world as his studio, to making a massive lying movie about my life?

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