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Anyone who joins THIN PRIVILEGE is making a statement to the world like this: I am fat and proud to be fat, and you should be ashamed for being skinny, especially because you glorify your skinniness to make us fat people look ugly so that no man would want us. Therefore, if you do anything that makes me look bad because I’m fat, I have the right to kill or torture you.

Lyudmila Putin forced herself on Vladimir Putin in 2001, when he has never wanted her ever. She is angry at him, because she feels she had the right to force herself on him. It’s been over ten years and her strategy has not worked, she has not been able to get Vladimir to stop loving me. Now, she is furious at me because I’m skinny. That means I’m worthy of death. Because Vladimir has always loved me and always wanted to marry me, and she has failed in getting him to want her. That also means I’m worthy of death. I am vastly superior to her in intelligence and character, and this is why Vladimir loves me more than her. This also means, to her, that I’m worthy of death. I am not allowed to be superior to her, because that makes her look bad. So I must die. She feels I am more physically attractive than her, which, to her, is the main reason that she has been unable to win Vladimir’s heart, even though she has been able to extort some of his money to support her as his legal wife, when that money rightfully should have gone to me, because I’m the reason he is the President he is today. I’m the reason that he has not committed suicide yet over Lyudmila. I am the woman who makes him happy and who he has dreamed about in his bed since 2000. To Lyudmila, who extorted herself onto Vladimir and forced him to play the game that she is his wife Larisa that never died in 2000, almost made Vladimir kill himself. He was about to let a Bengal tiger maul him to death, around 2010, and then a vision of me as his possible future wife came before his eyes, and he, at the last second, right as the Bengal tiger was at his throat, judo chopped the tiger and killed it. Lyudmila almost made Vladimir kill himself. So now, I’m worthy of death, because I’m the woman who makes Vladimir want to live. It’s my fault that Vladimir has never wanted Lyudmila.

Actually, if not for me, Lyudmila probably would not even exist. You see, in 2000, when the Jesuit Order noticed that Vladimir Putin was falling in love with me and that I replaced his recently deceased wife Larisa in his heart, they created a clone of his wife Larisa in their cloning labs. I was born in 1957 and I am 55 years old. It’s my fault, that I have never smoked, never done drugs, never had a lifestyle that would make me look older. Because of my healthy lifestyle, I look younger than my age. This shows I have character. For having superior character to Lyudmila, to her, I am worthy of death. The reason I was so thin in my early fifties is because of a systemic yeast infection that the Jesuit Order gave me. Because of this yeast infection, I became allergic to most of the foods that would make you fat. I could have no wheat, no milk, no gluten, no bird products, no sugars or refined carbohydrates, no fruits or sweet vegetables. For a while there, I would not even eat carrots, because carrots had too much sugar content and would feed the yeast, which love sugar. Instead of complaining about me because I’m so skinny, Lyudmila should be grateful that she can EAT. For awhile, around 2009, everything I ate was making me sick, because of my systemic yeast infection. If not for my medical smarts, I probably wouldn’t’ even be here talking to you. Do you want to know what killed Vladimir Putin’s wife Larisa? She died of a systemic yeast infection, what I am infected with now. Vladimir thought it was breast cancer at first, but recently confided to us with tears, that Larisa died of a systemic yeast infection. I am smarter in medicine than Larisa was, and Jesus has been protecting me, doing miracle healings on my body. The Jesuits created this yeast infection as a clever way to destroy some of their enemies. Before Zack Knight decided he wanted to add me to his harem, he wanted to kill me. So he gave me a yeast infection, the same yeast that killed Larisa. Zack realizes that Jesus is keeping me alive and it’s kind of hard to kill someone that Jesus protects. So he’s changed his strategy, he now wants to add me to his harem, to make him look credible as a world leader (his goal). Lyudmila Putin is a Jesuit, created in Zack Knight’s cloning labs in 2000. She is actually about 13 years old, which is part of why she’s so immature and foolish. Jesuits use accelerated growth hormones to grow a baby from infancy to adulthood within months. Once they reach adulthood, the growth stops. Because Jesuits program their clones to serve the Jesuit Order, most Jesuit clones are evil. Lyudmila is evil, mainly because she’s a Jesuit clone. Jesuits created her that way. They goofed on Lyudmila, because her skin, hair and eye coloring are different from Larisa. The main reason she has not won Vladimir Putin’s heart, is the main reason that Olympic athlete Alina Kabaeva, a skinny and athletic Jesuit agent, has also not won Vladimir’s heart. They are both evil, vile and vulgar.

These Jesuit women feel they have the right to force themselves on Vladimir Putin and he won’t play their game, so because Lyudmila believes I’m the reason, she can’t get Vladimir to go to bed with her, I deserve to die. Yes, I deserve to die, because I had a Jesuit-induced yeast infection, that forced me to be skinny against my will, because I was allergic to any food that would make me fat. Jesuits don’t believe in freedom. They despise the Jews for not turning Jerusalem over to the Catholic Church. I can assure you if the Catholic Church comes to worldwide power, they will take care of those pesky Jews in Israel.

Jesuits do not believe the human race deserves freedom of religion, of the press, of speech or freedom–PERIOD. They feel they have the right to control everybody. They must view the human race as in dire need of their guidance and leadership, to the point that they must regulate your private life, who you marry, what religion you have, what political views you have, and what you’re allowed to say in public. If you do not do what they want you to do, they will kill you. If they can’t kill you, because Jesus protects you, like He does me, then they choose to injure you as much as possible, especially, your reputation, if you have influence. Jesus has put me on Seroquel, which He stated He created just for my yeast infection. Unfortunately, as the Seroquel chases the yeast out of my major organs, the yeast escape to my back muscles, my shoulder ligaments and my gums. In fact, right now, I can’t eat without pain. Thanks to Lyudmila, who shoved me, and as Jesus said, almost broke several bones, I can’t do aerobics right now. Lyudmila and her THIN PRIVILEGE friends are having a party over this. Lyudmila killed one of the Tsarnaev brothers, so that he could not be alive to defend himself. Even though she admitted she dropped off pressure cookers bombs at the Boston Marathon. She changed her story, and arranged for one of the Tsarnaev brothers to be killed, using the Tsarnaev brothers as the patsies for her murders. Anyways, my swollen gum, from this yeast infection the Jesuits gave me, forces me to eat slowly, so that also may be a reason I am not fat. Who gave me this yeast infection? The same organization that created Lyudmila in their cloning labs. Because I have done what I need to do to survive this lethal infection, which killed Larisa, I deserve to die. It seems you can’t win no matter what you, if you’re dealing with an insane terrorist Jesuit..

It’s not really fun to be a Jesuit, because they glory in pain and suffering. Zack Knight, the Jesuit leader, is masochistic. He actually enjoyed burning in hell, from the end of December to Valentine’s Day 2012, before Satan resurrected him in Feb. 2012. The problem is, he wants to force the world to join him in hell. I guess he thinks because he’s buddy with Satan, that Satan will cool the fires somehow. So he’s trying to force the whole world to become Roman Catholic, and to all go to hell with him. A church can’t save you. Only Jesus can save you. True love is forbidden to a Jesuit. They take an oath to never allow love to get in the way of their duties. Nothing must get in the way of your duties as a Jesuit soldier. True love could be a problem. It could stop you from killing someone who needs to die, because the goals of the Jesuit Order for a worldwide dictatorship must be your greatest love, if you’re a Jesuit.. So Jesuit Rule 13 has been crying her eyes out because she genuinely loves Zack Knight and he won’t return her feelings. Actually, I think he loves Rule 13, too, but he won’t admit it. Because if he does, he’s failed as the Jesuit leader. I don’t know about you, but I sure wouldn’t want to join an organization that thinks it’s a sin to be committed to the one you love. Oh, it’s okay to be great at sex, and to thrill your lover in bed, but don’t you dare be vast in your heart and be committed to that lover above any other lover. Because you must love nothing more than the Catholic Church. The Jesuit Order encourages idol worship. Jesus says, love nothing more than me. That means if you love anything (a church, a Bible, anything) above Jesus, you’re guilty of idol worship. Oh no. to a Jesuit, if you won’t subscribe to their brand of idol worship, to worship the Church above everything, you must die. This not only applies to Catholic. This applies to everybody. Which may explain why Jesuit Loree McBride raped Brent Spiner, and Jesuit Lyudmila extorted Vladimir into a political marriage. Both Loree and Lyudmila have fooled the public, but their hearts have not won a true lover. They only know how to lead their captive about with a rope around his neck. And Lyudmila wonders why Vladimir has never wanted her in bed, even when she was skinnier. Actually, I think she may have made herself fatter on purpose to create the impression that this is why Vladimir rejected her. Put Vladimir under lie detection and ask him if he would want Lyudmila with her current personality if she had a model figure.

There’s an old saying, “If you catch a bird and let it go and it comes back to you, it’s yours. But you can’t force the bird to stay. If it wants to go, it will go.” When you have true love, you give your lover freedom. A true lover will stay because they want to stay. You don’t obtain true love, through extortion. Lyudmila is a very foolish and evil woman. She thinks she can win a man’s heart through force. The Jesuits are a very foolish and evil organization. They think they can convert the world or get a spouse through force.

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