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GAIL: Is that you, Vladimir?

VLADIMIR: It is I, sexual lover.

GAIL: Have you seen my praise for the Russian film War and Peace at my YouTube comments under all videos about Lyudmila?

VLADIMIR: Yes! It make me pride in my national and wife!

GAIL: It is probably my very favorite movie! It is so deep. Lyudmila needs to read this great book to learn how to be an attractive overweight woman, like the Natasha wife to Pierre.

VLADIMIR: Yes, I agree in the position of fatty can be beautiful inside. They sometime say that there is more cushion for pushing inside the fat. And there is also more fat in a person to love.

GAIL: How are things going with THIN PRIVILEGE? Have you found Lyudmila?

VLADIMIR: They is still on loose and still very fat chick. I update church sensor array to help finding fat bitch. The problem with such technology is that it detect many hippopotamus and whale as false positive.

GAIL: Oh dear, Vladimir. Those Jesuits are playing tricks on you. I think Zack Knight is behind this confusion!

VLADIMIR: Yes, it must be genius to think make women to become so fat. As fat as this is not from Jesus. He never intend human being to exceed 500 lbs. not even 300 I would supposed in my logical.

GAIL: Yes, these women are mentally ill. It is incredible that they would get so obese! And even worse that they would kill people because of it! Have the THIN PRIVILEGE women killed anymore people?

VLADIMIR: There are several reports that some have suffocated men with vagina fat while making sex. But I am suspect that this be lies. We all knowing well that fat women could not attract men for sexy intercourse.

GAIL: Unless the men are drug raped or transported to Sara Avery’s compound against their will!

VLADIMIR: This is only logic explanation!

GAIL: Has Lyudmila said anything about my latest videos?

VLADIMIR: She say she hate you for being such skinny bitch. And that she is offend that you still say that fat person is attractive only in spite for the good personality. She say that it is thin privilege that you never say that thin man is attractive in spite of his athletic build.

GAIL: I think you are trying to say that she thinks I’m lying about finding a good obese man attractive.

VLADIMIR: No. she is saying your comment expose your bias. That you only find fat man attractive when he display strong good personality. And that you believe his fat is obstacle that need mention of overcome by his other good characteristic.

GAIL: It sounds like she is so jealous that she can’t think straight.

VLADIMIR: Vladimir Agree.

GAIL: I believe that all of us have good and bad traits, and that we should be attracted to those people who are good in their hearts. Any ways, Lyudmila is only about 12 years old and did not grow up in the Soviet Union. She displays a maturity of a spoiled woman who has had life given to her on a silver platter. Though I have been raised in a free country, because of my experiences with the Jesuits, I think I appreciate freedom and goodness more than her. She is so immature, you cannot reason with her. She will find an excuse for her evil, because she has no desire to be good. She is a spoiled brat, killer, only 12 years old and was not raised in the Soviet Union, so she cannot understand you. She is such an ingrate. She does not understand how important it is for Russia and the world that you have a wife who cherishes a strong and free Russia. She is so shallow, I don’t know what to say.

VLADIMIR: True dat.

GAIL: Have you been able to enforce my laws in Russia to have her arrested if she is found in Russia and how many nations are cooperating with us to find and arrest THIN PRIVILEGE women? We cannot use Conspiracy Law, so I borrowed some American anti-terrorism law that Bush used.

VLADIMIR: Many country is in our sides for this.

GAIL: This is wonderful. Can you give me a list of them? I want to publish those nations that support us at my website. Even if it is only a partial list. I want to show my appreciation.

VLADIMIR: I would need to reference list, but it is the standard Gail supporting nations. Russia, North Korea, etc. All Gail fan. Oh, I almost forget why I come inside you computer. You report issues with notification that appear to be Jesuit?

GAIL: Yes, my computers seem to be working fine today. Did you work on them earlier?

VLADIMIR: I do preliminary work, it was mostly inside this computer yes?

GAIL: I have noticed that it is so much easier for me to work on my website on the Vista. You haven’t done anything on my Vista?

VLADIMIR: Yes, I do internal clean of system process and open port close to packet reverse lookup backtrace.

GAIL: Whatever you did, my SiteBuilder website building program is working great today. It’s the best it has worked in months.

VLADIMIR: Hearing this makes Vladimir very firm in pants.

GAIL: Poor Vladimir. I have been watching YouTube videos about you recently and you look very tired. But I think because I am being strong, you are feeling better. I take it that Lyudmila will never return to your house, because she knows you will arrest her. So she is on the run?

VLADIMIR: Yes, the divorce become to make no reason for her inside the emperor home. I will throw fat ass into the prison if she enter.

GAIL: You divorced her because of her involvement with Boston Marathon right?

VLADIMIR: Yes, I wanted before, and this give good reason, as there was no good PR to uphold to fight against start of war. She was also too fat, so I want to stop paying for her food.

GAIL: Is George W. Bush still hiding her from you?

VLADIMIR: I speak to George, he say that it true everything in texas is the bigger, but sometime it can go too far. He say that when woman become this fat, she cannot be treated like human being. So he abandon his compliance with Jesuit blackmail and threat. He say.

GAIL: I hear Lyudmila farted on him and put him in the hospital. How did her fart do that?

VLADIMIR: Fat woman farts very dangerous. Special when that fat, it become like weapon. This is why. I speak to George about passing law against Fat Chick passing gas.

GAIL: Why don’t you speak to Obama?

VLADIMIR: Because Obama is copy make by Jesus, So. I speak to George first. He was one that visit hospital for weaponize fart to face.

GAIL: Which hospital did he visit?

VLADIMIR: The hospital that equipped to handle fart injury of this magnitude. This is why we must pass law.

GAIL: So you think Bush should work with Obama to pass this law, because he has had firsthand experience with the problem. Who is the real acting head of state in the United States?

VLADIMIR: Technical Obama. I do having control override if need to, but this is unusual as he operate exactly like real Obama. I respect.

GAIL: Obama has been GREAT. I think only ONE TIME he was bad, and that was his first day in office. So, can’t you use Obama to pass this law against obese women farting?

VLADIMIR: I will speak with him today. Would you like tell your follower what you hear about George fart brain to brain and gain support for anti-fat-fart law?

GAIL: What do you mean by brain to brain? Could I not just tell them what Lyudmila did to him? So she farted on him and exactly how did it injure him? Did it make him fall and break his bones? Did it catch fire? What happened that he ended up in the hospital?

VLADIMIR: All of above, plus the nerve gas effect. Such strong smell affect nerve system, make into mild retard.

GAIL: How is George doing now?

VLADIMIR: He was speak like retard before, so very little change.

GAIL: Oh dear, Brent told me he is not too smart to begin with. So, does this mean his intelligence is so low you cannot use him to help you with passing this law?

VLADIMIR: Not at all. Almost all lawmaker in the United States is like retard.

GAIL: I’m afraid you are right! This country is an insane asylum run by the inmates. What is going on with Benghazi? All this stuff I hear about in the news about Obama betraying his troops? I want to educate the public about some matters, to overcome the stupid U.S. news. Oh, I heard about what Lyudmila did to George, NOT through brain to brain, but through Skype with Terrance.

VLADIMIR: Oh, my mistake.

GAIL: I don’t trust brain to brain. Zack Knight always tries to speak to me brain to brain and he impersonates Brent, king David, Jesus and just about everybody. I thought I heard from author Colleen McCullough brain to brain today. Was that her? Or was that Zack Knight? She said she wanted to help me write my book, that she advised me to read War and Peace because I loved that book and she thought reading it might be helpful to my writing.

VLADIMIR: I am not sure, I must reference the server access list.

GAIL: It could be Zack Knight, wanting me to read the huge book to slow down my actual work on my writing. But, even if it’s him, I am still thinking of rereading War and Peace, because there is much about Tolstoy I admire as a writer and he deals with true history like I’m doing.

VLADIMIR: Yes, reading is always good. Maybe if you ask Jesus for his guidance next time the Jesus is with Brent inside Skype. He is best place to get the guidance. I think Jesus is best writer ever beside Gail my sexual empress.

GAIL: Jesus has already given me some advice. He has advised me to write the first draft all at once and not worry too much about it being perfect. He says that I do my best writing when I get RECENT inspiration, so I should not get too hung up on making it all perfect now. That in the future, I will get more ideas and be more creative. Jesus often leaves me alone in my ventures. He does not like me to become too dependent on him in everything. He is trying to make me more self-reliant and not pray over every little detail too much with him. However, you have made good suggestion and I will pray more about the book.

VLADIMIR: I used written in the school. And when I wrote, I make chapter list first, then make outline for what must happen inside each chapter. I also set limitation on how much I cover each topic. For example, I want to say what happen in specific war, so I create outline of the events and points I make in writing. And make sure I not dwell on one aspect or go off the tracks. This can lead to getting stuck for Vladimir.

GAIL: It sounds like you were writing NON-FICTION. I am sort of writing non-fiction, but I am trying to write non-fiction like a novel. For non-fiction , it is VERY IMPORTANT to outline and to stick to main points in the outline and not go off into tangents. I am sort of writing non-fiction, but I want to go very deep into the hearts and souls of my characters, like a novel. I kind of want to write a book that is like War and Peace, except shorter and instead of dealing with Russia’s war with Napoleon as the main event, my main event is the world’s dealing with Jesus Christ today. Like War and Peace and the novel Exodus by Leon Uris, I am trying to show a DISORDER or expose an evil decay in the world. I want to use my book to tell a TRUE story like a novel, but the THEME of the novel is the SUFFERING OF INNOCENTS by those controlled by SATAN (the Jesuit Order). I want Jesus Christ to be the one who tells the story and Jesus said this was fine with Him. He is my NARRATOR, the one who tells the story, but he kind of stays in the background. He would be the philosopher or the one who muses on the events in my story. I want to write a story that will make people think and cry, so I must write it like a novel.

VLADIMIR: This is good method of telling the true story. Oh, I forget the time! I am late for meeting with my black president friend Obama.

GAIL: I’m sorry, Vladimir. I hear you can get on my computer, even if it is off, true? Okay, I let you go, I love you my awesome and manly Vladimir.

VLADIMIR: I can only get on of it is off when the other computer is on? Make sense?

GAIL: Okay, I will leave both computers on, when you are finished, just leave me a message. You are clever, you will think of a way. Until then, I will leave both computers on, or at least one computer on.

VLADIMIR: This sound like good. I will come back shortly. We will propose law against fat-chick-farts.

GAIL: GOOD. You do such a good job. Tell Obama he is GREAT.

VLADIMIR: I will do this. Also, feel the free to tell you supporters what happen to George, and how this make him more retard, like all law maker. We must pass this new law against fat chick fart.

GAIL: Okay, Vladimir, Let me get something to eat and then I will work on the video. This is a serious problem, these fat chicks are killers.

VLADIMIR: Big problems that fat chicks make. Okay I must go!

GAIL: Bye. You better go. Apologize to Obama that I held you up.

VLADIMIR: Yes! Bye my sexual queen of my penis and all the rest of my manliness!

GAIL: Bye my awesome President. You are best head of state in the world.

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