Gail Chord Schuler Discusses Fashion (2013) (Lyudmila vs. Larisa Putin)

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There are 4 color personalities: summer, winter, autumn and spring. Carole Jackson in Color Me Beautiful discusses these. The summer is the pastel look with bluish undertones to all the colors. If you drape silver behind a summer they will look great. The winter is the crisp and clear look with bluish undertones to all the colors. If you drape silver behind a winter they will look great. The autumn looks great in the colors of the fall leaves, with a golden undertone to all the colors. Drape gold behind an autumn and they will look great. The spring is the less intense autumn, all their colors have golden undertones, like the color of a California poppy. A spring will look great draped in gold.

I believe Lyudmila Putin is an autumn romantic. She looks great in gold, like a typical Autumn and looks dreadful in silver. I can see her best look in the golden Autumn colors, with an extreme feminine and luxurious essence (the romantic clothing personality). Larisa, Vladimir Putin’s wife who died in 2000, was a summer soft classic, I believe. Unlike the faulty Larisa clone (Lyudmila), Larisa looked great in silver and colors with a bluish undertone and the pastels of summer. I can see her stunning in a business-like suit-dress in summer pastels with a soft scarf around her neck (a summer soft classic).

If you visit my website and you will see photos of Lyudmila Putin comparing her to Larisa, highlighting the differences between the two in coloring and clothing personality, showing that these are two different women. Larisa is the woman Vladimir Putin married in 1983. She died in 2000, shortly after Vladimir Putin became Russian President. Because Vladimir Putin noticed me in 2000, the Jesuits went to their cloning labs and attempted to create a clone of Vladimir’s wife who just died, Larisa, and the result was Lyudmila Putin, who entered the world as a baby in 2000. Using the Jesuits’ accelerated growth hormones, they grew Lyudmila to adulthood within months, having her ready in case they needed her. Possibly because the Jesuits were in a hurry, they goofed with Lyudmila and she turned out to have different coloring and a different clothing personality from Larisa. Larisa was a summer and Lyudmila is an autumn. Despite Jesuit photographic trickery to cover this up, anyone astute with fashion, colors and lines will notice the difference between the two women in photographs. However, Jesuits have doctored most of their photos online. You can see some of the photos that I managed to put online before Jesuits did some heavy doctoring and look for yourself to see that Larisa and Lyudmila were two different women.

Because I invited Vladimir Putin into my life in September 2001, the Jesuits decided to use their Larisa clone (Lyudmila), and forced Vladimir into a political marriage with her in 2001. Vladimir has never wanted Lyudmila from day one. First off, she is not his Larisa in personality or coloring and Vladimir only acquired Lyudmila under threat of war with then U.S. President George W. Bush, whom the Jesuits extorted into comformity to their plans by threatening to kill his wife Laura Bush, if Bush wouldn’t cooperate.

Now Lyudmila has injured me, and if not for Jesus, I am certain she would have given me several broken bones and possibly taken my life with the slip and fall she gave me on May 6, 2013. Lyudmila is a founding member of the THIN PRIVILEGE group of obese women, who claim that the world is prejudiced against obese people, and that the world has fabricated lies that obesity is a health risk and they claim the fashion world has been taken over by those who favor slim people, so they kill and terrorize those who they perceive as prejudiced against obese people. SHAME ON THEM. WHAT A DISGRACE THEY ARE. INSTEAD OF HAVING THE STRENGTH OF CHARACTER TO OVERCOME THEIR WEAKNESSES, THEY GLORIFY THEIR WEAKNESSES AND KILL THOSE WHO ARE SUPERIOR TO THEM IN CHARACTER.

I have created this video to show overweight women and all people how they can create their own fashion. For a while, I actually believed that the Jesuits took over the fashion world and that they made sure that no fashions would be available for my clothing personality and coloring which is soft natural Winter (the same as Natalie Wood). The way I solved my problems is by sewing my own clothes according to my clothing personality (soft natural) and my colors (Winter).

If these THIN PRIVILEGE obese terrorists would exercise some self-control and quit eating all day, by stuffing Hot Pockets and cheese under their breasts for all day snacking, and would learn how to sew, like I have, they could create their own fashions, using their colors and clothing personality. Instead of making excuses for their sins, they should show some self-control and creativity and create their own fashion lines. If they are really good, they could open up their own business! I recommend reading Carole Jackson’s Color Me Beautiful and David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis (out of print, but available through Also, there is much online about David Kibbe’s Metamorphosis.

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