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2018 Update: After Zack Knight came to Jesus in Sept. 2016, many Jesuits have stopped their murders and intrigues and side with Gail Chord Schuler and Jesus. Unfortunately, Loree McBride Jesuits remain very evil, deceptive and murderous and are not open to changing their ways.

There will NEVER be peace until the Jesuits quit ruling the earth. Their goal is world domination and they will stop AT NOTHING in order to attain this goal. They even sabotage the sex lives and marriages of those who may oppose them, even if that person doesn’t even know of the existence of the Jesuit Order! That’s what happened to Brent Spiner and me.

They were worried that Brent was deeply in love with me https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BygVmxxTPn_6V1JtOEoxc2ZOUGM/view?usp=sharing

And so they drug-raped him with their agent Loree McBride. Once she raped him, she used that as “evidence” to extort herself into a Paramount Studios enforced boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with Brent Spiner. She worked with the Jesuit big wigs at Paramount to force him into a publicity relationship with her under threat of losing his job as the famous Data of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Once she got her “evidence”, in September 1992, it was hell on wheels for Brent and me. Jesuits are sly fanatics who don’t retreat before anything! That’s why we must execute them, if we want to win this war.

Jesuits are SATAN worshippers. This explains why the JESUIT Brent Spiner clone impersonated Brent at Brent’s Twitter page and said, “For cosplayers, Halloween is like Wednesdays.” http://carboncostume.com/wednesday-addams/. I don’t even think Brent is into cosplay. I KNOW he doesn’t do Reddit. Brent is a Jesus follower. His JESUIT CLONE, like all true Jesuits, is a SATAN worshipper. I am SO ANGRY AT THAT CLONE for what he does to my Brent. Brent is a good man and he loves Jesus, unlike that EVIL SATAN WORSHIPPING JESUIT CLONE.

When Brent made love to me on the phone, his voice was just like in the album of love songs he made for me: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BygVmxxTPn_6V1JtOEoxc2ZOUGM/view

From 1996 to 1999 I called Brent a coward when I learned about Loree McBride and was confused over why he wire tapped my phone while he had Loree. It’s kind of complicated to explain, but it’s all in my book The Forbidden Abyss: Part One for those who are interested. Then JESUS HIMSELF told me in a still, small voice around 2 a.m. that Loree McBride was a Vatican agent. I got out my Jack Chick book Smokescreens and reread it and cried to Brent for 3 hours on the phone asking him to forgive me for doubting his love for me. I gave him my hand in marriage and proceeded to divorce my Jesuit husband. I was actually a widow and didn’t know it. Jesuits had killed off my husband in 1986 and replaced him with a Jesuit clone, which explains why my ex-husband turned against Jack Chick, even though it was my husband, when we were engaged, who introduced me to Jack Chick’s anti-Catholic literature.

Any ways, as Jesus told me, “Gail, you are very loyal.” I have stood by Brent through the fires of hell ever since God told me Loree McBride was a Vatican agent. I can never forget what we had in 1991 and 1992 before Loree drug-raped a GREAT man. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BygVmxxTPn_6a250MmV0Vng5TGc/view

If not for me, she would have destroyed Brent Spiner, who could never reconcile himself to be the creepy Jesuit supporter that she is.

I’ve thrown my reputation to the wind to be true to my man. Though my reputation may be shot, my character (to Jesus) is GOLD. He adores how I stand behind my men!

RAPISTS AND MURDERERS DESERVE THE DEATH PENALTY. These murderers deliberately impregnate themselves (either through genetic engineering or stolen semen) to TRAP THE CELEBRITY INTO MARRIAGE WITH THEM. Then they use the child as an excuse and a cover for all their crimes, including SUING THE CELEBRITY FOR NOT GIVING THIS RAPIST CHILD SUPPORT.

Under my Conspiracy Law, the children of these CRIMINAL UNIONS are taken away from the Jesuits and put up with an adoptive family who won’t use the child as a weapon to further Jesuit crimes.

Conspiracy Law makes it a DEATH PENALTY VIOLATION to create a child just to be used to further Jesuit goals and crimes.

Under my Conspiracy Law we do NOT recognize any marriage with a Jesuit or Jesuit clone and my law is the only law in the world that deals with CRIMINAL CLONING, which is a MAJOR, MAJOR PROBLEM.

Under my Conspiracy Law, any person who loses their marriage partner because the Jesuits murdered their partner and replaced their partner with a Jesuit clone, is considered a widow/widower and has all the rights of a widow/widower and does NOT have to go through the divorce process to remarry.

The problem with our current laws is that they don’t deal with the space age technology Jesuits use to commit their crimes. Jesus loves my law and clapped when I published it all at my website. https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/07/conspiracy-law-explanation-sheet/

From what I understand, Harvard University has given me an honorary doctorate in law for writing Conspiracy Law and I have a Harvard University law school graduate on my marriage list. I just wrote it because SOMEBODY NEEDED TO WRITE THIS LAW AND I DECIDED TO BE THE ONE. VLADIMIR PUTIN, TRAINED IN LAW, HELPED ME (BRAIN TO BRAIN). He mostly helped me by giving me intelligence information about how the Jesuits commit their crimes.

To ensure Loree would succeed as a Jesuit, they created many Brent Spiner clones to have sex with her and to photograph it and blast it everywhere as evidence, if the real Brent dared to try and get rid of Loree McBride. Loree also threatened to KILL ME, if Brent ever went to me or contacted me or did anything to validate his relationship with me.

The true Jesuit leader Zack Knight, then uses his clone versions of the Internet and his brain control to inundate lies about the private lives of celebrities who are their targets to the public, making the Jesuit agents (or Jesuit clone wives, as we call them in court) seem the legit and real love interest of that celebrity. Brent Spiner with Jesuit Loree McBride, Vladimir Putin with Jesuit Lyudmila Putina, Matthew McConaughey with Jesuit Camila Alves, Robin Williams with Jesuit Susan Schneider. If I expose them, then they also use their Jesuit clones of Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Vladimir Putin etc. to assist them to make LIES APPEAR AS TRUTH. They flood the Internet with Photo Shopped pictures and stories of the celebrities with the Jesuit clone wives or Jesuit agent. Then they use media or video coverage of the Jesuit clone of the celebrity with the clone wife to reinforce the lie in the public eye. For cases, where the man is deeply in love with me, they also make sure to impregnate the agent (Camila Alves & Loree McBride) with that TRAPPED CELEBRITY’S SEMEN to cement that agent as the legit wife of the trapped celebrity. Then the baby is used to TRAP THAT CELEBRITY INTO MARRIAGE WITH THE JESUIT AGENT (Brent Spiner with Jesuit agent Loree McBride, Matthew McConaughey with Jesuit agent Camila Alves).

Jesuit Camila Alves’s specialty is strapping a bomb to Matthew’s chest, or threatening to blow up auditoriums to force Matthew to put on a good performance in public as her “husband”. Jesuits used space age transporter technology to put her in Matthew’s limousine during the 2014 Oscars. She dug her nails into his arm and told him to be a good boy and act happy around her, OR ELSE SHE’D BLOW UP THE OSCARS. Jesuits keep secret all their space age technology, so that anyone who exposes them can be discredited as mentally insane. If I didn’t stand by Matthew through all this, he would have committed suicide by now. He has a horrible clone who makes lots of public appearances with Camila, including at the wedding with Camila, which the REAL MATTHEW DID NOT ATTEND. Then they used clones of Matthew’s friends to attend the ceremony and had an entire People magazine issue cover the LIE THAT MATTHEW MARRIED CAMILA.

See my Pinterest Pages: https://www.pinterest.com/gail7027/

This control over the private love lives of famous persons MUST STOP. Where is the freedom to choose our own marriage partner? Why does the Jesuit Order feel they have the RIGHT to determine WHO WE MARRY, or to murder our spouse and replace them with a JESUIT CLONE?

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!! Continue to support me as the American Empress, so that we can ENFORCE MY CONSPIRACY LAW and stop these heinous crimes. I am neither Republican nor Democrat, but just a believer in FREEDOM and JUSTICE. I have a brilliant national health care plan. See Sect. 55 of my CL&G document Part Two. The politicians in office support my Conspiracy Law and act under my authority. I know this seems crazy, but those of you who get the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, know I speak the truth. I actually don’t want this job, but it seems I’m best qualified, so I take it. My men voted me in, after we kicked out Jesuit law and instated my Conspiracy Law as the supreme law of the land.

When you go to vote at the polls, vote for the candidate who supports me as American Empress, so that we can have order under my government. Those of you who get the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel will know who those candidates are. Barack Obama is one of my strongest supporters. I love him, even if he is an automaton. See my book entitled Barack Obama’s Head in a Jar or Deep in the African Congo.

George W. Bush was a cowardly President and caved into the Jesuits every time. Barack Obama is courageous. I voted for Bush both times he got elected, too. Bush would do ANYTHING the Jesuits wanted to save his wife Laura from Jesuit murder. The Jesuits knew how to get him. He put his family first before his country. That is a NO NO in a world leader! Vladimir and I sympathize with Bush, but we have a lot more respect for Barack Obama, who literally gave his life to fight the Jesuits.

Jesuits steal everybody’s money, using covert methods through Zack Knight’s clone versions of the Internet. I really believe that if we could stop how Jesuits steal everybody’s money, we could solve the recession problems in most countries on earth! What’s really sick is they use these stolen proceeds to fund their scientists who create super germs like Ebola and AIDS, create criminal clones (used to murder people and replace them with Jesuit clones), and to finance the Jesuit Order’s military operations, which use noxious bombs like the nukkake (a nuclear bomb with semen in it that hits the country like a massive tidal wave). This tidal wave of radioactive semen kills and impregnates all women exposed to the semen, thus increasing the Jesuit population. Jesuits learned there’s power in numbers, and they use their military operations to kill off the true Jesus worshippers and replace them with clones and Jesuits.

The Jesuit controlled news media never reports this stuff. Zack Knight, computer genius, and probably the inventor of the Internet, ensures that all news regarding nukkake is discredited by making the news reporter (like me) appear insane. Another of his tactics, is to threaten the life of any reporter who dares tell the truth, “You expose the Jesuits and I’ll kill you and replace you with your clone!” In the meanwhile, he wipes out entire nations with the nukkake, and because just about everybody dies and is replaced with a Jesuit clone, and because he controls the news coverage, no one realizes that since 2011, Zack Knight’s Jesuits have already killed billions using nukkake!

The result, is that, despite Jesuit evil, they are now the majority population on earth. They have successfully killed off most of their enemies. I am their number one problem, because of the famous men who love me and the exposure I’ve given them. However, their current operations to make my men seem like trolls and to discredit me as insane are going very well. Thanks, in part, to my criminal sister, Sandra Metcalf, who is a Jesuit supporter and who has been BFF with Jesuit criminal Loree McBride since 2012.

Jesuits keep my mother on their side, so that my poor mother, under very strong Jesuit brain control, genuinely believes I am insane. Actually, our psychiatrists have determined my mother suffers from Jesuit-induced schizophrenia. She has a serious amnesia problem and cannot remember any events (like how my men gave her a million dollars in December 2013), that the Jesuits want her to forget. My sister has cooperated with Jesuits to brainwash my mother into believing that that million dollars is coming from my sister! My sister has somehow managed to get access to my mother’s bank accounts, and has fooled my mother into thinking that all the money she gives my mother comes from MY SISTER’S EARNINGS; when, in actuality, this money is from MY MEN (Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Vladimir Putin, etc.).

But my sister portrays my men as evil, criminal trolls to my mother and gets my mother all riled up about this, so that my poor mother worries herself sick over me and does not even realize that I am the American head of state. This shows how powerful the Jesuits are, with their brain control, their media control and their financial control. It’s horrifying! They can turn your own family members against you, while these well meaning family members don’t even realize their brains are not their own and that their attitudes and actions serve only the interests of the Jesuit Order!

Yes, this is the SAME Jesuit Order, who sponsored and financed the Nazi War Machine under Adolph Hitler. And they’re getting ready to do it all over again. Please read the works of Jack Chick regarding this.

What is tragic is that my sister manipulated my mother into spending all the million dollars on spas, and so my mother is not doing as well as she should be financially, after the death of her husband (my step dad) in March 2014, and my mother worries about her finances and ME all the time! Just imagine how she would be if my sister did not manipulate her to spend all that money on spas, and if my sister told her THE TRUTH that I am the American head of state.

Even though my sister lied to get me committed involuntarily to a psychiatric hospital for a week in July 2012, my mother still thinks my sister is PERFECT. My sister has convinced my mother that she lied FOR MY OWN GOOD, to get me on psychiatric medication. Brilliant Jesus, who knew this would happen, used the involuntary confinement to put me on Seroquel, an anti-psychotic, which Jesus created JUST FOR ME, and which has cured my deadly yeast-bacterium infection. I need to stay on it for life or I could relapse and DIE. I got out of the psych ward by cooperating and taking Seroquel. My sister made up a story that I was running out into the street and running away from police, and waiting for Vladimir Putin to come rescue me in a space pod. The judge, apparently, who didn’t do his homework, or maybe had his life threatened by Jesuits, gave the order to have me committed involuntarily, based on what my sister wrote for my mother, and which my mother submitted to the judge.

My sister has yet to apologize to me for creating this lying statement, which she submitted to my mother, and won’t even admit that she coerced my mother into doing this. But my men have allowed me to listen to a tape recording of my mother confessing that my sister wrote the lying statement for her. When my sister did this, she committed a FELONY. To write a LYING STATEMENT to get someone committed INVOLUNTARILY to a psych ward is a FELONY.

You cannot commit someone involuntarily to a psych ward unless they are a danger to themselves or others, and I fit neither criteria at the time I was committed.

My criminal sister claims she’s furious at me for violating her privacy and posting stuff about her online and that’s why she is against me and my men. She blames me for the Jesuit websites (like www.crazygail.com) that invaded her privacy, stating it is MY fault that Zack Knight is obsessed with me and has published all sorts of private information about my family. Zack Knight has actually taken a video off my hard drive, that I never sent to ANYBODY and posted it online at his YouTube channel. His computer prowess is horrifying, that he is able to do stuff like this. Because the world is in ignorance about the extent of Jesuit technology, he can commit crimes like this and make me appear genuinely crazy. He also has the ability to use computer malware that causes the video viewer (through manipulating the brain cell conversations of the viewer) to see something different than what was created. He has already done this to several of my videos, in order to make my video presentation appear disconnected and crazy.

This is what we are dealing with, people, and why it is so important for my Conspiracy Law to be enforced worldwide. The Jesuit Order MUST END. (Update: The Loree McBride Jesuits must end! Zack Knight is now cool.)

I am exposing my sister because I have not heard from my men since August 25, 2014 and I suspect she is behind the silence. As a head of state, I need to hear from my men in order to effectively govern the country. My sister is jeopardizing the welfare of the world and needs to be arrested if she has escaped from Church of Gail prison.

The REAL reason the TRUE Jesuit leader Zack Knight is obsessed with me, is because famous men love me and want to marry me and because we are righteous people and don’t want the Jesuits ruling the earth. We are the Jesuit Order’s GREATEST THREAT. If I didn’t have a website, I wouldn’t even have a voice and the only voice everybody would hear, would be Zack Knight’s, who is full of lies and disinformation.

My men have informed me that they have determined that my sister’s motivation for manipulating my mother to serve Jesuit interests, is that she is insanely jealous of me because of all the famous men who love me. Apparently, this jealousy goes way back and I’m so sorry that my sister allows this character weakness to define her life.

I must say, I am very, very disappointed in my sister, who allows her jealousy to not only harm me, but harm entire nations. If she brings me down, then she is bringing down a RIGHTEOUS head of state. The repercussions to this, will be Jesuit control over the earth and an Adolph Hitler type government in all nations under Jesuit rule.

Unlike President Bush, I will do what is right, though the stars fall and I will not prefer my family above the welfare of the nations.

The Jesuits went on a rampage and said my Conspiracy Law is against the Constitution, but it is only against the Jesuit AMENDMENTS to the Constitution. I hate to break the news, but the U.S. Constitution is a DEAD DOCUMENT in court. It’s been amended so much, it’s dead. That’s just Jesuit sophistry about my law violating the Constitution. My law is the ONLY LAW IN THE WORLD THAT DEALS WITH JESUIT SPACE AGE TECHNOLOGY, WHICH THEY USE EXTENSIVELY TO COMMIT CRIMES UNDER COVER.

Lovely bunch, these Jesuits. If they take over the earth, all FREEDOM will be gone. Need to read my book The Forbidden Abyss: Part One at Amazon. It’s all there. My next book is designed to introduce a 21st century Jesus Christ to the world.

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