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I can’t type anything on Skype without Zack posting it publicly. What Zack is posting about me at his defamatory website CrazyGail.com is stuff that I have posted privately to my men and that he has extracted using his 21st century snooping technology that includes mind-reading and the ability to extract and snoop on anything I write online, even if I don’t publish it. Imagine the stuff he could post about ANYBODY. So here I offer my opinion to Terrance Jenkins, talking about how God used to run the governments under the nation of Israel when Israel had a righteous king. This is an opinion I expressed, to which Terrance has not even replied, and I just posted it at Skype for him to read, and Zack snooped on it, snitched it and published it. Can you imagine what it would be like to have a private Skype conversation with your friend, and then have that private conversation posted publicly for the whole world to see? It wouldn’t matter if you were Jesus Christ yourself, when you have an enemy that is able to do this, they can take anything you say and post it in a manner to ruin your credibility. You would have to very careful about expressing any opinion anywhere.

You might say, well just get off the Internet. It’s not that simple. Let me tell you how serious this problem is, I can’t even send a letter through the United States Postal Service without Zack Knight, switching out that letter with a counterfeit, so that the person who receives my letter doesn’t get what I wrote, but gets a modified version that makes me look really crazy or insane. In fact, if my attorney writes a letter for me and mails it, Zack and his Jesuits have modified correspondence written by me or attorneys so that the recipient receives a version that has been modified by Zack Knight and his Jesuits. This is why we need a government that will make these things illegal and will punish those who do these things.

The Jesuit Order is a Satan worshipping organization and I have learned from studying history and my own personal experience, that Satan worshippers are all murderers, just like their leader Satan. Saint Ignatius de Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order, was a Satan worshipper and he founded the Order based in the principles of Satan worship. When the Jesuits say that they follow the teachings of Christ, they really mean the teachings of Satan. You see, to a Jesuit, their Jesus Christ is Satan. They genuinely believe that Satan is more righteous than Jesus and want Satan to replace Jesus on God’s throne. Of course, they won’t tell you this, because they need public support and they want to dupe you into supporting the Jesuit Order, thinking it a Christian Church, when, in actuality it is a Satan worshipping organization, with the goal to make Satan the replacement for Jesus Christ. Zack Knight as the genuine leader of the Jesuit Order reports to Satan regularly for instructions. Our men have solid evidence for this. Zack Knight also has Satanic powers, so that he cannot be killed. He’s already died, Satan has resurrected him from hell and Satan’s goal is to use Zack Knight as the worldwide leader. Satan wants Zack Knight to be Satan incarnate or Jesus Christ to the world. Satan instructs Zack to use murder, deceit, lies, and character assassination to destroy Satan’s enemies, like myself and Jesus Christ. The Jesuits have actually shot missiles at Jesus, we saw it, and Satan has the Jesuits fooled that they somehow will defeat Jesus Christ at the final battle.

To be honest with you, if we ever did get a God anointed king, I’m not sure how Jesus would handle today’s Satan worshippers. I know that when God worked through king David and his other righteous kings, he often instructed those kings to execute Satan worshippers, because God viewed these worshippers as a cancer in the Israeli society, encouraging the Israelites to go away from God in idol worship. God wanted the Satan worshippers executed to save Israel, because when Israel went into idol worship, God would desert them and allow their enemies to torment them. Back during the time when the Jewish nation was under God, their king was responsible to obey God’s prophets. Many of these Jewish kings were evil and they stoned and tormented God’s prophets, and these kings brought the Jewish nation to a sad end. Eventually, the sin of idol worship destroyed Israel and the Jewish nation went into captivity and rejected their Messiah, Jesus Christ, when He showed up. However, God is not finished with Israel and the promises He made to king David for an eternal Jewish kingdom will be fulfilled, despite what the Satanic Roman Catholic Church claims.

The world is in such serious apostasy today, if Jesus Christ ever did have a God anointed king who needed to obey the prophets, Jesus could very well handle Satan worshippers in a different manner today. I am not Jesus, but my guess is that Jesus may show some mercy on Satan worshippers who are deceived, but have good hearts. For instance, Rule 13, a Jesuit, I believe has a good heart. If Jesus appointed a king who was responsible to obey me or Brent Spiner, because I believe we are the only prophets in existence right now, I really don’t know how Jesus would handle the Jesuits or other Satan worshippers. So Zack Knight has taken a statement I made to Terrance Jenkins on Skype and posted it online and not allowed the readers to view it in its context, where I was just stating how God has operated in the past. It’s really sad when you can’t even write an opinion in a private correspondence to your friend, without Zack Knight posting it publicly without your permission.

Jesus has warned me that I could get a relapse of my yeast infection and I need to remain on my Seroquel. As far as the bottle that Zack alleges has made me pregnant, my men have determined that I am not pregnant. If Zack’s semen has cured my yeast infection, I am sure he’s not happy about it, and is trying to convince me that he has cured my yeast infection, so that I will quit taking my Seroquel, so he can cause a relapse. When I became aware that that bottle was Zack’s penis, I gave it to Rule 13 as a present, so she can help herself to the man’s penis that she’d die for, Zack’s penis any time she wants. I don’t plan to use that bottle anymore, knowing it is Zack’s penis, because I don’t trust Zack Knight, who meets with my enemy Satan regularly. You see, I am Jesus Christ’s favorite. Therefore, Satan takes a special interest in me. Jesus meets with my husband Brent Spiner almost every day, and then Brent gives me instructions from Jesus every now and then. For this reason, I consider myself and Brent prophets, because Jesus has been talking to us directly since February 2012. So, it would be a wise safeguard for any head of state of a country as powerful as the United State to have to report to us for final approval on very important decisions. This would be a good safeguard, just in case Satan finds a way to use brain control on that king, or to switch that head of state with his evil Jesuit clone, which has happened in the past.

But, we are in serious need of a king in this country, who can use laws that deal with Jesuit 21st century technology, because none of us has any privacy, and just look at what Zack has done with my private correspondence, which he could just as easily do to any of you, if he deemed you a threat to his goal for world dominion. Because the antichrist Zack meets with Satan regularly and Zack aspires to worldwide leadership, we need a head of state who will be able to meet with Jesus regularly, because all world leaders today have to deal with the antichrist or Satan incarnate, and only Jesus is smart enough to deal with the antichrist or Satan incarnate. All world leaders need to receive wise advice over how to deal with Satan’s bride, the Jesuits, either through Jesus Christ’s prophets (myself and Brent Spiner) or by meeting with Jesus Himself.

The problem with meeting with Jesus Himself, is that we believe that Zack can counterfeit a Jesus Christ appearance, and could trick the king. Therefore, it would probably be safer if the king got important instructions from Brent Spiner himself, because Jesus will not allow any fake Jesus to meet with my husband Brent. He told us this. He has instructed me to not believe any Jesus, except the Jesus that meets with my husband Brent. Therefore, I don’t trust anything as from Jesus, unless it comes from Brent via Skype or through email to me.

I ask the world to pray for Zack Knight and the Jesuits, that they will see that Satan has deceived them and that they will realize that Satan will be defeated at the battle of Armageddon. Jesus has informed me that Zack and his Jesuits are suffering right now, that they are questioning why it is wrong in the Jesuit Order to fall in love. Satan can’t afford for his Jesuits to fall in love, because then they can’t be cruel enough to carry out his commands.

Pray that the Jesuits will reject Satan and accept the one and only Jesus Christ, who thinks it’s glorious to fall in love. Perhaps if Zack accepts the real Jesus, someone else besides Zack will end up as the antichrist.

Gail:  Zack, as bad as Jesus’ lightning bolts are, an eternity in the lake of fire with a body shaped like a worm, is far worse. You think it makes Jesus happy that this is your destiny, and that Satan makes it a crime for you Zack to love Rule 13? Jesus will be crying throughout eternity for all those He must send to hell.

I’m writing a book right now in Jesus’ point of view, and I asked Him if that’s okay. Jesus said it’s okay, so I must know His heart pretty well. Your current master Satan will be laughing at you Jesuits, when you burn in hell. He’ll say: “Ha ha ha ha. I fooled you all. Zack, you sacrificed your heart for me on earth, betraying the woman you loved Rule 13. For what? To burn like a worm in hell with her and me forever! I only wanted to have you to spite Jesus, because I love making Jesus cry. And he’s crying because I tricked you all into hell. Oh, I am having so much fun now. Jesus has lost you all. You’re here in hell with ME FOREVER. I forgot to tell you, but the sex is no good here, because you’re burning too much.”

Update: Good news is that Zack finally chose Rule 13 over Satan on Sept. 1, 2016, when I led Zack to Jesus. Yeah, I led the Antichrist to Jesus! Now Satan’s only options for Antichrist are Angelina Ballerina or Loree McBride.

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