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As a result of communications I’ve had with my men and because of Jesuit leader Zack Knight’s recent actions which indicate that no one has any privacy, I recommend that the United States make Barack Obama a king or a monarch so that he can use the same technology on the Jesuits that they use on all of us. You might say, what about the U.S. Constitution? Well, the U.S. Constitution was created in the 1700s in a time when mind-reading, the massive creation of clones and the existence of the Internet, as well as the ability to snoop on all of our lives using sophisticated computer/satellite technology did not exist. My men have determined that just about all the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution were created by the Jesuit Order, to make it easier for Jesuits to operate as criminals in order to accomplish their goal for a worldwide takeover for the Catholic Church. I have included a transcript of an earlier video related to this subject, below this video: https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/06/08/2013-gail-chord-schuler-requests-jury-nullification-in-zack-knight-trial/

Even though all the laws I recommended for the terrorist movement THIN PRIVILEGE have passed in Congress, these obese women are not cooperating with the laws and flagrantly violating them, still trying to gain weight, not using the butt plugs, and when they use them, use them in a manner that makes it easy for them to explode. When we ship them up in rockets, they, along with the canister that holds their fart gas, are too heavy for the rocket, so that the rocket does not make it to outer space and explodes in the air above releasing all its toxic contents to the people down below, increasing the mental retard population. The problem is that these women have been programmed genetically to be obese and to stay obese, and we cannot overcome this genetic programming without violating the outdated U.S. Constitution. We need to be able to use the same technology that the Jesuits, outside of the law, are using right now.

You might say, what about our right to privacy? I understand this concern, but let me tell you my own experience. When I began to realize that I had no privacy, because Jesuits wiretapped all my phones, could read my mind, monitored all my online communications, and even worse, as a result of Jesuit monitoring, the Jesuits have even decided to publish some of my private online conversations with my men, which they discovered through their very intense surveillance of me, I concluded that none of us has any privacy any ways. You might say, your men are trolls, that’s why that stuff is published online. Actually, I have solid evidence that my men are not trolls. There are several videos that the Jesuits have posted online at crazygail.com that I never published anywhere online, and the Jesuits obtained them using their surveillance of me by extracting the videos from my computer, just because they were on my computer’s hard drive. They used technology that enables them to do so long distance. I was shocked and asked my men how the Jesuits were able to post publicly a video about an interaction I had with my mother that I never published anywhere, that’s how I found out about this machine they used to extract the video from my computer, using some sort of technology that extracted the video from my computer, just because it was stored as a video on my computer, even though I had not posted it anywhere online!

Jesuits also have cloaking and teleportation technology, which means they could materialize themselves right into your house and steal items from your private files, or anything else they wanted, and even worse, could use an invisibility shield to do this and you would not be able to see them while they were doing it. This is how they assisted Lyudmila Putin to cause me to trip and fall, because she shoved me using an invisibility shield so that I could not see her near me. She nearly killed me by her shove and possibly could have broken my neck. I learned later that Jesus Christ cushioned the fall so that I would not have several broken bones.

The latest invasion of my privacy occurred when I went to dinner with a Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel reporter Melanie and judge Terrance Jenkins’s nephew. My men have determined that while I was eating in the restaurant, because I left my water bottle in Melanie’s car, Jesuit leader Zack Knight entered the car and somehow messed with my water bottle, giving him the ability to make that bottle be his penis, so that when I drank from it, it would make him feel like he had oral sex with me. Apparently, when I drank from it a lot the other day, it so stimulated his penis that he ejaculated into my mouth. The technology today is so advanced that the semen can be cloaked so that I don’t even realize that I swallowed a bunch of Zack Knight’s semen! Despite what Zack has posted at his website, Jesus has ordered me to continue to take my Seroquel and to take it at a regular time, and has said nothing about pregnancy, so I don’t believe Zack Knight’s garbage that he made me pregnant. However, I am outraged at this total invasion into all of my life. You might say, well that’s your life, we don’t have your life, so we are immune.

My dear people, the only reason I seem to be the only one whose privacy has been invaded is because that’s what the Jesuits want you to believe. In actuality, none of us has any privacy. The Jesuits practice genetic profiling and total and absolute online surveillance and monitoring, including brain control, memory removal, mind reading, drug-rape that uses brain control so that a Jesuit can rape you and you will go into another dimension and think you are possibly making love to your spouse or your girlfriend or boyfriend, when in actuality you are making love to a Jesuit agent. Then you wake up from your “dream” and discover a stranger in your bed—the Jesuit agent who raped you. This is what happened to Brent Spiner, when Jesuit Loree McBride drug-raped him. This nightmare started for Brent in 1992 and he still can’t get this agent out of his hair. Even after LeVar Burton killed Loree to save Brent Spiner in 1992, the Jesuits have made hundreds of Loree McBride clones and Brent can’t get rid of her and he can’t get rid of the lies about his marital status online, either.

You might say, this is horrible, what can we do? We need laws that allow us to snoop on the Jesuits, which means we must have access to (and the permission to use) the same technology on them that they use on us! This is why I wrote Conspiracy Law, which I am not allowed to use now because of a contract that I have with Zack Knight, that I was forced to go into in order to defeat the GA1L android back in October 2012. I propose that we abolish the U.S. Constitution and replace it with a new Constitution that is based on my Conspiracy Law, which is law I wrote to deal with Jesuits and their massive space age technology. To be honest with you, my Conspiracy Law, which I last worked on years ago, has already become outdated. For instance, I would want to amend the part that says that a Jesuit would be executed just for being a Jesuit, but we would only execute Jesuits who show clear terrorist intent. I no longer believe that all Jesuits deserve the death penalty. Jesuit Rule 13 has worked with us the past year and has been very helpful to us. I simply don’t have time right now to write the amendments to my Conspiracy Law to reflect the massive amount of new knowledge we’ve gained about the Jesuits since 2007 or 2008, which is the last time I worked heavily on Conspiracy Law. I propose that we hold an election to vote for a United States monarch (king or queen). I recommend Barack Obama as the U.S. King.

We need to relax about the PRISM program (which authorizes intelligence agencies to monitor the phone, email and other communications of U.S. citizens for up to a week without obtaining a warrant, when one of the parties is outside the U.S.), because we really need access to more information to protect our citizens against Jesuit space age criminal technology. None of us has any privacy any ways, so what we need is the ability to ensure that those who do snoop on us, like the Jesuits, are not able to use the knowledge they’ve gained to defame us online (like the Jesuits have done to me) or to attack our health, use brain control, or rape or attack us in other ways. I highly recommend Barack Obama as the U.S. king, simply because the real Barack Obama died in 2012, and Jesus has replaced the real Barack with an automaton who has all the capabilities of the real Barack Obama. Because Barack is an automaton created by Jesus, he cannot become evil, or be cloned. We have had problems with George Bush and Vladimir Putin clones. Besides, if Barack became a king, and he replaced our current U.S. Constitution with a constitutional monarchy, based on my Conspiracy Laws, but updated to be better than my Conspiracy Law, we would be able to detect immediately if the President or head of state was a clone or was under brain control or became a retard.

My Conspiracy Law allows the government to use the same technology the Jesuits use, but makes it a crime to use that technology in a manner that harms the health, privacy, reputation and sanity of innocent persons. This new monarch could view my Conspiracy Law, and update it, perhaps with the help of Harvard Law School (Barack’s alma mater and a law school that has given me an honorary doctorate in law because of my Conspiracy Law) and he could truly make my Conspiracy Law his own law, which he could then copyright as his own law. My Conspiracy Law needs some serious modifications any ways to reflect the latest technologies. Once this new law is passed and we have a righteous king, we will be able to use the same technology on the Jesuits, they use on us, and this will help us to more efficiently deal with the Fat Chicks exploding, the Jesuit rapists and terrorists and the tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and other catastrophes that the Jesuits create with their computer/satellite technology. What Barack Obama would create would NOT be my Conspiracy Law, because I’m not a lawyer. It would be better law, based on my Conspiracy Law, but updated, with the help of Harvard Law School. Let’s vote for Barack Obama to be the United States king now, so that we can arrest the Fat Chicks, terrorists, and the Jesuits behind other Jesuit orchestrated catastrophes and get this stuff under our surveillance using 21st century laws that respect each of us as individuals, allowing us to have our own autonomy (instead of being under Jesuit mind control).

In our current situation, Jesuits are committing all sorts of crimes against innocent persons and getting away with it, because they use 21st century technology that outsmarts the 18th century U.S. Constitution and its Jesuit Amendments. Ironically, us Americans worship the U.S. Constitution as if it was the Bible itself, but none of the righteous governments in the Bible were democracies, they were all monarchies or a government run by judges or by God Himself. I recommend a constitutional monarchy, so that we have a set of laws to abide by to ensure our monarch does not become evil (which is a safeguard I have written into my Conspiracy Law) and that allows us to use the same technology on the Jesuits that they use against innocent persons. I have faith in Barack Obama and Harvard Law School, that the law they will create for this monarchy will be law that honors the spirit of my Conspiracy Law, but will be updated to reflect the newest technologies that Jesuits use right now. Please vote for the Jesus Christ appointed President Barack Obama to become the U.S. king, who can then create his own laws, which would be more effective in dealing with the criminal technologies of the 21st century.

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