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Update: Loree McBride is trying to kick me out as American President & Empress, so she can continue with her plans for World War III unhindered and destroy Vladimir Putin, who opposes her tyranny.

Looks like the Jesuits have kicked me out as American Empress and Vladimir Putin is furious. It appears that the Barack Obama automaton has been turned off and replaced with a Jesuit clone. Jesuits already killed Barack Obama in March 2012, now they have turned off his automaton and have retaken control of the U.S. and Vladimir is as mad as hell.


See my book Deep in the African Congo. Jesuits are despicable. http://www.amazon.com/Deep-African-Congo-Murder-Barack/dp/1497396263

Those of us Americans brainwashed by the Jesuit controlled news media may think Vladimir is the devil. I think he’s courageous. I believe Jesus Christ is on Vladimir’s side. Pray for our country, that righteous leadership will prevail. You can’t lose with that prayer.

Vladimir understands that evil Zack Knight wants control of the U.S., so he can use the U.S. as a bully to force all other world nations to submit to the Jesuit-controlled United States.

Those of you Americans who oppose Jesuit control, pray for our country. We need our good Barack Obama automaton back. Ask Jesus to help us.

I think Vladimir will be watching tomorrow’s elections to see if the voting honors my Conspiracy Law. If not, he may have to take action to wrest Jesuit control from the United States. I have written laws that tell a God-fearing nation how the vote should be conducted. Read Sect. 8 of my Conspiracy Laws & Government and make sure tomorrow’s vote honors Conspiracy Law. https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/06/conspiracy-laws-and-government/

If not, I’m afraid we may have a war. Vladimir cannot sit back and allow the Jesuits to take over the United States.

The most powerful weapon we can use is prayer. Gail asks all Bible believing Christians to pray for our country, that we can stop the Jesuits from taking over the United States.

Vladimir Putin is a God-fearing Christian. Ask Jesus to give him wisdom and courage.

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