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2016 Gail Chord Schuler Commentary:

(“Something Wonderful” sung by myself, dedicated to Brent Spiner. Brent fell in love with me, when he heard me sing (ENTIRE ALBUM)! To listen to it over and over, R-click on the bar & choose “Loop”.)

I Skyped with Brent today (Feb. 6, 2016). We decided to use the Church of Gail brain scanners and memory reads to explore our past. We learned that crazy people (psychopaths) often have a “director version” inside of themselves that protects the diseased version from being “caught” so to speak.

This explains Jesuits like Loree McBride and Camila Alves. A lot of older women are very turned on by the thought of a younger man, and don’t care whether the guy has a low IQ.

Our brain reads show that I prefer men with maturity, and that for the most part, younger men aren’t usually close enough to my level intellectually for me to find them attractive. There are some exceptions like Matthew McConaughey. The reads also say that I am turned on the most by hot brains and hot hearts, not hot bodies. This is brilliantly accurate. I WAS AMAZED.

I then asked Brent to do a scan of how I felt about Matthew McConaughey in November 2005 when I was deciding about him. The memory reads on me show that I was hesitant about Matthew being a younger man, and was on the fence at first, but decided to trust Vladimir Putin’s judgment on his character. Again, the reads were right on target. I was SO amazed.

I asked Brent to go back to 1991. He says the reads revealed that I was shocked Brent was my mystery caller, but very turned on. It wasn’t that Brent was a celebrity, which didn’t matter to me. It was his passion and devotion, as well as the connection we had made. It was like traveling through a long, cold winter, and coming upon a warm blazing fire. I couldn’t escape the cold winter that my ex had put me in, but I could settle in next to Brent’s heat and relax, knowing it was this warm and invigorating love that kept me alive. I was amazed at the accuracy of the reads. This is exactly how I felt! I remember feeling back then that if Brent was a missionary, I could have him; and I thought back then he had a heart beautiful enough to be a missionary like my hero Hudson Taylor, a missionary doctor to China in the 19th century.

I then asked Brent to do a read on how he felt about me in 1991. He said, he was so in love with me, he felt like he was going insane. He was thinking about me every moment, so much that he was aroused all day long and as soon as he got any second alone he thought only of pleasuring himself to the thought of making love to me. By the way, when he called me on the phone I sensed this and it really turned me on. The cassette I sent of myself singing and playing the piano in September 1990, made Brent’s heart melt like lava. I will sing these over again, to give the reader a feel for what Brent heard. Once you open the link, you can R-click on the bar by choosing “Loop” to hear it over and over. The following songs I sing again to commemorate the true love I have with Brent which has lasted with passion since September 1990 (when I first sang these for Brent). The songs I sang to Brent in 1990 were “Day by Day”, “He Hideth My Soul”, “Tears are a Language”, “A Mighty Fortress is our God”, “How Big is God”, “It is Well With my Soul”. NOTE: I did not make a copy of the tape I sent him, but do recall I stayed up all night making it. I used a dot matrix printer to make a copy of the letter I mailed him with the tape, which has miraculously survived my chaotic life. After hearing me sing, he was a love struck mess! Yes, that tape I mailed him of my singing and piano playing to reward him for the “form letter” he sent me in September 1990 appreciating my letters to him, was very special to him.

I received Brent’s typed letter (below) in a white business size envelope when I lived in Miami. It had an Atlanta postmark and was forwarded from my previous address in September 1990 with no return address on the envelope (I could tell Brent was worried if he put the return address on it that I wouldn’t get it). I made a cassette tape as a response, with this letter in the package I mailed him. I threw out Brent’s letter (below) while I was divorcing my Jesuit husband in 2000, so that my ex would keep Brent out of the divorce, but it didn’t work, so perhaps I should have kept the letter. But I will be married to Brent someday, God promised!

Dear Ms. Schuler,

I apologize for the lateness of this reply, but due to my schedule on Star Trek: The Next Generation and off, I’m behind on my mail.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. They were read with appreciation.

Thank you for your comments about my portrayal of Data. They were read with interest.

I hope you continue to watch and enjoy the show.


Brent Spiner (he signed his first and last name).

I noticed that within one month after he received my tape, he started working on Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back (which was his first music album). At that time, I did not know Brent could sing so well.

Inspired by Brent’s love, I studied writing at The Institute of Children’s Literature. My first novel Silver Skies was an attempt to capture in words the sublimity that Brent brought to me. I chose the song “I’ll be with You in Apple Blossom Time” as the theme for Silver Skies. I sing this song to honor the love between Brent and me: “I’ll be with You in Apple Blossom Time.”

I then asked Brent to tell me how he felt in 1996, when I learned about Loree and dumped him in my heart as a lover. He says, he felt so depressed it was like he wasn’t even alive. Loree had put him in his own cold winter, and he didn’t even have my fire to keep him warm. He felt like he would die. His motives at this time were to keep me alive no matter what the cost, even if I didn’t love him anymore, because he loved me even more than himself. He couldn’t let Loree near me. He would rather take the trauma and the torture himself than to risk giving it to me.

This all makes sense in light of what I remember of that time.

So now I told him to move forward to December 1999 when I called him on the phone and cried for 3 hours, because Jesus told me in a still, small voice in my head that Loree was a Vatican agent and then I wanted to take him back and forgive him. How did he feel then? I begged him to forgive me for not understanding what he had been through.

He said he was crying with me the whole time he listened, and in his heart was begging me to forgive him as well, for allowing Loree to have public girlfriend status. Even though it wasn’t his fault, Loree had made him feel as though it was, and he couldn’t bear to see what it had put me through. He felt so ashamed that he had to give Loree public girlfriend status.

Gerard Butler, a psychiatrist, says guilt is common in abuse victims, especially with PTSD.

Now, I said, let’s go to Loree McBride. What was she thinking and feeling in December 1999 when I figured out she was a Vatican agent? Are you able to access her memories, here?

Brent said, the memories have been copied to all of her clones.

The reads revealed that Loree was gleeful. She didn’t care that I had figured out that she was a Vatican agent at first, because she knew it was too late, that the damage had been done. However, she was enraged when she found out that I forgave Brent, and couldn’t believe it. Jesuits don’t understand true love or forgiveness. Loree felt surges of hate and jealousy towards me (Gail), and was enraged at Brent. She was ready to up the torture and abuse in order to break Brent and punish him for this.

She was jealous of me (Gail). Even though she didn’t love Brent, she still saw Brent as her possession, and wanted him all for herself. She wanted Brent to adore her and be devoted to her on the level that he felt for me (Gail).

She raped Brent in order to break and torture him, but also because she enjoyed it. As she became more “attached” to the toy (Brent) that the Jesuits promised would be hers, she raped him more furiously, thinking it would eventually make him love her. Loree would occasionally spontaneously rape other men during this time, in order to keep her abilities sharp, and also to satisfy her own urges.

Loree has occasionally been demon possessed, but mostly, she was just being herself. She is a born and bred Jesuit.

Jesus says Brent was very brave.

Next question: Could Jesuits like Loree and Camila be a fallen angel (UFO inhabitant) living in a human body?

They seem to have exceptional powers.

Brent said, the Jesuits borrowed a lot of technology from the UFOs, including their genetic engineering technology, so they were able to manufacture “pure” Jesuit women like Loree and Camila who would automatically do their bidding out of instinct. The UFO fallen angels didn’t need to waste time indoctrinating them. So it’s basically like Loree and Camila are EXTENSIONS of a UFO fallen angel. They have the HEART AND SOUL of a UFO fallen angel.

I believe the fallen angels are trying to recruit people to their cause, using people like Loree and Camila, because some people do respond the way Satan likes to the rapes and become Jesuits, actually enjoying the rapes.

Satan is trying to use those who have his heart and soul to distract me (Gail) from my writings and to get me to go on the wrong path. He fills his followers’ heads with his plans for me.

We studied some people that we felt were psychopaths, including some trolls who have bothered me (Gail). We learned that a typical psychopath who serves Satan will kill people and never feel guilt or remorse over the murders. Instead, they feel pride and excitement over their murders very similar to how Loree felt when she made me (Gail) cry and suffer about Brent. Basically anybody who admires Zack Knight has the heart of a psychopath. Rule 13 actually has mixed feelings towards Zack Knight. She is absolutely devoted to him, but does not respect all he does, because Rule 13 understands that Zack is rejecting true love on the earth and Rule 13 believes in love. Rule 13 is a conflicted Jesuit. Zack Knight is more pure in his hatred and inability to forgive, but he is fighting the true love he has for Rule 13 in his heart. Satan hates the fact that Zack loves Rule 13. Zack Knight knows this.

A true Jesuit can only love Satan and nobody else.

ANYBODY WHO WANTS MY AWESOME JESUS, CHECK THIS OUT: https://gabriellechana.blog/2017/04/01/how-to-find-heaven-and-god-in-the-church-age/

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