(June 2015) Gail Chord Schuler ATTACKED for saying she's voting for Donald Trump

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Wow. I can’t believe that I am being ATTACKED for saying I plan to vote for Trump. This is CRAZY. I’m not going to waste my time with such pettiness. We should all feel free to vote our conscience without being harassed! When people make stupid comments at my Twitter, I shall MUTE them. Usually, when you see a lot of smart ass, idiotic comments from people, you are dealing with Jesuits. It appears the Jesuits don’t like Donald J. Trump. That should TELL YOU SOMETHING.

I don’t attack people who vote for candidates I don’t like. Cool it. Don’t be a hypocrite. You accuse Trump of intolerance, then you harass and stereotype those who want to vote for him. Don’t call the kettle black! It’s ridiculous to say that those who vote for Trump need to go to the mental hospital. By saying that those who disagree with you are insane, are you yourself not guilty of behaving like the Hitler that you claim is Donald Trump? You apparently, do not want some people to VOTE. I guess you like a dictatorship, is that it? Anyone who does not vote for your candidate is crazy. Well, going by that criteria, all the Republicans will ban all Democrats from voting, and vice versa. The very ones who accuse Trump of being like Hitler are practicing a form of Fascism.

The human heart is very complex and only each individual person knows why they do what they do. Quit trying to play God, when you are absolutely unqualified to do so. Only GOD knows our hearts! I actually support three candidates (Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump) and I may not vote for Trump in the general election. But I am highly offended by people who insinuate that if I don’t vote for their candidate, that means I need to check into the mental hospital. Don’t try to shame me into doing what you want. What makes you so right about everything? You must be an AWFUL PROUD PERSON, kind of like Satan your master, right?

Jesus did say to me that he HATES the “us, them” attitude. He probably likes it that I support two Democrats and one Republican, because I got news for you, Jesus is not a Republican and he is not a Democrat.

donald_trump clone_6_30_15
Donald Trump Jesuit clone, taken around June 30, 2015

This could very well be a picture of the Donald J. Trump clone with his finger sticking up. Donald does kick people out of some of his meetings. Those may well be Jesuits and I respect him for not playing Jesuit games. My men inform me that Satan has also created a robot or android of Donald as well. As far as losing a friendship over a politician, that is rather ridiculous, because no matter WHO becomes President, none of them really get to run the country. It’s all smoke and mirrors. If Donald becomes President, he’s going to find this out. Barack Obama tried and I respect him for that. Brent Spiner, my soul mate, is a Democrat and I used to be Republican when our relationship was at its hottest. Brent has almost made me a Democrat, but though I may comment about politicians, I AM the Empress. Anyone who would break up a friendship over a politician is very ignorant about how politics REALLY work.

I hear that some people are breaking up friendships with those who will vote for Donald Trump. That is really CRAZY. It is also not fair to accuse all those who would vote for Trump as needing to see a psychiatrist. Isn’t that a form of intolerance, to label people or stereotype them based on politics? Are we to say that all Democrats are like this or all Republicans are like this? People are more complex than that. Show some intelligence and don’t resort to stereotyping.

I can PROMISE you that NONE of the candidates running for President right now, and that includes some that I like (Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump), are going to be able to weasel around the Jesuits as President. They are ALL going to be stuck playing the Jesuit game. When I vote for a candidate, I vote for the one who I feel will do the LEAST DAMAGE. I never expect any candidate to really be much better than Barack Obama has been. It’s just that his term is about up.

You might say, how can you tell who will do the least damage? I look for AUTHENTICITY in the candidate, someone who refuses to play games. Jesuits go to town with the cowardly game players, like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. An authentic person, and someone who tends to play fair, and who despises political games are your safest bets, regardless of their party OR their alleged ideology.

I can hear the Republicans right now. But Hillary plays games. Well, she has been in public office and so the Jesuits have more ammunition against her. But I really do think I see a lot of authenticity in her. She’s willing to do and say some things that are pretty authentic. I respect a candidate who seems oblivious to public opinion.

I can hear the Democrats right now, but Donald doesn’t play fair. Actually, I think he does. It’s just that he won’t sit back and allow Jesuit game players to continue without exposing them. Once he does that, they get all riled up and it forces him to DEAL WITH THEM. Donald is not perfect. Who is? He is a bit intolerant, but I don’t think it’s as bad as Bernie Sanders’ fans think. He just doesn’t put up with Jesuit NONSENSE, which I really like about him, because most Presidents and Presidential candidates are trembling in their boots if they dare oppose Jesuit policies. But when Donald gets off balance, the Jesuits may take advantage of this and make him go more unbalanced.

Like I said, I’m the Empress and I’m just doing damage control. None of the candidates will be able to weasel around the Jesuits, until we defeat the Jesuit Order!!

Hillary’s weakness is that she does play the establishment game a bit, but she really tries to NOT do this. I respect her for this.

Bernie’s weakness is that I am afraid his idealistic notions are not going to work. But I respect him for being true to his ideals, for being authentic. If his ideas don’t work, I can always cancel them.

You might say, how can you tell who are the game players? It’s tricky. But generally, the more AUTHENTIC the person is, the safer you are. Authentic people do not like to play Jesuit games.

But please remember that not ALL the public appearances of the candidates are REALLY THEM. My men have told me that the Donald Trump clone has already gotten started. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an evil Jesuit clone of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

I believe this photo of Donald Trump with his finger sticking up is the JESUIT DONALD TRUMP CLONE. I do NOT believe that is the REAL Donald Trump. In fact, I remember this appearance and wrote and asked my men about it and they told me it was, in fact, the Jesuit Donald Trump clone. This picture you see is of the clone.

I AM THE EMPRESS and all candidates have to take a pledge to honor me when they are elected President. I won’t tolerate any Ku Klux Klan behavior in Donald Trump. And if I discover he is guilty of that, I will replace him as President. But I do not believe that is the real Donald Trump, so relax Bernie Sanders’ fans. And please understand that Bernie Sanders probably has a clone, too.

IN CONCLUSION: You can’t believe everything you hear and see online or on the news. In fact, about 80% of what you hear in the news is a bunch of LIES. Knowing this, I put a lot of stock in non-verbal communication and try to read the candidate’s SOUL and his heart, looking for courage and authenticity, which I consider more important than ideology. If I have been following a candidate and they say or do something that seems a bit exaggerated or out of balance with what I normally see from that candidate, I consider the possibility that I may be viewing THEIR JESUIT CLONE. I use my genius emotional IQ to assist me in deciding which candidates would do the least damage, and I vote to try to prevent candidates that I feel would end up becoming Jesuit puppets. Right now I feel that Kasich, Cruz and Rubio are dangerous, but I certainly would not break a friendship over anybody who wants to vote for them, because, in some ways, all the candidates could be dangerous, because Jesuits know how to replace candidates with clones, when that candidate becomes “difficult.” I’ve heard Kasich say several times that he believes in arming the Ukrainians. That would be a DISASTER. We already have a Jesuit puppet leader in Ukraine right now and arming the Ukrainians would just give him more power. What has happened in Ukraine, when the Jesuits kicked out a prime minister who supported Putin was truly a tragedy. Ukraine is such a mess as a result of Jesuit meddling into their affairs!

I feel that for the most part, Barack Obama has been a great President. George W. Bush was dangerous. I don’t want a repeat of George W. Bush and like it that Donald J. Trump recognizes that George W. Bush was dangerous. Donald is willing to break out of the Jesuit Republican mold to TELL THE TRUTH. Not that George W. Bush had a bad heart, but he’s just not too bright and the Jesuits easily manipulated him.

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