Clones EXPOSED (skin tone, body types, photo shop expose clones)

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THE CLONE DEBATE (video above)

UPDATE: I now believe I’m a soft classic, which is close to soft natural with some minor differences.

Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin and my men and our team of scientists have determined that clones are a heavy part of Jesuit strategy to deceive and further Antichrist goals. We have noticed that Jesuits are able to create a clone of just about everyone. Here are my Pinterest pages about this: 1) Evidence Vladimir Putin’s wife Lyudmila was/is an imperfect clone of the woman he married in 1983 Larisa, who died in 2000. 2) Evidence of Jesuit PhotoShop to promote Jesuit lies.

When Jesuits want to use a clone on someone, they often kidnap that person, erase their memories and plant the real person in a new location with new goals, unrelated to their former life. Then they transfer the memories of the authentic person into the clone. This way it minimizes the fact that their clone IS A CLONE.

They can bring back the real person as well. If they choose to do this, they remove from the memories of the real person all that happened to them after they were kidnapped, so that the real person completely forgets significant activities that he/she participated in, in the “other life”.

Jesuits use clones of their key agents, like Loree McBride, so that even if their agent is executed, they have the stored memories of the deceased person and they transfer these memories to the clone. It is as if the original person never died. This is how Jesuits can murder someone and make it appear they never murdered the person. They substitute the person they murdered with their clone. Jesuits have done this for so long, it doesn’t even phase them when a person is murdered. Their attitude towards murder is flippant. They feel they can always create a clone backup.

My men and I find this Jesuit attitude towards murder monstrous.

I personally do NOT execute anyone. But Vladimir Putin and his Russian military often execute Jesuit clones. Vladimir is very careful before he executes any clone to make sure it IS the evil Jesuit clone and NOT the real person he is executing. We have some pretty incredible technology nowadays and are able to read with thoroughness genetic profiles and clone patterns in genes.. We have to be careful with this, because Jesuits use brain control technology on persons to induce schizophrenia and other mental disorders, so that the person can’t distinguish fact from fiction, and believes Jesuit lies or delusions over real events that happened to him or her. When Jesuits use this brain control technology on real persons, it makes the real person seem a clone, because the lies that they believe often promote Jesuit agendas.

You might ask, “How can you believe Matthew McConaughey is committed to you, when you see a video like this?” First off, videos such as these have been made right when Matthew’s feelings for me are at their highest. The personality of the “Matthew” in this video is so opposite the Matthew I’ve known since 2005, that I feel I can state with certainty that this is a Jesuit Matthew McConaughey clone. Camila Alves photos and videos (as she presented herself at the Camila Alves trial in Nov. 2011) exposed her as a crude and vulgar lover, a woman Matthew would never desire for romance in any way, according to the REAL Matthew (WHO OFTEN WRITES AT WWW.CHURCHOFGAIL.COM). THE PERSONALITY OF THIS MAN IN THIS VIDEO has a crudeness and vulgarity quite opposite the real Matthew’s sensitivity and gentlemanliness when he writes at The REAL Matthew stated at that when Camila displayed vulgar photos and videos in November 2011 (of her sexual behavior with “Matthew” in the courtroom), that he threw up so much in disgust, he became seriously dehydrated.

UPDATE (June 2018) : My men in spring 2014 bombed the server that hosted (Jesuit site), which, unfortunately, also hosted (my men’s site), so both are down now.

Why won’t Matthew refute these lies?

I’m certain Camila Alves threatens to harm or kill me if the real Matthew exposes her as the Jesuit agent that she is. Jesuits, like Camila Alves and Brent Spiner’s Loree McBride, are all alike! Jesuits always impregnate their agents with the man’s stolen semen, to cement the false relationship in the public mind. It’s a brilliant Jesuit ploy! This Matthew clone appears to be a very good and aggressive fake and has given the real Matthew HELL, even hacking into Matthew’s official website. The real Matthew fell in love with me in 2005, while portraying Dor (in the movie version of my novel Silver Skies). Jesuits have so much power, they have kept my writing money from me; and have stopped Silver Skies, the movie, from going mainstream.

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