God Shows Gail Chord Schuler the Cure to AIDS (2002)

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“. .there is no definitive proof linking specific genes with resistance to AIDS either chimpanzees or humans, although researchers have found some evidence and are looking for more. . .Bontrop said that chimpanzee immune systems appear to defeat HIV by targeting part of the virus’s proteins that don’t mutate. A similar defense mechanism may be at work in humans who have been exposed to HIV repeatedly but don’t get sick, he said, suggesting an area for further study.”

This last paragraph of this news article, intrigued Gail and she went to her Bible and prayed, and asked God to show her the cure to the AIDS virus. Her Bible openings and readings showed her a pattern, and she realized God had shown her the cure to AIDS!

UPDATE: When Terrance Jenkins came back alive from heaven after he died (Dec. 2011), God gave him the cure to AIDS and it was based on what God showed Gail in 2002 (when she wrote this and submitted it to Vladimir Putin in her mailbox).

In the statements she submitted to Vladimir, through a yellow envelope she left in her mailbox (without any postage stamps), she described to Vladimir what God showed her. These statements were dated August 30 and 31, 2002 and September 1 and 2, 2002.

August 30, 2002:

. . .I am concerned about the AIDS virus and would like to propose a possible cure.

The HIV virus cell transforms its RNA into DNA through the activity of an enzyme called RNA-reverse transcriptase. The HIV virus cell then incorporates this piece of DNA (I’ll call it *MUTATED DNA) into the infected cell’s DNA, thus transforming this infected cell into a MOTHER CELL which replicates more HIV virus cells. Most of the MOTHER CELLS end up being the T4 inducer/helper subset of lymphocytes (white blood cells). The HIV viruses actively replicate in these white blood cells, especially when they are activated to mount a response to an infection. This infection-replication process renders the T cells nonfunctional, eventually destroying them and dramatically reducing their number, thus contributing to the profound immune suppression seen in AIDS.

Could it be that when the T cells are activated to fight infection, that MORE-RNA-reverse TRANSCRIPTASE is formed by the HIV cells? And this results in an increased production of HIV cells IN THE MOTHER CELLS?

In today’s Tallahassee Democrat news article it says that “chimpanzee immune systems appear to defeat HIV by targeting part of the virus’s proteins that don’t mutate.”

I enclosed a copy of “Study explores AIDS resistance” by Toby Sterling from the Associated Press article in the Tallahassee Democrat in my envelope to Vladimir Putin.


Create ANOTHER enzyme (let’s call it RNA-ANTI reverse TRANSCRIPTASE) that transforms MUTATED DNA into the ORIGINAL RNA. This enzyme’s formula could probably be found in the part of the HIV virus’s proteins that don’t mutate. These chimpanzee’s and some humans have the ability to target this formula IN THE HIV virus’s non-mutating proteins to CREATE RNA-ANTI reverse TRANSCRIPTASE!! And thus, NEGATES the HIV virus’ ability to replicate itself USING GENETIC MANIPULATION (by transforming MUTATED DNA back into the ORIGINAL RNA).

Apparently, in an infection in an AIDS infected person MORE NEGATIVE GENETIC MANIPULATION takes place in the infected T cells, which means more RNA-REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE is created. The HIV virus has FORMULAS (programs) for various enzymes (such as RNA-ANTI reverse TRANSCRIPTASE and RNA-REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE) in its GENES. Could the formula for RNA-ANTI reverse TRANSCRIPTASE be found in the HIV virus’s NON-MUTATING PROTEINS?

If RNA-ANTI reverse TRANSCRIPTASE enzyme were introduced into HIV infected cells – it would kill off MUTATED DNA by TRANSFORMING IT. This RNA-ANTI reverse TRANSCRIPTASE would also transform the MUTATED DNA WHICH incorporated itself into the infected cell’s DNA, thus negating the infected cell’s ability to replicate the HIV virus.

Let me fine tune a little more my theory about a cure for AIDS. . .

Use a type of “protein synthesis” repression from the genetic code of the genes in the non-mutating protein of the HIV cell to hinder production of RNA-reverse transcriptase and in this non-mutating protein of the HIV cells use another genetic code to initiate and stimulate a type of “protein synthesis” production of RNA-ANTI reverse transcriptase (to convert MUTATED DNA back to its original RNA and render the HIV cells BENIGN).

August 31, 2002:

God used random Bible openings where my eyes landed on certain passages like Esther 8:5 where the word “reverse” jumped out at me, and several other Bible passages where words like “gather”, “healing” –this, in combination with thoughts that correlated with the random Bible openings. Letters like “P” for protein (in the Bible), “G” for genes. I asked God questions, opened the Bible (after prayer) and God showed me things. Also, I recalled the research I did on cloning, genetics, DNA and RNA and protein synthesis for my unfinished story Torches of Tears (which is registered at the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington, D.C.). I had actually grabbed my old Zoology textbook from college when I researched this in Washington state, along with other sources, and did two weeks of intensive research on the latest in cloning and the process of “generating” tissue from genetic material. Because this knowledge was in my head, because of my research for Torches of Tears, God used it to help me formulate a theory for a possible AIDS cure. I grabbed my book Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine yesterday and intensely studied how the HIV virus works. Also, I’ve taken college courses in chemistry and biology (with some biochemistry included). But, if, as a result of my theory, an AIDS cure is found — I give God the credit. Those random Bible openings were what “cinched” it for me.

One may think it strange that I feel the “cure” is found within the HIV virus. I have a “gut” feeling that HIV is a HUMAN ENGINEERED germ and that the criminal scientist who engineered the HIV — PUT THE CURE IN THE GERM ITSELF because he/she knew that would be THE LAST PLACE WE’D LOOK. This scientist wanted to make sure there was a cure – IN CASE HE/SHE CAUGHT IT OR ANY OF HIS/HER FRIENDS. It would be found in the NON-MUTATED protein sections so that the FORMULA WOULD STAY INTACT. They have a way (I theorize) of using “protein synthesis” to generate the needed enzyme for THE CURE, using the genetic code from NON-MUTATED (i.e. INTACT . . ., i.e. SECURE) material. They WOULD NOT want the CURE in ANY TYPE OF WRITTEN OR LANGUAGE DOCUMENTATION because if this was found, it would give away the mad scientists’ EVIL AIDS CONSPIRACY. I’m not sure there is an AIDS conspiracy, but if the CURE is found in the HIV virus ITSELF in some sort of genetic code . . .all I can say is . . .


You might ask. . .WHY would someone engineer such a horrible plague? I don’t know. Maybe it’s a type of population control. I really don’t know why they’d do it. If it is human engineered; it must be the work of an evil, dictatorial conspiracy. Obviously, a conspiracy of people like Osama Bin Laden or the Jesuits. Maybe AIDS is a “distractor” to draw attention AWAY from the Jesuits. Maybe it’s a BANKRUPTING tactic. If people are poor and destitute, YOU CAN CONTROL THEM. We know the Jesuits use THE LATEST in science and technology.

September 1, 2002:

. . .I never really thought about AIDS too much, but when I read “Study explores AIDS resistance” about the non-mutating protein in chimps, it intrigued me, I went to God in prayer and used random Bible openings to seek guidance. The Bible opened to passage with words like “reverse” and “gather”. I didn’t know much about how the AIDS virus worked and suspected AIDS had a genetic connection (it was an intuitive “hunch”). I wasn’t sure about this.

I had to find out. I did some intensive reading in the AIDS section from Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine from page 200 and THEN felt as I was reading that my genetic “hunch” came from God. I WAS AMAZED AT THE STRONG MENTION OF DNA AND RNA on page 200! To me, this was more than coincidence! You must understand, I never bothered to study how the HIV virus works UNTIL TWO DAYS AGO.

I asked God if He was about to show me the cure for AIDS. My random Bible openings landed on verses about healing.

I got a definite assurance from God in my heart that He was about to show me THE HIV CURE!

I prayed intensely while studying the article “Study explores AIDS resistance” along with page 200 out of Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and batted different theories in my head based on my study of genetic engineering (which I did as research for Torches of Tears). I came up with something that I knew HAD TO WORK–it was as if God elevated my high intelligence to genius level temporarily (He’s done this before) and GOD PUT THE RIGHT THEORY INTO MY MIND. I wrote this into the 8-30-02 Statement Addendums.

NO ONE HAS EVER discussed AIDS with me IN ANY MANNER other than casual interest. If I came up with the cure, GOD SHOWED ME — the ONLY human help I got was the article “Study explores AIDS resistance”, the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine (there were NO SECRET NOTES or anything like that in ANY of the written AIDS information I worked with) and my research material for Torches of Tears (this research material DID NOT DISCUSS AIDS AT ALL. It was all about genetics ONLY). By the way, I relied on MEMORY for the “Torches” research I did. I don’t have this material now. Note on August 29, 2006: That’s because I lost my “Torches” research material, along with all the books I could not afford to move from Seattle in 2001.

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