Gail Chord Schuler Figures Out Loree McBride is a Vatican Agent Against her Love for Brent Spiner (1999)

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In July 1999, I began seeing a naturopath in Seattle, Washington. I forgave Brent Spiner in December 1999 and fell in love with him again, all because of a thought that came to my mind as a still, small voice. It was God. God spoke to me at 2 in the morning, while I lay on my bed in my Seattle apartment.

But before God spoke to me that quiet and cold morning, I struggled from day to day, overwhelmed by problems, with deteriorating health, deluged with a morass of complications and treachery.

I complained of heartburn to my new Seattle naturopathic physician in June 1999. She expressed concern that I was totally off psychiatric meds and thought I should start a small dosage and go back to a psychiatrist, even though I told her that mentally and emotionally I was great, my sleep was good, and that I was more concerned about my stomach. She talked me (a reluctant patient) into trying spinal extremity correction (similar to chiropractic adjustments with some physical therapy). She jerked my head straight back several times, as well as worked on my lower spine. My heartburn improved, but I developed a new symptom: insomnia.

So I showed up for the spinal extremity correction. I told her, “I’m doing this mainly to help with my stomach.”

“Well, this will help you with your stomach. . .and it probably will help with other things, too.”

So she started manipulating my spine, and then she grabbed my head and kind of jerked it back. I noticed I was feeling a little stiff in my neck, but I thought, “Oh well. . .that was kind of a weird treatment that she grabbed my head and jerked it back like that.”

And I started losing a little bit of sleep and I didn’t worry about it too much. I went back for about one or two more treatments. After the second or third treatment, when I went home, the muscles in the back of my neck were having spasms. I was in so much pain, I was up all night. Oh my God, Loree McBride got the doctor to try and induce psychosis in me using that spinal extremity correction. I was up all night. I had a headache. I was nauseated. I was actually getting mental symptoms because of the manipulations done to my neck.

I thought, “I bet I know who can fix this–a chiropractor.”

So I called up a chiropractor and made an emergency appointment. “I need to see you right away. I’m really in distress. I feel lousy.”

This is the first time I’d been to a chiropractor in my life. I showed up at the chiropractor and he said, “I need to take x-rays.” He was real friendly. He took X-rays and said, “Awww. . . yeah. . .we need to manipulate your C2.” He did a jerk with my head, and I felt better, but it didn’t last.

So I had to go back to see him again. Now my bills were really piling up. I got ripped off by this naturopath, and here I am at this chiropractor. The second time he gave me an adjustment, I felt worse than I did when I went to the naturopath. I thought, “Oh no! They got the chiropractor!”

I was so tired. I called him up and said, “I don’t know what you did to my neck. But I want you to fix this. I’m going to show up, and whatever you did. You did something bad to my neck, and I know you didn’t do it right. Now, you fix it.” I went in there and I said, “I want to be able to function and I don’t know what you did to my neck, but I want you to fix it.”

I went in there and he did something, but he didn’t fix it too good.

Eventually, my neck muscles became so spasmed (and I’d never had these symptoms before in my whole life) that I was up all night with nausea and mental and emotional irritation. Jesuits used the naturopath to use the neck jerks to induce psychosis on me with the spinal extremity correction treatment.

I quit seeing her and visited a chiropractor to fix what she did, and he made it worse. The Vatican got him, too.

“Forget that doctor, man.” What am I going to do? I realized my insurance covers physical therapy. I gave up on him. I thought, “He’s no good.”

So, I thought let’s quit paying out of my credit card, and go with something that my insurance covers, and so I went to a physical therapist. She happened to be a Catholic and she was really nice. Her name was Donna (she was heavy, but not obese and I believe she had brown hair), I can’t remember the last name. She was right down the road from me, and she was able to use some muscle manipulation that helped the muscles in the back of my neck to relax. She said, “Your C2 is in a bad position. It’s lying flat up against your skull, and that’s why you’re having trouble. I’m going to work and see if I can get it to go down a little bit more.”

I went to her for two months of physical therapy and she was able to give me enough relief that I could sleep for about six hours a night. But I certainly wasn’t getting beauty rest. Finally after about two months she did all she could, and she did a great job on me. She was very kind and there was another lady there that helped as well. Finally, she said, “I’ve done everything I can with physical therapy to get your C2 to go down, but it is just so stubborn, I think you’re going to need to go to a chiropractor.”

I told her, “Oh boy, my insurance doesn’t cover that.”

She said, “I talked with a chiropractor that’s down the road from here. And I hear he’s really good. You may want to try him. It may only take one or two visits and you’ll be fine. You may want to try him and see if he can help you, because I’ve done everything I can with physical therapy to get that C2 to go down, and it won’t.”

So I went to visit the chiropractor in Seattle. He was a blonde, and I was very impressed with him. He said, “I’m going to make a special arrangement with you where you can visit me as many times as you want in a month, and you just pay a monthly fee”. He used like a ping machine and I got really good help from him. I ended up going to him for a year. He was a good chiropractor. He said, “Your C1 is way up there, but I’ll keep working on it and we’ll get it to go down where it needs to go.”

Eventually, I ended up seeing him, not just for the neck but he worked on the lower spine as well. I ended up taking my son to him. And got a lot of help from him. So, eventually my neck problem got fixed. I had never had neck problems before in my life.

After several months, a good chiropractor and physical therapist fixed me. It was very expensive and didn’t help my rising debt.

I had to fight for months to get those criminal medical charges off my credit card. It seemed my certified, return receipt letters never made it to the credit card company until about three weeks after I mailed them. And then they somehow got lost, once they reached the credit card company.

Then another problem came up. I decided to dispute the charges from that naturopath and the chiropractor that ruined my neck. I refused to pay for their charges. You wouldn’t believe what happened.

I wrote a letter to the credit card company, First USA Visa. I sent it certified, return receipt and made copies of it. It took three weeks for their office to get my letter. I didn’t get my return receipt card till about three weeks later. And then when I got the return receipt card, the credit card company said there was nothing they could do to help me.

I wrote them another letter certified, return receipt. And they said, somehow the letter got lost, and that they didn’t know where it was.

On the third try (certified, return receipt), finally the letter made it to the right department.

I sent it certified, return receipt every time and it always took two or three weeks for it to get to the office. Finally, after making all sorts of copies and making about 11 or 12 letters, I finally got a response. They said, “There’s nothing we can do for you about this because the chiropractor and naturopath deny that they gave you bad services and blah, blah, blah.”

I thought, “Alright, just forget it.” I wanted to dispute the charges because I was mad at that chiropractor and that naturopath, and I wanted to make it plain that they gave me bad services. But, boy did I get the run-around on that one.

This naturopathic physician that I saw in Seattle (summer 1999) for digestive problems, had a fixation that I’d weaned myself off psychiatric medications and suggested I get back on a small dose, though I told her I was sleeping fine and didn’t understand her concern.

She then changed the subject and suggested that she could do some chiropractic type manipulations (spinal extremity corrections) to cure my stomach problems (heartburn). But when I went to her, she jerked my neck back several times (as part of the manipulations) and (after my second or third visit with her) damaged my neck so bad that I couldn’t sleep and became very nauseated.

I did notice some minor sleep loss after my first visit with her, but shrugged it off as normal, because the manipulations she did to my lower spine helped my stomach symptoms. So I went back to her. But after about the second or third visit, I realized that what she did to my neck, sabotaged my sleep and mental health, and gave me neck spasms that kept me up all night. I couldn’t understand why she manipulated my neck for stomach problems. After the damage was done, furious, I realized she deliberately manipulated my neck to try to induce psychotic symptoms (and insomnia) in me through her neck manipulations. I did notice that the manipulations (especially after my second and third visits with her) seemed to bring on some psychiatric symptoms, such as depression and anxiety. I never went back to her again. I suspected Loree got this doctor somehow.

I told Brent to bring Loree McBride to court.

After several rounds of physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists, I found good practitioners (B. Scott Jones, chiropractor, Seattle, WA and physical therapist Donna of Health South) who fixed my neck, so that I could get my rest. I recall that Donna (who was Roman Catholic) told me she loved The Thornbirds, but that Ralph was certainly not a very good example as a priest.

One chiropractor did more damage to my neck than the naturopath. These crimes against my health cost me a lot of time, money, and harassment–along with the discomforts of sleep loss and nausea (from a maladjusted neck).

My debts piled up. I’d started using credit cards (with no job) for the first time for my health expenses, because my family refused to pay for any of this, and much of this (chiropractic and natural medicine) was not covered by my military health care coverage. I was getting ripped off by criminal (though licensed) health practitioners.

My son started having terrible problems in school (sixth grade) and I couldn’t get him to attend classes. The kids made fun of his clothes, picked on him, and bullied him. He became stressed out and didn’t want to go to school, was always sick, and said he was too sick to go to school. He’d bring illnesses home and I’d catch them. I caught about six or seven viruses a month from my son, who brought home everything. During this time period, when I was deluged with viruses, I passed the Washington state real estate salesperson’s licensing exam on the first try (October 1999).

Overwhelmed and exhausted, in December 1999, I awakened from my sleep around two in the morning in my Mukilteo apartment. I lay in my bed in the darkness, with my eyes wide open, and heard a sentence in my mind that said, “Your enemy is the Roman Catholic Church.” As I thought about my life and what had happened to me and Brent, suddenly it occurred to me that if the Roman Catholic Church was my enemy, then perhaps Loree McBride was an agent for this church. I recalled that I’d read on the Internet (around 1996) that she was Roman Catholic. It seemed odd that when Brent brought her to court, she mounted a granite mountain against me and Brent, so that the case dragged on and on and on and the attacks against me (because of her) worsened and worsened and became more and more complicated, convoluted and devastating. It seemed she controlled the doctors, the pharmaceutical companies, the school districts, the governments, the airplane industry, economics, and the environment. I couldn’t believe the power this woman had! I felt as if my ship sunk further with the endless storm surges from Loree’s cannon. How did this woman have so much power? On the Internet, she did not look capable of mounting such brilliance and power in law, medicine, and politics. I always wondered why, even after she tried to rape Franco Nero, Brent kept Loree as a girlfriend.

So on this cool, brisk winter evening at 2 a.m. in the middle of December 1999 in my Seattle, Washington apartment, as I pondered over the granite mountain of Loree McBride and her “friends”, suddenly, everything made sense, when God told me in His still, small voice: “Your enemy is the Roman Catholic Church.” I didn’t know exactly what happened to Brent to cause him to acquire Loree, but I knew if she was a Roman Catholic agent assigned to break up my relationship with Brent, that she received brilliant directions from a brilliant church, and that she used criminal means to acquire her girlfriend status with Brent. A flash of insight glared through my mind, I realized Brent would not give her up as his girlfriend, because whatever type of extortion she used on Brent (for he’d hinted to me that she got her relationship with him through some kind of extortion) that it must have devastated Brent– that he strived to overcome the devastation, but was no match for the granite mountain of the Vatican (under Jesuit direction). Loree McBride, through a brilliant and diabolical plot, obtained girlfriend status with Brent, because Brent felt that by maintaining her, he could protect his communications with me.

I realized now that Brent kept Loree for one reason only, in order to keep our relationship in the only way he knew how, because he worshipped the ground I walked on. That he never wanted her, that he only kept her for me, that he put up with the constant companionship of a woman he couldn’t stand– just for me. I could only imagine what it must have been like for him to have to endure the companionship of Loree McBride who, after Brent made love to me on the phone (July 1993), called me to scream at me (midnight) with spite and venom in her deep, lacerating voice: “Hey bitch, what the FUCK are you doing to my boyfriend!”

I knew now that he allowed a criminal to be his girlfriend, that he loved me so much, he put up with the company of a woman he couldn’t stand, just for me. That he adored me so much, he was willing to have this criminal for a girlfriend, so that he could continue to hear my voice, my thoughts and to have what little presence of myself in his life that he could have. Someway, somehow, Loree had weaseled and extorted herself into Brent’s life, so that Brent felt that the only way he could protect or continue his relationship with me, was to go along with this criminal Roman Catholic agent, that he despised. But he did not realize that she was a Roman Catholic agent, because the Roman Catholic Church targeted Brent and me behind the scenes.

Recalling the Roman Catholic Church’s brilliance (from the publications of Jack Chick), I felt I’d been too hard on Brent about Loree, because Brent fought, not a woman, but an empire.

That he maintained her just so he could keep his communications with me, made him seem heroic in perseverance. I realize that I had horribly misunderstood him, that he did have greatness as a man, that he had the greatness and courage to take on an empire, in order to try and acquire me as a wife. I knew he must have wanted to marry me, or he would not have allowed this horrible woman to remain in his life. That he somehow had to keep her, in some sort of dirty deal with Paramount, so that he could maintain his communication with me, and that it was awful for him, but what he felt he needed to do to maintain his communication with me, because he loved me and wanted to marry me.

I ran to my light switch and switched on the light, rubbed my eyes and glared, as if in a daze, at the rows and rows of books in my room. I had nearly a three thousand volume library, that filled all the walls of my Mukilteo bedroom. A little over half the books were mine, and one whole shelf was all writing instruction books, including my course from The Institute of Children’s Literature, with notes from my instructor Jim Murphy.

Brent tried to fight off an empire, because he adored me, because he worshipped the ground I walked on, because he wanted to marry me more than anything in the world.

I had had more dealings with Loree McBride since 1998 (who seemed to possess extraordinary wealth, power and brilliance –that didn’t match at all her appearance in the Internet) and I began to realize just how difficult and impossible it was to deal with this woman and began to get an inkling of what Brent suffered over the years with this woman, and that the reason she maintained her public girlfriend status with Brent, was an empire financed and supported her. Her brazenness and deadly actions made sense. She was just like the powerful and brilliant Church who directed her. She, a criminal, a pawn, cooperated with a dangerous and brilliant organization (the powerful Roman Catholic Church); and though Brent wanted to give her up, the Catholic Church made it that if he did this, he would lose me as well. So Brent must have gone through the scourges, fires of hell, and pestilences with this woman just so he could keep me in his life.

This realization of how Brent suffered and endured because of Loree McBride, backed by the Roman Catholic empire, who forged her way into his life, hit me like a tidal wave in the wee hours of that December morning.

One may wonder how I could so readily forgive Brent for having Loree McBride as a girlfriend after he had propositioned me on the phone in 1991. It was because, when I discerned in December 1999, that he was the victim of Vatican targeting — I realized (for the first time) that he had strived heroically to protect me from the harassment and targeting of which he’d been a victim since around 1990/1991. But despite his monumental efforts, the Vatican outsmarted him, and they commenced with their attacks on me and my family, working through every loophole they could find and manipulating Brent (like a pawn on a chessboard) into a favorable position on which to launch their (hopefully) decisive and fatal thrusts and machinations against myself and my family.

Brent never told me about Loree McBride, because he never wanted her, and probably thought he could get her out of the way (through his own efforts), and so felt I didn’t need to know about her, because she wasn’t that important to him, and he didn’t feel that my knowing about her would be of any help.

Unfortunately, he never figured out that she was a Vatican agent and he greatly underestimated how dangerous she was, and what a formidable player had just encroached into his life.

Therefore, because he did not know who she really was, and because he did not know that when he took her on, he was taking on the Vatican–he only saw her as a hell raising woman, obsessed with him –and the sly Vatican played on this to the hilt.

Loree McBride was the smokescreen. She was instructed to become a nuisance (privately with Brent) and in public, to play the part of the celebrity girlfriend. The Jesuits wanted to use her to play on the public stereotypes about celebrity girlfriends and she was to be as opposite myself as possible to create the impression that I would never be a woman that Brent could be in love with.

Around the public, she played the celebrity girlfriend role and made sure that her lifestyle, attitudes and views would fit the typical stereotypes that the public has about Hollywood stars and their girlfriends, with maybe a little added emphasis in the areas where she differed from me in appearance, attitudes and lifestyles.

The Vatican realized that Brent might get mad enough to drag Loree to court and they were prepared for this eventuality.

She received expert legal counsel from Vatican lawyers from the very beginning of her “romantic” relationship with Brent. Brent was duped.

He thought she was just a hell raising drug rapist that he could get rid of eventually. Therefore, she was never a woman that he desired romantically.

Because I believe she blackmailed him under the guidance and advice of her Vatican legal advisors.

They wanted to make sure that if all this ended up in court, they could come up with a strong case for Loree McBride. Loree’s encroachment into Brent’s, and eventually me and my family’s life, was very meticulously planned to deal with every possible contingency.

The Vatican must not be exposed and Gail Chord Schuler must never be in a position where she could influence public opinion.

Apparently, the Jesuits knew all about me and determined I was a serious threat to their goals, and I must never become famous through my writings or my romances. I and my family must be destroyed. This was Loree McBride’s job, to assist in this effort.

So how do I believe Loree had sex with Brent? Brent drinks alcoholic beverages. I believe she spiked an alcoholic beverage which he drank. When he was knocked out, she raped him, took pictures of the incident, and when he awakened he had no idea what happened to him.

She then furnished him with the “proof” that she and Brent had had sex, and held it over his head constantly to “maintain” her girlfriend status with him. The reason the Jesuits spiked an alcoholic beverage is so that if all this ended up in court and Brent claimed his drink was spiked, they could say he lied, and that in a drunken state he raped Loree and that she graciously forgave him for it and kept him any ways.

That’s why she often dressed seductively (to make her appear like a woman Brent would not be able to resist if he was drunk) and she was very physically attractive (the Jesuits don’t miss a thing).

Of course, Brent would never want me to know about this, and that’s part of the reason I only found out about Loree as Brent’s girlfriend from Brent’s mother via the Houston Chronicle’s society page in June 1996.

But why would Loree McBride insist on maintaining a relationship with a man who listened to me every day on the phone for hours, and did this for years from 1994 and onward, and who voraciously read all my letters to him? He was very interested in hearing from me and I could tell he read, heard and saw me at his every opportunity.

I never suspected he had a girlfriend because he was giving me too much attention.

That’s why I was so confused when I found out about Loree in June 1996!

But–if she was a Vatican agent–everything makes sense.

Why was she so obsessed with appearing with Brent in public?

Why was it when I dropped Brent as a romantic interest (because of her) that she targeted Franco Nero next?

She may have tried spiking Franco’s drink, too, and (who knows?) maybe Franco was her next rape victim?

Why couldn’t Loree be content with Brent alone? Why was my home almost burned down in December 1998 (when I wasn’t interested in Brent romantically and was no threat to her)?

If she claimed she did this because Brent had a sick obsession with me and she wanted to take care of his obsession, why would she desire to marry a man who was afflicted with so many hang-ups?

If she was a Vatican agent — it all makes sense.

Loree admitted in court that she was the woman who called me around the third week of July 1993 and said in a vicious alto voice, “Hey bitch, what the fuck are you doing with my boyfriend!”

If Brent had sex with Loree, he was raped. Just because Loree was very attractive physically does not mean he desired her.

These conclusions about Brent’s drink being spiked are guesses and theories–if I’m right, I’m a genius at reading people.

Brent told me Loree hit him over the head with fry pans and tied him up in basements and tortured him there to make him unavailable to me, especially when I went through any Jesuit-induced crisis and needed him. Brent told me she maintained her girlfriend/wife status by threatening to harm/kill me if Brent would not play her game. I perceived all along that he was intimidated by her.

I always knew he didn’t love her, but I couldn’t understand why he kept her as a girlfriend for so long. . .

That is — until I figured out she was a Vatican agent.

The Jesuits have made deep penetrations into Hollywood. They know how Hollywood influenced (influences) public opinion.

So I ran to the cordless phone in our dark living room, and rushed it back to my bedroom and sat up in my bed, dialed my own number to create the “blank” I used to talk to Brent, and then cried my heart out to Brent for three hours at least. My husband was out at sea on a deployment. Brent listened to me at every hour of the day or night, I think he carried the device that he used to listen to me everywhere he went. I broke into wails on my phone, which I rarely did, because I’m a strong woman.

I pondered over all the pain and suffering Brent endured because of his love for me, because of the treachery that the powerful Roman Catholic empire committed against his love for me. I began to realize that he had adored me since 1990, had always adored me, that he always wanted to marry me, and that he pacified and maintained Loree and endured the suffering of seeing me drop him as a lover for Franco, as he attempted to fight off an empire, in the vain hopes he could still retain his relationship with me–only because he wanted to marry me and because it meant (more than his life) to keep my presence in his life. He felt that in order to maintain his communications with me he had to retain her.. Now I realized what pain I brought into his life because, when I found out about Loree McBride in 1996, I allowed Franco to replace him.

I realized that I almost allowed a brilliant and powerful empire to manipulate me to destroy the love of my life, because I’d fallen for their diabolical plot against my lover.

In between sobs and sniffles, I told Brent what God told me, and asked Brent to forgive me, that I now understood what he’d gone through for me. So I cried for hours on the phone to Brent (from about 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. in the middle of the morning on that December 1999) and asked Brent to forgive me for taking Franco in his place, that I felt that the Roman Catholic empire used Loree McBride to cause problems between Brent and myself, in order to destroy our love for each other. That they somehow extorted him into a relationship with her and interfered with our relationship, that I had no doubt that he loved me as much as his own life. I knew he had to love me supremely, in order to put up with all this pressure (and to put up with the company of this awful woman, even after he knew she tried to seduce Franco), so that he could keep his communications with me on my phone.

All doubts about Brent’s commitment toward me as the love of his life–vanished. He was so committed to me that he risked all he cared about, to maintain his communications with me.

Then I said: “I offer you my hand in marriage. I will end my marriage, because my family opposes natural medicine. So now I have Scriptural grounds for divorce, because I need natural medicine to stay alive and to function, and my family opposes it, so I can’t stay in this marriage any ways. When I’m free, I’ll marry you.”

Brent would accept my offer, I had no doubt, because I had him all figured out now. I realize that he had adored me since 1990 and that he’d never stopped adoring me since then and that the only reason he put up with Loree McBride was because he felt this was the only way he could maintain his communications with me, so that he could one day marry me.

I told Brent, if my family refused to support natural medicine, that I had scriptural grounds to end the marriage, because that was desertion, and so now my conscience was at rest about ending the marriage. Brent sacrificed his time, money and emotions to deal with this powerful Jesuit empire for me, and so now I no longer had moral scruples about marrying Brent. And I had no doubts at all about which man deserved marriage to me. I had no doubt now that Brent loved me far more than any man ever did, than any man ever could.

God also revealed to me as I prayed and read my Bible in that December 1999, that if I did not end my marriage, that the Jesuits would kill me and/or my son within a few years. I sensed the Jesuit noose around my neck tightening and tightening (like a boa constrictor), and I knew that the Vatican would use my family as the Vatican agent to promote my death. God told me to get out of the marriage now and not to delay anymore ending my marriage. I got a distinct impression from God that it was His will for me to now leave the marriage, and that if I failed to have the courage to end the marriage now, that I would be dead within a few years.

God said to me distinctly in that December 1999, that I must end my marriage and do it now, if I wanted to stay alive. And as I viewed my life around me, I perceived my life in grave danger, and knew that God had spoken to me about His will, and that, indeed, if I did not end my marriage immediately, that I would be dead within a few years. So, despite the $40,000 divorce, and despite the tidal wave of pressure the Jesuits mounted against me as the divorce case went forward, I went forward with the divorce.

Now that I knew who my enemy was, I was furious. Furious, because they almost allowed me to devastate a man who loved me from the depths of his heart, and furious, because they had ruined my health and used my family to try to destroy me.

Loree McBride would not easily give up her publicity boyfriend or her undeserved reputation as the Hollywood glamour queen, and she had the backing of a Roman Catholic empire (with wealth far more vast than Brent or I would ever have) to support her, in her attempts to control and takeover Brent Spiner.

But you can live with someone in their house, or at their workplace day by day, and still not know them. These, like Loree, are obsessed with illusions, with impressions, with appearances, with falsehoods, with lies, with delusions.

Such was Loree with Brent Spiner. She didn’t love him, but only wanted to use him to promote Jesuit agendas. She never gazed into his eyes to explore his manliness, courage, or honor. She could care less about this. These traits got in the way, they were useless drivel

Brent, not a romantic interest to her, was a conquest for the Jesuit Order, a star she could shine with.

Her relationship with Brent was a career, not a matter of falling in love, but a matter of serving the interests of the Jesuit Order to ensure that Gail Chord Schuler would never have a famous man for a lover or a husband. Ever aware of impressions, she’d use her knowledge of press and public relations to manipulate and extort herself into girlfriend status with the nice and “easy” Hollywood star.

With Brent as her perfect sucker, she knew he’d do anything to protect me. Yes, he’d do anything, even take her as a girlfriend, if she set up conditions so he’d have to do this, to protect the woman he adored. So she set him up and raped him, and shoved herself into his life and into his relationship with me. She got between us, to try to break us up, to have Brent all to herself, to ensure that Brent Spiner would never marry the Howard Hughes/Catherine the Great woman, and thus destroy the goals of the Jesuit Order.

She knew the complications in our relationship. She knew Brent was helplessly in love with me, and discerned that she could manipulate these complications to her advantage. She could take care of his infatuation with me, because she knew enough about Christians to know how to make him nauseating to me. Once she got her title: the girlfriend of the famous Brent Spiner, she had the clout she needed to win her war against the nobody housewife (with stars in her eyes about her hero) that Brent wouldn’t give up on.

But to remove me from his heart became a tougher obstacle than she anticipated. No ordinary housewife, shrewd Brent discovered rare traits in me that he could find in no other women. Loree began to realize that her sparkling good looks and cruelty towards Brent and others, paled in comparison to my penetrations into Brent’s heart and soul, and my extraordinary courage, devotion, and passion in the way I loved him.

My soul and spirit left such imprints in Brent’s heart, that Loree could do nothing to remove me from his heart–so that he idolized me day in and day out, no matter what she did– so that one day she called me up like an earthquake, and screamed with venom, “Hey bitch, what the FUCK are you doing to my boyfriend!”

She appeared with him in public as much as possible to irritate me. But I ignored her, to her irritation. And she never could get in the way enough to cause problems, until Loree printed a lying Houston Chronicle snippet that claimed that Brent’s own mother announced how Brent gave Loree a birthday bash at Spagos in L.A. on June 26, 1996. Brent says that Loree stole his credit cards to give herself that birthday bash as the “girlfriend” of Brent Spiner, and that Brent was not there, because he was not invited. Because who’d believe a Hollywood star could be so noble in love, that he’d adore a poor, nobody homemaker?

What a perfect scenario, a genuinely nice Hollywood star who adores an honorable, but naive, woman, who won’t go to bed with him, but talks or writes love nonsense to him all day!

So, as she observed Brent Spiner, she plotted and schemed a way to weasel this man into marriage with her, to trap him into a relationship with her that would ensure Brent Spiner would never marry Gail Chord Schuler. She used her good looks and public relations savvy (to the fullest) to accomplish her objective. A rape would be the perfect way to gain entrance, because with her good looks, who’d believe Brent, if he claimed that she raped him?

Brent would be so devastated by the rape (which he was) that he’d lose his head, so that he wouldn’t lose the love of life. She’d take full advantage of his emotional devastation to trap him into a relationship with her. This woman, fully aware of stereotypical public perceptions, used this knowledge to the fullest advantage.

Yes, she didn’t have stars in her eyes about Brent, because her only feelings and goals for him were to enjoy and use him for the Jesuit Order, not to nurture or support him as a soul-mate or a husband.

While Brent’s heart withered in despair in September 1992, when Loree somehow managed to obtain his sperm as evidence of his sex with her, as he contemplated that he could lose me forever–Loree bided her time, to go in and “make the attack”, in order to promote her Hollywood romance career, to ensure her name blazed besides his in all press releases. She planned associations with him as much as possible, to create the impression that he could find her attractive and that he had an authentic boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with her that included regular sex.

The Jesuits used Paramount to give Loree the legal and financial backing she needed, so they could use her to blackmail Brent’s love for Gail. When Brent eventually signed his contract with Paramount to allow his extortioner to enter his life, Loree McBride floated in dreamland. Her brilliant Hollywood romantic career as the destroyer of the love between Brent and Gail had begun!

The Jesuits never expected me to figure out as much as I did. But God told me in the wee hours of that December 1999, that my enemy was the Roman Catholic Church.

By 1998, after Franco rejected and exposed her, Loree felt threatened that she would be exposed as the fraud and rapist she really was, and she realized that she had failed utterly to stop Brent’s love for me, and that he loved me more than ever, and that the Jesuits would kill her for this. She had failed in her assignment, an assignment that cost the Jesuits millions of dollars! Even worse, because of Franco, her reputation as a nice girl was about to be demolished. Her Hollywood romantic career as the girlfriend of Brent Spiner was ruined. All she cared about had burned up in a vast bon fire. Already, all the Hollywood men labeled her as the dirty whore who tried to seduce Franco Nero (while she paraded as Brent’s girlfriend). Her reputation as a “nice girl” (which was her obsession) was ruined, because of Franco Nero. Even her two dogs could not overcome the damage. The whole world now knew she was a cold-hearted, calculating woman, who only owned dogs to create the false impression she was an animal lover and, therefore, had to be “nice” and cute and friendly, and never one to use drug rape to extort Brent Spiner into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with her. How could she convince the world that Brent had willing and knowing sex with her, when it’s obvious such a nice guy would never want a woman as vulgar and vile as her, who tried to rape Franco Nero, like she raped Brent Spiner? Is it any wonder that Brent stared at her like she was a viper in all the Germany photos of her taken in December 1996–the time when she tried to do a repeat performance on Franco Nero, like she did to Brent in September 1992, when her actions caused his heart to wither in despair?

The Jesuits wasted no time to doctor up her Internet photos (taken of her London visit to Franco in December 1996), to cover up more of her breasts (and bring the V-neck on her seductive dress up higher), create a more angelic look to her face, minimize her purple and seductive lipstick, and make her look less like the murdering whore she was and is. She was dressed to seduce, but instead repulsed the Italian film star, who had the gall to expose her rape attempt to Brent Spiner, who stared at her like she was a viper (in the photos taken of Brent and Loree together in Germany in December 1996). These photos show that Brent hated being with her and hated the game Paramount extorted him into, that he’d rather have just about any woman in the world for a girlfriend or constant companion than this cruel and lying viper.

Even if Franco rejected her, he didn’t have to tell Brent and the whole world about it. Her expression in the Germany photos indicated she wanted to kill Franco Nero and Gail for how they ruined her life.

Loree McBride glaring
Drawing based on an actual photograph that Gail Chord Schuler saw online in Dec. 1996, except that Franco Nero in the background was not there. Gail added that in for context.
Loree Jesuit Agent

Loree McBride (or her clone) would now impregnate herself several times with Brent’s sperm (stolen from him without his knowledge or consent) through artificial insemination. The Jesuits, who created clones of just about everyone on earth, could easily steal any man’s sperm without his knowledge or consent and use it to destroy any relationship (like the relationship between Brent and Gail) that threatened Jesuit goals.

UPDATE: Loree used artificial insemination to impregnate herself in 2002, while Brent was deeply in love with Gail and Loree was not even living at his house! Loree used photo shop pictures of herself with Brent at this time to cement the lie in the public mind that she and Brent had a relationship at this time. Later, in 2011, when Gail and Brent figured out the Jesuits had clones of Brent, the Brent Spiner clone went public and has stolen the real Brent’s identity almost completely from 2014 onwards, relying on the public’s ignorance about cloning technology to promote lies and treacherous propaganda as Loree McBride’s cuckasaurus rex husband. The Brent Spiner clone loves to shut down (for impersonation) the REAL Brent Spiner online, especially if he dares to claim Gail is his true love. The impersonator is the Brent Spiner CLONE!

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