The REAL Brent Spiner (2011) on Video (NOT his evil clone)

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Brent has communicated with Gail via Skype (through texting). She features this live chat with Brent at my website, because it shows some of the real Brent. Brent is way different in private with Gail than in public with fans. When he talked to me on the phone (1991 to 1993), he had CLASS, despite his directness and explicitness in describing his longings to me back then. You may say, “What happened to him?” He still has class, but he’s been through a lot with Loree, and seems to be exulting in the freedom that my courage (through my website) has brought him. A lot of people will find his new attitude offensive, but can you imagine what it must be like when the whole world thinks he’s had regular sex with a woman (i.e., Loree), when he hasn’t had sex with her (except for her rape of him in Sept. 1992)? What you’re seeing here is a man who feels like he’s escaped from a prison of lies that he thought would enslave him for eternity. You may say, “I find his new attitude offensive.” How would you like it if a master con artist (Loree) conned you into a relationship you didn’t want, by manipulating the press (and plastering fake photos about you) with lies about what you do in bed? I think “Fresh Hell” is Brent’s catharsis. He’s way past worrying about respect. Right now his attitude is, “This is me. You can take it or leave it.” Brent has had few acting offers since my website came out, because he refuses to refute my website and LOREE MCBRIDE AND THE JESUITS are furious at him. Those who buy my book The Forbidden Abyss Part One: Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin, be sure and buy Brent’s Dreamland CD, because you’ll see a lot of my life story in the story line that Brent wrote for Dreamland.