Onslaught of SCAM Gail Chord Schuler websites! THEY TAKE OVER YOUR COMPUTER!

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Loree McBride is doing damage control over my excellent website https://gabriellechana.blog. She is flooding google.com with scam websites using my name Gail Chord Schuler.

UPDATE in 2021: These fake sites all seem to be in all small letters, like one has a name of “gail chord schuler books – mVentures”, or “gail chord schuler website – Industry Nite”. They copy and paste sections of this official site and reword it to make me appear crazy.

Some of these scam Loree McBride Jesuit websites even take over your computer, so that the only way you can be released from the scam website is to restart your computer. I clicked on one and it took over my computer and I had to restart my computer TWICE to be freed from the scam that was flashing on my computer and telling me to call a number to fix the problem. It would just freeze this message on my page and the only way I could leave the page was to restart my computer.

I just ignore those messages and do NOT call the number they tell you to call! It’s a scam and I restart the computer AT ONCE. I hear you can also do CTRL-ALT-DEL. And then go into task manager to stop the process.

HERE IS A PAGE OF ALL MY SITES. Do NOT visit any other sites if you are interested in RELIABLE information about me, unless they have a https:// at the beginning of the site! If you do, you may risk getting malware or having your computer taken over by a scam artist. ALL of my sites start off with https://.

I have noticed that yahoo.com and bing.com search engines do not seem to have the scam websites. The problem seems limited to google.com search engine for now. But if you like google.com search engine, I would avoid visiting any sites that do not start with https://

Here are screenshots (below) of the suspicious sites. I have circled sites that are suspect and are scams. I have NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE SITES. I think Loree McBride is flooding google.com with her fake sites to do damage control over my excellent website https://gabriellechana.blog.

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