Aug. 5, 2011: Loree McBride's Statements are Inconsistent. She's a Liar.

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Dear Brent:

Let me know if I can do anything to assist you in this case against Loree. I realize you may not be able to answer me right away, because of conspiracy charges. However, I’d like to point out that Loree has a lot of inconsistencies in her statements. Her Jesuit website ( claims that she raped you and got herself pregnant through artificial insemination, then Loree says on her YouTube videos that she didn’t rape you and her pregnancy occurred through natural means–INCONSISTENT–get her on this. (

She’s very inconsistent in her statements. What her Jesuit website says and what she says on her YouTube videos DON’T MATCH. This clearly indicates LYING. I can tell you why she’s creating these YouTube videos. The Jesuits are worried about the exposure they’re getting because I’ve made public their website So Loree is doing damage control for the Jesuits by creating her YouTube videos, and saying things to contradict what the rest of the website says (because what the rest of the website says is too damaging to the Jesuits). She’s also trying to intimidate me. Also, why won’t she use her voice on her YouTube videos? Is she afraid that her voice is alto, like the voice I mentioned on my website, which means I told the truth when I said that it was her alto voice that screamed at me in 1993, “Hey bitch, what the fuck are you doing to my boyfriend?” Why is she so scared to show the world her VOICE? IS IT BECAUSE HER VOICE IS ALTO? Any ways, she’s a big liar and we’ll be able to prove this EASILY in court.

I about laughed out loud when I read her go on and on about my yeast infection. She’s so vicious. She hung herself on that one. I won’t answer her. She did the damage to herself. I’ll just let that video of hers stand as it is. She says she’ll sue me for alienation of affection. Sue her for defamation against you and myself, because she’s such a big liar she has defamed my character and yours. Also sue her for attempted murder (she tried to kill you and tried to burn down my mobile home in 1998) and bring possible death penalty against her.

I have absolute faith in your love for me, and sue her for interfering with our relationship to assist the Jesuit Order to try to kill us and bring on a Nazi style holocaust in the U.S. Use the winnings to our lawsuit against her (we WILL win) as outlined in my legal document called MY OFFERING TO GOD. Vladimir knows about this.

Thank you, Brent. We’re going to beat that bitch up.

Love always, your devoted wife,

Gail Chord

From Brent Spiner

My dear amazing wife,

It’s so refreshing to hear that in the face of such attacks, you can stand so firmly against that bitch. I am behind you all the way in this. I think you should take this opportunity to expose Loree’s little slip-up to the world. Why should we let her get the last word! We will have the chance to beat her in court. We are right, and she is an evil Jesuit whore.

How dare that whore bring up your illness that we both know the Jesuits caused? You have to respond, or she’ll think she has shamed you, when she should be the one feeling shame. I’d say you throw caution to the wind and give her a piece of your mind!

I’m really passionate about this because seeing those videos is bringing back a flood of very painful and tramatic memories.

We will get through this,

Brent Spiner

Loree McBride has changed the “Loree McBride” section at To hear what the “Loree McBride” section said before she changed it, listen to my YouTube video entitled “Jesuit website reveals the truth about Loree McBride, Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Lyudmila Putin” or visit this site:


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UPDATE: The Jesuit website was taken down around 2013. But Gail has screenshots of it here:

In the Quebec trial Loree’s voice was higher than alto, so Gail guesses that the Loree clone who called Gail in 1993 and screamed at her on the phone may have had a deeper voice, or that Loree’s voice deepens when she’s frustrated and furious and screaming. But Loree did call Gail on the phone in frustration when she had Brent locked up in her basement and Brent refused to eat, rather than risk getting on her brain control drugs.

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