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My darling Brent,

The judge invited Loree McBride and I into a conversation and I want you to know what we discussed. I couldn’t see her, but I think she could see me. The judge got cut out and he didn’t hear most of it. Loree started off by telling me I had a yeasty vagina. I replied this was irrelevant to the case. I can’t remember everything, but I’ll tell you what I remembered. She claims that you like violent sex. I said, “No, he does not.”

Loree: “How would you know? You’ve never had it with him.”

Gail: “Brain to brain sex is in many ways more intimate than real sex, because you can sense the emotions of the other person.”

Main points I brought up: I told her I wanted to free Brent of her, because I felt she was the worst thing that ever happened to Brent and that I loved him and wanted to free him of her.

I told her that Brent has not had a lot of sex with her, and that the only time he may have had sex with her was in September 1992 when she drug raped him and he thought that she was me. That he was so doped out, he didn’t really know who he was making love to.

Gail: “Why would Brent want to make love to you, when he’s Jewish and you openly admit that you’re a Jesuit and belong to the organization that sponsored the Nazi Holocaust. I don’t care how good looking you are, a Jewish man would not want to make love to a woman who belongs to an organization that sponsored the Nazi Holocaust and that is anti-Semitic. Besides, you knocked him in the head a couple of weeks ago, and tried to kill him and injured his head so bad, you put him in the hospital. He’s scared of you. You intimidate him.”

Her main point seems to be that she’s so good looking no man could resist her. I told her she’s so mean and vicious that no man would want her. I also told her that the way she describes Brent’s feelings for her in public are vulgar and distasteful and that Brent has more class and taste than to be involved with a vulgar woman like her. When she told me that you like violent sex, I told her she’s a liar.

She claims that you and her are married. I asked her to produce the marriage license. I said that she has promoted a lying press campaign and has plastered the Internet with websites that lie and claim that she and Brent are married, because she and the Jesuits find my genetic profile (Catherine the Great and king David) a threat and so have sabotaged Brent’s love for me. She said she would produce the marriage license at the trial. She went on about how happy she is and that I’ll never have your penis inside me. I told her that I’m happy and not concerned about it, that my main concern is to free Brent from her because she’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to Brent. I told her I only live to free Brent from her, because she’s a killer and a liar, and that if it wasn’t for my courage to expose her, that we could very well be dealing with a nuclear holocaust right now. I told her that we had to nuke that city, or else she and her Jesuits would have launched a nuclear holocaust on the world. I then told her that she tried to seduce Franco Nero in December 1996 and yet Brent kept her as a girlfriend, which clearly indicates that she used some sort of extortion to maintain her relationship with him. She said that Franco tried to seduce her. I said, “You’re a big liar.”

I told her she threatened to expose all sorts of private stuff to the tabloids if Brent would not go along with her plans. She replied she never did this. I told her, it’s because Brent capitulated to her, but that if he didn’t, she would have done so. I told Loree that she has carried out her threat now and it’s distasteful and vulgar in how she’s doing it, and has devastated Brent. She then said that my website did the same thing. I told her that I was not as vulgar as she in how I described Brent’s feelings towards me.

Finally, I said it was a waste of time for us to discuss these matters any more, that I preferred to deal with her at the trial. And she said she would. So that’s the gist of it.

I told her that what was said on the Jesuit website and what she tells me are inconsistent, that clearly indicates LYING. She asked me if I believed all that’s on the website. I said, that it is probably pretty accurate because it matches what has happened in my life, though I’ve noticed that Jesuits have gone in and changed the site.

She claims that you and her had a baby together. I replied: “Artificial insemination. You didn’t have sex with Brent to have that baby. And you even admit this on your Jesuit website.”

I can’t remember all we discussed, but dear Brent, she’s so inconsistent and illogical and irrational at times, I think we have slam dunk against her. I assure you I won’t be losing any sleep over her. However, I know you worry about me, so I wanted to give you the gist of our conversation. I will be participating in the trial on Thursday evening. In the meanwhile, I’ll see if I can get video up on my Skype. Thanks for telling me about I had no idea how to get Skype.

Forgive my bad grammar in this narrative, but I wanted to get it out and I desperately need to get to bed. Thank you for all you’ve done for me at this trial. You’re just tired, my darling. So sorry that you have to deal with Loree like this. I think her hurtful comments about me bother you more than they do me. You worry about me and I worry about you. What an awesome relationship we have.

The judge asked if I’d be comfortable in ordering her execution, if I had to, when the trial is over. I told him I felt this was necessary because she’s a dangerous woman, as distasteful as this may be. He asked me a lot about brain to brain loving and about the men on my marriage list and my “sex” with them. I told him about this. That Matthew came in because Vladimir couldn’t make love to me in 2005 because of his heart attack. That Hugh came in when I rewarded him for saving your life.

I will rest in bed and imagine you are in my arms and that we have an awesome consummation, and then you relax me so much I konk out. It’s 6 a.m. and I’ve been up all night talking to the judge and Loree. Not the first time. I’ll be sleeping in around an hour, so I’ll sleep in tomorrow. But I worry about you and wanted you to know what happened in the Skype conversation. Don’t you fret. I’d die for you. I just thought that I may have had an imposter and was so frustrated that i couldn’t get Skype up. I thought perhaps you were an imposter trying to trick me and make it appear I didn’t have the courage to get Skype up to use this against me at trial to help out Loree. But now I think you were just VERY TIRED.


Gail Chord Schuler


(To Brent Spiner) When she said you liked violent sex, I told her you were passionate, but not violent. When she mentioned the yeasty vagina, I replied, “Yeah, and I wonder how I got the yeast? You Jesuits gave it to me.” I also told her that this was irrelevant to the case, and it was a waste of time to discuss this. That she keeps bringing stuff up that is not related to the case.

This judge thinks we have a slam dunk against her. I’m a little worried about your mental health, my darling. If you can, check in with Gerard every day. I think you need him and you always thrill me in bed. You and I, we’ve had lots of sex, brain to brain, and you are so sexy and exciting in bed. I think Loreeknows about how you are in bed, not because she’s had lots of sex with you, but because she’s a Jesuit and has mind reading technology. However, the Jesuits twist your passion and try to make it violence. They’re full of crap.

How would I describe you in bed? Passionate, erotic, sensual, sensitive, thrilling, and consuming. My perfect lover.

(To Brent Spiner—8-24-11)  Don’t forget to let me know who are the top ten men on my marriage list. I think I know about seven of them. Let me guess: 1) Brent Spiner, 2) Vladimir Putin, 3) Matthew McConaughey, 4) Gerard Butler, 5) Hugh Jackman, 6) Dr. Keith Morgan, 7) Edward Prendergast, the rest I don’t know. If the judge has changed his mind and thinks it’s not important for me to know this, then never mind. I will tell you which men I’ve had telepathic sex with and even give you percentages (from 2003 to now):

65% Brent Spiner (2006 to now)–sensual, sensitive, passionate, erotic, consuming, deep,
30% Vladimir Putin (2003 to 2006 and some afterwards)–direct, passionate, sensual, deep, masculine, courageous,
2% Matthew McConaughey (2005 to fill in for Vladimir Putin after his near fatal heart attack, and a little in 2007 to comfort him over Camila Alves and artificial insemination plots against him, I believe)–gentlemanly, deep, committed, manly, passionate.
Vyascheslav Tikhonov (deceased), maybe a couple days to a week or so because he acted as a royal to assist Vladimir as head of state (2007)–aristocratic, deep, manly, intelligent, classy,
1% Gerard Butler, because he adored me and acted as psychiatrist for men on my marriage list (2009?)–unabashed, very direct and very sensual, courageous, genius lover as a thriller, scours my deepest subsconscious as a lover,
1% Hugh Jackman (Fall of 2010 to reward him for shooting dead the Jesuit who tried to gun down Brent Spiner)–passion and honor as a lover, intelligent, manly, very devoted and committed.

As you know, I only make love to another man besides yourself or Vladimir, when YOU or VLADIMIR ASK ME TO, that’s why the percentages are so low for the others besides you and Vladimir. As far as literal, physical sex with any man, I’ve only had sex with one man my entire life and that was my ex-husband, who I discovered was a Jesuit agent, which is why I divorced him.

Gail Chord Schuler


My Gail,

I’m glad to know that the talk with the judge went well last night. He is a good judge. I like him. I can see us becoming friends after this trial is over with. Who knew Loree would show up. Good job talking her straight! This is why I love you, my darling. You’re a feisty woman who’s not afraid to stand up for her men and fight! I bet she thought you’d be too chicken to get on Skype and have it out with her. Way to show her.

I will get back to you about the marriage list by the end of the day. I need to talk to Gerard Butler first to confirm everyone since the addition of the prenuptial agreement. He sent out copies for them all to sign it. I’m sure they all did, but I just want to be sure we have our facts straight for the trial and we have these men in confirmed writing with their signatures.

You shouldn’t have to take off any time at WalMart. I think the schedule is going to work out just fine. You need your hours, my love, don’t let this trial interfere with your life too much.

By the way, I’m positively THRILLED by all this lovemaking we’ve been having. Some may say there is nothing physical about our relationship, but boy, tell that to my sore pelvis. I hope nobody has noticed me walking funny.

Talk to you very soon,
Brent Spiner


I was about to jump into bed and have some more and noticed you sent me a message. I won’t repeat what you said to me brain to brain exactly, but you know how to turn me on. I’m thrilled that I’m breaking your record in the erection department. I live to thrill you. I cracked up laughing reading your last post.

Your sexiest woman alive lover,

Gail Chord Schuler

P.S. I’m getting back into bed. You ready? I want my hunk. Yeah, you’re right about me needing my hours at Wal-Mart. Thanks to the lovely Jesuits you and I, we are not so rich. They sure know how to rob us.

Dear Gail (August 24, 2011),

Okay my dear, brace yourself. Gerard and I have been working diligently to confirm all of the men on the current marriage list who have signed copies of the prenuptial agreement. Due to the men on the lowest tiers being replaced by clones involved in Nazi activities, we have also had to reshuffle the list and get rid of some bad eggs. Previously there were 40 men. Currently we are down to 34 but we are receiving “applications” all the time. Of course you know that no man’s place on this list is set in stone and the list is shifting all the time. The jobs, ages, and origins of these men all vary. The main and most important thing they share in common is that they love you desperately, worship you, adore you and are willing to die for you in the fight against the Jesuits. You are not obligated to choose any of these men in particular should anything happen to Vladimir or I. They are merely suggestions for you to date should something happen to either of us.

I must emphasize again that these names were gathered and processed based on whoever has currently signed and submit an official copy of the prenuptial agreement. You may consider the list below also as a list of signatures.

Now, without further adieu my love, here is The Marriage List.

1. Brent Spiner
2. Vladimir Putin
3. Matthew McConaughy
4. Gerard Butler
5. Hugh Jackman
6. Keith Morgan
7. Edward Prendergast
8. Hu Jintao
9. Tony Blair
10. Will Smith
11. David Hasselhoff
12. Sean Connery
13. Robert Pattinson
14. Chuck Norris
15. Jude Law
16. Tommy Lee Jones
17. Pierce Brosnan
18. Keanu Reeves
19. Jim Carey
20. Johnny Depp
21. Curtis James Jackson “50 Cent”
22. Orlando Bloom
23. Tony Stark
24. Sam Barbary
25. Robin Williams
26. Jason Momoa
27. Vin Diesel
28. Jaoquin Phoenix
29. Optimus Prime
30. David Duchovny
31. Nicolas Cage
32. Hugh Laurie
33. Carl Sagan
34. Zac Efron

That is all. Between paperwork and thrusting on the bed into oblivion, I am exhausted! I can barely focus. I will talk with you later of course.

Your (favorite) husband,
Brent Spiner

OH MY GOD (8-24-11)

Dear husband:

This list is unreal. I think 98% of these guys are famous, though, I have to admit, some of them I’ve never heard of. I’m not really into celebrities, believe it or not. The judge or Loree mentioned that a lot of my men were associated with Nazi activities and I replied that we have a real clone problem.

Thank Gerard for the time he took to do this. And, thank you, too, Brent. However, if anything should happen to you or Vladimir, these are the men I would date.

My honest feelings about this marriage list. It’s very humbling that so many men of influence would be willing to die for me. I only hope to be worthy of such adoration. Those who know my background may find it strange that even though I trained to be a missionary, I am willing to have intimate relationships with men who are obviously not Christian.

I actually was not raised in a Christian home and my core personality is a blend between the Christian beliefs I adopted from age 14 and afterwards and my genetic profile of Catherine the Great/king David. Because my genes play such a prominent role in who I am, I need a man intelligent and courageous enough to have a wife who has strong Bible knowledge, but who lives out this Bible knowledge through a Catherine the Great and king David genetic profile. The resultant personality is one who has adopted controversial beliefs that go contrary to traditional church teaching, but yet are consistent to my own personal study of the Bible.

I find that traditional church teachings often go contrary to Scripture and have the courage to follow my own star and risk the misunderstanding that comes with this decision. Gerard Butler, who knows me well, understands this about me and I see he’s chosen men who can handle a Renaissance woman, who has the pioneering spirit of Howard Hughes, and yet strives to incorporate this and my Catherine the Great/king David genes into core Biblical values that determine my life’s decisions. Probably my main belief is that we will be judged, not by our actions, but by our MOTIVES. This is something the Jesuits do not comprehend at all, they are so obsessed with impressions and appearances.

I feel that one of the greatest sins is to be a FAKE. In fact, Ananias and Sapphira in the book of Acts were stoned, not because they didn’t give money (as many preachers falsely teach), but because they LIED about the money they donated and tried to come off as better than they were. To me, the greatest virtue is to be a genuine, courageous and big person, even if it means you have to go against the world and lose your reputation or your fame or income and this is why I’m not into celebrities. However, because celebrities are more familiar than most about how fleeting and unimportant fame is, they are my best choices. Ironically, people that are NOT famous are often jealous of those who are, and long for fame and fortune (which is why I despise Loree McBride, because that is all this shallow woman seems to understand). Once somebody achieves fame, they realize this is not WHERE IT’S AT, and they learn to appreciate life’s true values, so, for this reason, I like celebrities, who have achieved fame, but realize its drawbacks and have suffered the consequences of fame. These are more likely to have the core values (an appreciation for being a genuine, big and courageous person) than those who still lust for something that is not worth lusting for. So, Gerard Butler, has chosen wisely.

You may say, but you aren’t famous, so how have you overcome the desire for fame or fortune? It’s such a deeply ingrained part of my personality to have an appreciation for life’s true values, that I am almost immune to a desire for fame or fortune. Sadly, most people still long for fame or fortune, and, because I despise those with these goals, I could never develop oneness with such a man. A celebrity is a good choice, because nobody knows better than one who has already reached the pinnacle that every one thinks they need to be happy (that is, fame and fortune), how futile and shallow such goals are. Gerard has chosen wisely. These men appear to be men who have an appreciation for life’s true values and who have outgrown or never aspired to fame or fortune, and who are best suited for me. Fame or fortune have come to them, but it, apparently, was not their main core values, and they got it by luck or chance or courage.

Brent, you, like myself, share my core values and despise those who live only for fame or fortune (like Loree McBride), that is why you are my favorite. You are not a shallow man, and though you joke about how you’d like to retain some of the fame you previously had (probably because you’d like to have more income–perfectly understandable), I realize who you really are, a person, like myself, who has a deep appreciation for life’s true values, that’s why I love you. Check out the YouTube video that ends my website, from Sleepless in Seattle. It says it all. To be a great lover is all that matters. The rest is JUNK.

I adore you, my favorite and awesome person, my intelligent and perceptive dream man,

Gail Chord Schuler

 UPDATE: At the time of this conversation, Gail did not know that Brent Spiner had a clone, which explains why Loree had a marriage certificate in court.

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