Aug. 7, 2011: Brent Spiner Under Psychiatric Care. Congrats to Rapist Loree McBride

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I covet the prayers of all Bible believing Christians for myself and the men on my marriage list: Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, among others. Go to my website to get intelligent information about how to pray for us. God is the One who must win this war. Thanks, in advance, for your prayers. Gail Chord Schuler

As far as Loree’s rape of Brent, we know this much, she did manage to drug Brent and enter his room and jump into bed with him. She, apparently timed her entrance into his room, when he was in the middle of a fantasy about me on his bed and was going through the sexual motions. We are not sure if he penetrated her or not, but if he did, he was drugged out and not in full possession of his senses, and probably thought it was me and not her. Jesuits are brilliant and may have used brain manipulation technology on him while he was in a drugged state. They may have directed his brain cell conversations to cause him to believe that Loree was me, and he may have made passionate love to Loree’s body one time (while in a drugged state), thinking that body was me. UPDATE: This is exactly what happened. Brent was devastated. Loree has violent sex with her victims, often causing extensive bleeding, which requires stitches and hospitalization or treatment in an emergency room. Despite this, she buys off the police and gets away with it amd plasters photoshopped pictures of her (with a “forced” smile) with a happy Brent online. Brent tells me her normal expression is a scowl.

Gerard Butler put Brent under hypnosis, and when Brent revealed that he may have made passionate love to Loree in that drugged state, he broke down in tears, because he feels he betrayed the woman he’d die for (me). However, I don’t feel that sex under the influence of a drug is a legitimate relationship or the basis for a loving or healthy relationship; and Loree’s rape of him, appears to have been a drug rape of his mind first (to deceive his mind and influence his emotions), which moved on to a rape of his body. UPDATE: This is exactly what happened.

This is a most devastating rape, and I really feel for Brent.

The sad part to this whole affair, is that Brent was so drugged out he can’t remember exactly what happened with Loree. He has never been to bed with Loree since this incident.

UPDATE: In 2017, when Angelina Ballerina threatened to send a powerful missile to Florida, where I live, that had the capabilities to destroy the universe three times over, Angelina said she would launch the missile using brain reads on Brent if he would not have sex with Loree and be more excited about it than when he makes love to me. So he did so, and threw up afterwards. Even after complying with Angelina’s request, Angelina released the missile any ways, laughing, saying, “You should know better than to trust a Jesuit!” We defeated evil Angelina in battle and Loree has taken her place as evil rebel Jesuit leader against Zack Knight.

We know what happened during Loree’s 1992 drug rape, because we can read Brent’s memories using computer brain analysis. But Brent couldn’t remember in early Aug. 2011.

Psychiatrist Gerard Butler is going to work with Brent to help him recall exactly what happened and then once Gerard accomplishes this, he will work with me and Brent, to develop a coping strategy to help Brent deal with this incident with Loree in a more appropriate manner. Brent has repressed Loree’s rape of him, and has not dealt with it over the years (1992 to 2011).

But Loree has now brought all this out into the public and is forcing Brent to go over this nightmare in his mind.

I can tell you that Brent has changed somewhat in his brain to brain loving and seems scared to communicate with me now. But I can still feel his emotions and he is very committed to me and loves me from the depths of his heart. He has loved me from the depths of his heart for twenty years, and made two music albums for me: Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back and Dreamland.

The Jesuits’ own website under Loree McBride stated that her pregnancy was caused by artificial insemination, check out my YouTube video entitled “Jesuit website reveals the truth about Loree McBride, Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Lyudmila Putin.” Also, check out these screenshots of Jesuit websites:

Perhaps Brent did have sex with Loree in a drugged out state, but the Jesuits themselves admit that Loree’s pregnancy was caused by artificial insemination. The Jesuits have since changed the Loree McBride section at (taken down in 2013), but I read the original version at my YouTube video entitled “Jesuit website reveals the truth about Loree McBride, Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Lyudmila Putin.”

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