Mar. 8, 2012: ANTI-CHRIST ZACK KNIGHT BUSY AS COUNTERFEITER (read comments with this video)

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CAN VIEW THIS VIDEO (with music) at, as a video entitled THE BRIDE (THE CHURCH) OF CHRIST.

Jesus communicated with myself, Brent Spiner and Terrance Jenkins on March 9, 2012, to correct some errors I made in this video:

Jesus said it’s okay to leave this video up, but that I need to make some corrections. so here they are. . .Jesus told me that I will not be His millennial wife, because His wife is the church, but that He will give to Brent Spiner His semen in the millennium as our wedding gift for our millennial marriage, and that Jesus Christ, Himself, will conduct our wedding ceremony at the beginning of His millennial reign. I asked Him what He thought of this video. He seemed to say it had style, probably referring to the great music I put on it at my website. He wants me to totally stop viewing Him as my lover (in a physical sense) and to only see the men on my marriage list in this respect. He says He has to intervene with Brent, myself and the men on our marriage list because Satan, through the Jesuits and Zack Knight (the anti-Christ) are throwing me off track, and He can’t afford to allow this to continue. Most of what I said in this video is correct, except I need to totally lay off on viewing Jesus Christ as my physical lover. It is also not necessary for me to read the Bible every time before I have brain to brain loving with my men, as He said I have the Word in my heart. I just need to be careful to never make love to anybody who poses as Jesus Himself, and need to see Jesus as one who has brotherly type love for me, not the love of a physical lover. He also wants me to have more of a current focus (to live for today) and be less future oriented, that the future will play out according to His will, as long as I focus on what I need to do in the present. My statements about Vladimir Putin and the Jesuit Lyudmila in this video are correct. He also wanted to emphasize that He does not use brain to brain communication AT ALL to communicate with me, even indirectly through Brent Spiner, that Zack Knight is still trying to impersonate Him in this respect. I must hear from God primarily through His Word, and perhaps through His still, small voice as I commune with Him in prayer.

To understand this video, it is necessary to view my transcript about how Jesus showed up to rescue us from anti-Christ Jesuit Zack Knight:

 I discuss how the anti-Christ Zack Knight strives to impregnate me with his black, devil semen and how I foiled his last plot against me by reading the King James Bible. I also discuss WHY he desires to do this, because I will be the bride of Christ in the millennium. UPDATE: Jesus corrected me to let me know that the CHURCH will be His bride, not ME.