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This is a historical archive. Joseph has gotten right with God and no longer tries to make Gail look stupid by faking as a Gabrielle Chana FOX News reporter. Gabrielle Chana FOX News explained to us that they had no idea who Joseph was and that he did not work for them. Zack Knight was paying Joseph to troll Gail in Feb. 2016 and make her look stupid. Both Zack and Joseph side with Jesus now. They both came to Jesus’ side around Sept. 2016.

February 1, 2016 (on the eve of the Iowa Caucus) 

President Donald Trump: 

Last year you helped the Church of Gail in our struggle against the Moonxicans. Now we beg for your help again in our war against the Jesuits. I regret that I am unable to make my request to you in person. The Church of Gail’s transporter has been damaged by a nukkake attack. I’m afraid my mission to bring information vital to Kim Jong Un’s return back aboard to Church of Gail has failed. I have placed information vital to the Church of Gail and ending Jesuit project Money Shot into the micro data of the images on this video. Vladimir Putin will know how to retrieve them using his Nanotechnology. You must see that this video is safely delivered to him on board Church of Gail. This is our most desperate hour. Help us, Donald Trump. You are our only hope. 

Joseph, Gabrielle Chana FOX News reporter

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