BRILLIANT Insight into Narcissists Loree McBride & the Brent Spiner CLONE

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Because Loree is a narcissist and probably also a psychopath, I expect Loree McBride to throw more bombs over me in a rage for exposing her. It’s been a challenge staying healthy with all these germs I’m breathing in from her germ bombs. But the public needs to be informed about this very dangerous woman. These videos describe Loree McBride, her partner in crime, the Brent Spiner CLONE (the REAL Brent is AWESOME), and most of her followers.

LoreeMcBride.OrderoftheJesuits (2)
Psychopath and Narcissist Loree McBride
Brent Spiner clone
Brent Spiner Narcissist CLONE
The REAL Brent Spiner, who’s in love with Gail.