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Hello Gail. I’ve watched several of your videos. I am wondering though – am I tainted because I am liberal politically? I think I’m a nice person, I’d never wish harm on anyone (I know how conservatives talk about liberals – I’m not like that).. but do you see all of us from the left spectrum as the “bad guys”? – starfishdrown at Gail’s YouTube channel

Gail’s answer:

As long as you don’t carry out your leftist beliefs with a narcissistic personality disorder, you’re cool. A lot of my beliefs are leftist, but I’m actually a centrist. I am not against leftists. In fact, I am against those who claim to be Conservative, but carry out their beliefs like a raving narcissist, like John McCain and George W. Bush. I don’t care what your ideology is, I care more about how you carry out your ideology. The RAVING leftists, the narcissists who follow Loree, are VERY UNFAIR. As a Centrist, I like FAIRNESS, and today’s leftists are so narcissistic in how they carry out their policies. It’s more like do what they say, but not WHAT THEY DO. Like typical narcissists, they believe they are perfect and all those who oppose them are Hitler. They see everything as extreme black and white. Reality is often gray and not black or white, but try explaining that to a narcissist, whether that narcissist be John McCain or Hillary Clinton. They have to paint those who oppose them with the extremist brush, because the standards they set for those who disagree with them are PERFECTION, but for themselves ANYTHING GOES. TYPICAL NARCISSIST. Narcissists are unfair EXTREMISTS, who live with the illusion that THEY ARE PERFECT and everybody has to dance to their tune, regardless of how abusive and unfair they are. Just don’t carry out your policies like a narcissist, and I could care less about your political spectrum. George Soros and Loree McBride head up the narcissists in ALL parties. I am against those who abuse others using narcissist tactics regardless of what mantel they operate under!

Unfortunately, Loree has hijacked the Democratic Party in the U.S. and many leftists have fallen for her criminal tactics and are adopting her narcissist tactics in trying to cause division and strife in the U.S. Loree wants a Civil War, cuz she’s losing and that’s the only way she feels she can come out on top. I deal with narcissists on the left and the right and both give me a hard time. I’ve noticed that narcissists HATE CENTRISTS because we make it harder for them to manipulate and take advantage of people. We expose them for the narcissists that they are and if there’s anything a narcissist hates, it’s for their unfair tactics and hypocrisy to be exposed.

If a leftist wants to promote true justice, liberty and tolerance, which is what they espouse, they need to conduct themselves with reason, tolerance, balance and be willing to make compromises with those who disagree with them in the name of progress. Most leftists today are only obstructionists and don’t care at ALL about those they claim to represent. They create the victim mentality to justify their abuses and intolerance, while criticizing others for what they THEMSELVES DO. It’s like they are blind to their own faults and have a magnifying glass on everybody else who disagrees with them. They only care about being PREDATORS, ABUSIVE and expecting everybody to dance around their issues and character flaws, because they have a life filled with emotional holes caused by their unfair sense of entitlement, expecting everyone to be perfect BUT THEM.

What’s even worse is Loree is now trying to start a Civil War in this country. She has already MURDERED people and blamed her own murders on her enemies and all the narcissist leftists who support her are buying into her garbage.

Being a leftist is cool. Being a narcissist in carrying out leftist policies is GARBAGE. While she accuses her enemies of being Hitler, she is Hitler herself. Hitler was an extreme NARCISSIST.

Those of us who are Centrists are FED UP WITH THIS GARBAGE. Civil War is what Loree wants and she may get it. But I don’t think she’s going to win, because the reasonable people of the world realize we cannot allow this dangerous narcissist and psychopath to rule over us.

As U.S. Empress, when we win, we will install a CENTRIST government that will listen to BOTH PARTIES and come up with solutions that work best for the left AND the right!

Extremism BE DAMNED.

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