Donald Trump does NOT have Narcissistic Personality Disorder!

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This person should have his license taken away from him. He’s very unbalanced and acts like a narcissist himself. We are getting a one-dimensional portrait of Trump and we aren’t hearing about the narcissistic antics of Antifa, Loree McBride Jesuits like Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George Soros, etc.

I do believe that Trump, for the most part, shows the healthy narcissistic spectrum. At times, he veers into an unhealthy narcissism, but compared to Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Loree McBride, George Soros, Trump is an ANGEL and any clear thinking person can see that. I wonder how much Loree McBride paid this guy to say all this?

In fact, any psychologist who supports Loree McBride (raging psychopath and narcissist) should have their license taken from them. I think I’m going to write new law today. Click on link below.

The psychiatrist who wrote the definition of narcissistic personality disorder says Trump doesn’t have it.

Here is an intelligent commentary comparing Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton’s lying behavior is the behavior of a sociopath. I would like to add that she is BFF  with psychopath Loree McBride.

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