Loree McBride's Narcissism Kills Great Art

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I created my favorites page at my website to inspire writers to break past the narcissist blockades, to write to make the world a better place, to open up hearts that need healing, to bring emotional healing to the world, by helping us to better understand our fellow man. To write humbly, with passion and to help us all see we need each other, that our differences are artificial, erected by narcissists who only bring pain, and not healing, to the world. When you create a work that will survive into posterity, you inspire your audience or readers to come out of it a person with a new insight into themselves and their fellow man, to better understand how to handle feelings as they interact with their life in the world. This is what happens when we write from our brokenness and open up our pain to the world. When we expose what makes us tremble and come out with a vision of healing or understanding for humanity, we have created something that will go on forever. That is what drives those who create works that make a difference and that will be here long after we and our children are gone.

Unfortunately, thanks to sociopath or psychopath narcissist Loree McBride, who is currently running Hollywood, works and productions from people with high emotional I.Q. are blocked from production and trash that features one-dimensional characters all “preaching” a narcissist message now dominates Hollywood. Loree’s narcissist message is that women (especially toxic, narcissist women) are superior to all forms of virile masculinity and that all virile masculinity is toxic.

Created in a cloning lab to be the perfect celebrity wife for actor Brent Spiner, Jesuits made sure that Loree looked glamorous and beautiful and had the mindset necessary to take down Brent Spiner’s empathy and greatness within that caused him to fall in love with the King David/Catherine the Great woman (myself). Unfortunately for Loree,  Brent’s greatness within was too entrenched to be forced out by Loree’s rape of his sanity and body when she extorted herself into his space, threatening to destroy his career and his true love if he would not conform to her expectations. She was entitled to be his public girlfriend, to ban him from the woman he truly loves (me) and to take over his life, bank account, and love life.

Brent maintained his sanity and empathy by allowing Loree’s intrusion into his private space in order to protect me, even willing to die for me, if necessary, as Loree tied him up (literally) starving him to try and force him to take her brain control drugs, but he refused her drugs and Loree gave up on that strategy, deciding she’d rather have a live Brent than a dead Brent, or it would ruin her narcissist fun.

Then, when I figured out who Loree was and that he never wanted her ever, due to my genius emotional I.Q. and high empathy, I offered Brent my hand in marriage in Dec. 1999 to make it up to him that I closed him out of my heart from 1996 to 1999 when I thought he was a mentally unstable wimp for allowing Loree to have girlfriend status. I always knew he didn’t love her, because he expressed his love for me in Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back and Loree was definitely not the woman of depth, beauty and sweetness that he serenaded in Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back.  I now discerned that he, indeed, adored me. He adored me so much that he “maintained” Loree, even though she was a cold and cruel Vatican agent whose job was to break up his love for me. I decided I would marry him to make it up to him for ever doubting his greatness and his courage and manliness to take on the Vatican whore and murderer in order to protect me. Yes, I knew, he did it ALL FOR ME. He could have dumped her and allowed her to kill me, if he did so, but, no, he maintained her to protect me. He COULDN’T STAND Loree. But he had to protect me from her. Yes, I figured this out and that’s why I offered him my hand. I wrote Emerald Towers to honor him.

Shallow narcissist Loree, enamored with her own perfection, was shocked that I could forgive Brent for giving his body to her, even if it was because she tortured and raped him into it. Because she was incapable of feeling for others, she could not understand empathy. I felt true empathy with Brent. I knew he suffered this woman for me and it was torture, so I offered him my hand. Loree never felt Brent’s pain. She only gloried in her own physical and celebrity perfection and disdained those who dared to shatter her image to the world as the perfect celebrity wife. My forgiveness of Brent and how it gave him renewed energy to marry me, come hell or high water, infuriated Loree. Her image as the perfect celebrity wife was shattered. I exposed her fraud, her cruelty, her photo shopped pictures of her with Brent online and her performance to be just what it was – a performance, that if exposed, she would murder to maintain.

Sept. 11, 2001 succeeded in making me give up on Brent as a marriage partner and going after Vladimir Putin in his place. It seemed so impossible for me to be with Brent, I thought I needed a President. Loree went for the kill. She artificially impregnated herself, not because she loved children or even loved Brent, but she loved her image as Brent Spiner’s wife and by having his child, even if by artificial insemination, and against Brent’s will, she ensured that Brent would be stuck with her forever. The child was her weapon, to be used to enforce her narcissism on the world – the “proof” that Brent was indeed hers and she owned him and his fame and his money. She was created for him in a cloning lab, and so she was entitled to have him, nobody was as perfect a celebrity wife as herself. She was the perfect Hollywood woman. In her fake pictures with Brent, even photo shop could not always fix that proud glare, that defiant stare of Hollywood pride and arrogance that she would use to infect all of Hollywood when she became Satan’s partner as Jesuit leader from 2017 onwards.

So I reinstated Brent in 2006 and then made brain to brain loving with him from 2006 onwards. This was not a threat to Loree, cuz her photo shopped photos with Brent still dominated the Internet, the mainstream news, the official websites from “established” and prestigious websites like IMDb, and the tabloids. But I never gave up on Brent and he started communicating with me online. Now she was threatened. Her false image as perfect celebrity wife would be shattered. Her lies, murders and selfishness exposed. So she took me to court and rigged the jury and they threatened to execute me in a rigged trial. But my men defended me and shot dead all the Jesuits in that courtroom. Now we knew Brent had a clone, so the clone went public and even tried to kill Brent. That clone got executed, but more would follow him. Jesuit cloning labs turn out clones like cockroaches. You get rid of one and another pops up. The Brent Spiner clone was a narcissist like Loree McBride. He, too, had an image to maintain and that image was that he was the REAL Brent Spiner as portrayed in the media, the actor, the writer, the celebrity. But the REAL Brent Spiner had fallen in love with me and my influence on him was strong. He made two music albums for me that showed an emotional range the narcissist clone could never emulate. The real Brent studied to become a physician to help heal the many illnesses inflicted upon his true love, ME, by the Jesuits. The narcissist clone’s performance of the real Brent was one-dimensional, an arrogant liberal, an intolerant Democrat, who compartmentalized people into two categories: all good (Democrats, Hollywood celebrities involved in charities and who promoted women’s rights, gay rights, etc.) and all bad (Republicans, those who vote or support Trump, and who support evangelical Christianity as intolerant bigots and hypocrites). Nobody was gray. Anybody who supported Trump or evangelical Christianity was all bad, even if that person was gray and a Democrat, who espoused liberal causes, but liked Trump. Or if the person was gray, involved in charities and was a Hollywood celebrity, but liked Trump and was Republican, they were all bad. On the other hand, if the person was a Democrat, was involved in charities, promoted women’s right, gay rights, and killed people, even accidentally killing some Democrats, that person was perfect, all their faults forgiven. To the narcissists if you sided with them you were perfect, if not, you were TRASH and deserved all the abuse you received from the narcissist. But the Brent clone and Loree McBride narcissists could never forgive Trump for anything! He was not entitled like them. He was trash and deserved narcissist abuse. Using projection, the narcissists actually saw their narcissism and abuse in Trump and assigned to him all their evil qualities which they were in denial about in themselves. All the narcissist’s own sins were forgiven and how dare anybody question their morality and righteousness. But anybody who liked Trump was Hitler (all evil), even if they behaved with class and respected the emotional boundaries of others.

A narcissist was entitled to destroy the boundaries of others. Everybody existed to serve them, to adore them, to honor their perfection. Anybody who resisted was abused, maligned, lied about, and trampled on, murdered.

Loree took over Hollywood and prided herself on being a Hollywood producer. She never took the time to learn the craft, but borrowed the talents of others and assigned them to herself. She churned out Hollywood productions that mirrored her heart, and Star Trek Discovery was born with one-dimensional characters that preached messages of women’s rights, disdain of masculinity and virility, to the audience. It was a flop to everyone who could think, who could feel and who pondered over life. It only appealed to mindless robots, who mirrored Loree’s politically correct sermons to the world, that enforced her greatness and boring perfection, that appealed only to the arrogant, cold controllers, who maintained their illusion of perfection before the world with mindless rage and furor. Those with empathy and emotional I.Q. found the productions boring, preachy and lacking any theme that would resonate with their hearts. To compensate, Loree turned out more trash, took over more of Hollywood, turning it into a propaganda machine, designed to shut out the hearts and minds, and program people into conformity to narcissist shallowness, to turn off their brains and their hearts and not allow hearts to interact with characters on the screen, but to only see themselves projected there in glorious and boring perfection, appealing only to those who see themselves in perfection on the screen, with robot minds and hearts to admire and reproduce themselves, drowning out greatness, depth, love, and vulnerability. Just a slideshow of characters on the stage, boring monotones before our eyes, arrogant flashes of perfection gleaming in toned bodies, coldly moving in perfection to the tune of the taskmaster, the narcissist Loree McBride, moving her lifeless puppets across the stage, glorying in her illusion of self-perfection. Most of the world tunes her out. Loree’s only fans are those, like herself, see the world as black and white monotones on the stage, preaching sermons to those who clap with them. The brilliant cinematography impresses only those whose lives are black and white photographs slapped on the page in a mindless mirage of conformity to rigidity, drowning out the sounds, images and movements of reality, so that the vulnerabilities and moving images with three dimensions, with a soul that is vivid and real to our hearts, that could transform us into deeper understandings, is nowhere to be found. All we are allowed to see are boring monotones, screaming conformity to the world, with the colors of truth and empathy banished into echoes of loneliness, the forbidden yearnings that no one is allowed to hear and experience are drowned out by rigidity, conformity, and the colder emotions of rage, anger and arrogance. With warmth and colors all gone, black and white conformity smashed down our throats and applauded by the cowards, the traitors to authenticity and reality, whose hearts would not dare to feel or experience anything but their own glory, shoving their coldness and machinations down our throats, threatening death on those who dare to be real, vulnerable and loving.

To deny that her productions are lackluster, boring monotones on the screen, Loree rouses her followers to churn out reviews with adulation of her boring productions to maintain her illusion of celebrity perfection to the world.

In the meanwhile, those writers and producers who dare to produce anything that might outdo Loree’s Hollywood garbage, are blocked entrance. Their screenplays rejected. Their movies denied production or if produced, relegated to no man’s land. Ever the competitor, Loree and her narcissist Hollywood, ensure her glory remains untarnished and she blocks competitors from those who create things that matter, that inspire, that promote an understanding of our fellow man, that promote love and understanding, that expose real injustices, that move our hearts to greatness, courage, authenticity, vibrancy, to reveal vulnerabilities we all share and understand.

Unless Loree learns to see herself honestly and owns up to her imperfections, she will continue to destroy all that heals and that makes life worth living and her Hollywood will only churn out unfeeling robots without a soul, who drown out warmth and understanding with ice and murder.

Copyright © 2018 Gail Chord Schuler. All Rights Reserved.