Maintain NO CONTACT with Brent Spiner Clone!

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Brent1 Clone Narcissist Manipulator

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The Brent Spiner clone is a sociopathic narcissist who is in submission to his boss, psychopath and narcissist Loree McBride. He’s really peeved that I have blocked him since around Jan. 17, 2018, after Twitter shut down my Twitter channel for around 24 hours around the following tweet.

Loree McBride's Twitter FREE SPEECH

After this, I blocked both Loree McBride and the Brent Spiner clone at the official Brent Spiner Twitter channel that he has hijacked from the real Brent Spiner. The real Brent Spiner had a sweet channel that the Brent Spiner clone took down for a false charge of impersonation.

Brent Spiner Likes my Exposure of Loree
Brent Spiner Texas Baptist Church Attack

It was taken down on Brent Spiner’s birthday (Feb. 2nd), maybe cuz I sent the REAL Brent a birthday greeting on that day at his Twitter channel @BrentSpinerMD, which gave the clone the weapon he needed to claim that Brent Spiner, whose Twitter was Brent Spiner M.D., was impersonating him. The only thing I have done in that forbidden tweet was TO TELL THE TRUTH about psychopath Loree McBride, who has just recently created a Tweeter bird that has murdered 11,500 of my Twitter followers. She will claim that Zack is a troll and that the Tweeter bird never existed, in spite of evidence to the contrary, and that now that we have falsely accused her of murdering 11,500 people that we have endangered her and the Brent Spiner clone’s safety and that we need to have our free speech rights taken from us.

If I did not expose her murder of 11,500 people, it would have been worse. She would have claimed that I lost all those followers because they saw I was dangerous and so they unfollowed me. Now that I have exposed that she murdered them, she can’t get away with that.

The Brent Spiner clone was furious that I blocked him for good (unless the real Brent gets his Twitter back), and was probably hoping I’d remove the block, so he could continue to manipulate me to succeed in taking down my online presence. His goal as a manipulative narcissist is to manipulate either me or my followers to back up his lie that we are a danger to his life and the life of psychopath Loree McBride (who he claims is his wife). It has been six months and I’m still blocking both him and Loree at my Twitter, so Loree has instructed him to fabricate something to elicit a reaction from either me or my followers, so that he can claim that in spite of me blocking him, I and/or my followers are a danger to his safety and welfare. Once you supply him with the “evidence” he needs to prove that we are a danger and that our online presence needs to go down, he will use that to go legal and take down either my online presence or yours, or both.

That is his goal. Everything you say about his tweet showing a picture of him with his double, which he will claim is a joke (cuz the photo is obvious photo shop), gives him what we call narcissistic supply. He plans to use this picture to create an incident in which he will play victim and say that he is worried about his welfare (or the welfare of his “wife” Loree McBride) and will submit “evidence” (even fabricated or manipulated lying evidence which he will obtain from all the attention you give him) to Twitter, YouTube, Google or whatever he can get away with, that I and my followers are dangerous crazy people whose online presence needs to be taken down.

If you value your freedom of speech, do NOT CONTACT HIM AT ALL. You cannot win debating, arguing or dealing with a narcissist. Narcissists are masters at manipulating everything you say and do against you. Do NOT go to the Star Trek Convention in Tampa, FL (notice that is near me, about a one hour drive from where I live). This is not an accident. If he can claim that some of my followers have attended this convention, he will then twist everything you say and do at the convention and say that because I was nearby I influenced you and told you what to say or do.

Well, I am trying to influence you and my instructions are DO NOT GO TO THE STAR TREK CONVENTION. Do NOT give this narcissist material he can use against your free speech and mine! Avoid him. Mute or block him on Twitter, to make it plain to him that you have instituted a NO CONTACT policy with him. And then once you’ve done that, you need to stick to it. In fact, if a slew of my followers block or mute him at Twitter and totally IGNORE HIM, that is HOW WE WIN. You never win by giving a narcissist attention, they love it! It helps them to fabricate stories, lies and other stuff they need to promote their lying image, which is a narcissist’s obsession.

NO CONTACT. Do not tweet to him or Loree McBride. Nothing you say will help. It will all be used by him to make you appear criminal, insane or dangerous in an attempt to shut down your freedom of speech, because it threatens his lying image, which he and Loree McBride will KILL, LIE, EXTORT or do ANYTHING TO MAINTAIN. This guy lives and sleeps all day and night fomenting plots to ensure his lying image as the REAL Brent Spiner is maintained, come hell or high water. If he can’t manipulate me to interact with him, to give him narcissistic supply, he will then manipulate my followers and say that I influenced them!

I respectfully request that all my followers IGNORE THIS NARCISSIST and do not give him Narcissistic Supply:

I don’t know about you, but I value my free speech. You are welcome to discuss him online, but do NOT contact him or tweet to him or give him any ammunition. Anything you say or do as you interact with him will be twisted to your disadvantage and will paint you as either a criminal, a psycho, or a danger to his welfare or the welfare of his “wife”, requiring him to take legal means to SHUT YOU OR ME DOWN. He needs to do this to maintain his narcissistic image as the REAL Brent Spiner. He has fabricated and orchestrated this whole thing (the picture of him with a photo shopped double) to manipulate you to give him narcissistic supply, and if you contact him about this picture of him with his “double” or go to the Star Trek Convention and make a big deal about it or say anything about it (especially if he can prove you are one of my Twitter followers), he plans on orchestrating something to play the victim and BRING YOU OR ME DOWN and SHUT YOU AND/OR ME UP.

Ignore the cad. Don’t contact him. Don’t give him narcissistic supply. Don’t go to a Star Trek Convention and pay his criminal salary.

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