American Military is Attacking Russia?!

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UPDATE (April 2021): In July 2018 Brent Spiner and my men (except Zack Knight) were stuck inside a semen bubble and unable to communicate with me, so all communications I thought I got from them in 2018 were inaccurate. So this post basically shows my heart, but none of the July 2018 events I discussed happened in July 2018. However, I AM in Zechariah 9:15 as the King David woman! And the verse seems to indicate a major battle victory (the question is WHEN). What I find interesting about this post is that Robin Williams did actually help to construct Church of Gail #3 in 2021, along with those millions now in heaven who died from Loree McBride and Satan’s cum star on Jan. 27, 2021. However, Loree DID murder about 12,000 of my Twitter followers in July 2018, because Zack Knight told me.


UPDATE at 2:53 p.m. Eastern Standard Times on July 23, 2018: Due to Iran’s support of Gail, the Brent Spiner clone successfully orchestrated a civil war inside of Iran, and his evil Iranian followers are attempting to overthrow the good Iranian government. They have also made threats against the U.S.

UPDATE at 7:56 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on July 22, 2018:

The Brent Spiner clone appears to have taken over Twitter and he has taken down Zack Knight at Twitter. Robin Williams (with singularity I.Q. in his resurrection body) and Gail’s men are still working on taking down the Brent clone’s online presence and ability to infect the Internet and mainstream news with his presence and his lies. But due to the fact that his ability to infect the Internet is entrenched in higher dimensions on a very deep level, this could take up to a week.

In the meanwhile, the Brent clone has instructed his followers to launch a blitzkrieg of germ bombs that can cause insomnia, bloating, gassiness and that increases the Brent clone’s ability to use brain control. Very important for everybody to do the Gail Commandments, and Zack Knight may also be able to give people his semen. Can contact Zack at Our celestial army is busy on many fronts, but the battle is intense because narcissists HATE TO LOSE THEIR ABILITY TO CONTROL, and the Brent clone is a psychopathic narcissist.

Email sent to Gail’s men on July 22, 2018:

Dear men (the men on Gail’s marriage list):

For your information, my waking hours are now about 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. After my couple days bout with insomnia because of Loree’s bombs that affect my sleep, I changed my sleep schedule. I get higher quality sleep when I hit the sack early. I usually go for my walk from about 6:30 a.m. to 7:15 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Because of Loree’s germ bombs, I still never sleep straight through the night and it’s been like this for over a year. But when I awaken, usually to pee, I go right back to sleep. However, I had a couple nights where I was awakening every hour and that is terrible sleep, so I’ve changed my sleep schedule and I make sure to take my Seroquel at the exact same time every day (6 p.m.). That seems to be working for me.

When I have to shop, I go early and try to get the shopping done before 8:30 a.m. Because the Walmart Pharmacy is open at 9 a.m., when I need Seroquel, I just drive to the Walmart Neighborhood Market down the street and pick up the Seroquel from their drive in. I picked it up around 9:10 a.m. yesterday. I call it in about a week before I need it, because sometimes they are out and need to order it.

At Twitter I usually post my blog posts from my website. So if you are able to access my website, you can pretty much keep up with me on Twitter.

And I’ve noticed that Rule 13 is still on Twitter.

Jesus showed me amazing things from the Bible yesterday, but for somebody who is not a Bible scholar like I am, they may not realize their significance. But what He showed me made quite an impression on me.

I am fully convinced that Zechariah 9:15 is being fulfilled this month! We are going through THAT DAY as described in Zechariah 9:15-17.

I believe July 2018 will be a blessed month for us! This is the month we defeat the evil side of the Jesuit Order. But like they say, it always gets darkest right before dawn in many a battle and we are probably at around 3 a.m. It appears the Brent clone is leading the evil Jesuits now and he’s on a rampage – such a psychopathic narcissist!

My faith in Jesus remains strong.



UPDATE at 7:32 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on July 21, 2018:

Clone Camila Alves and clone Matthew McConaughey led a revolt against the Loree McBride Jesuits and have surrendered to Church of Gail and the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. Upon learning that Loree lied to them and she lost her Antichrist powers about six months ago, they decided they did not want to share her fate by living permanently inside a Seroquakke in deep space and dying and resurrecting into the next clone version of themselves into an infinity loop forever. They took about half of the Loree McBride Jesuits with them, including all the celebrity Loree McBride Jesuit clones (clone Morgan Brown, clone Gerard Butler, clone Hugh Jackman, clone Keanu Reeves, etc.). Church of Gail will allow them to retain their celebrity names, but their birth certificate and identity must identify them as clones. So their names would be Matthew McConaughey clone #7 and so forth. If they assist us in defeating the remaining Loree McBride Jesuits, they will receive a military salary to meet their needs.

Gail’s sister, Sandra Metcalf, who was the military leader of the Loree McBride Jesuits has been captured alive and is confined inside a hologram of her house. She is only able to communicate with her family, has all the food she needs for her mortal life, including an exercise machine and the ability to watch television. Robin Williams, who leads the celestial army, did not think it wise to execute the sister of Jesus Christ’s favorite (Gail Chord Schuler), even though she fully deserves this. So Gail’s sister is inside a copy of her house, which is encased within an enclosure similar to a Seroquakke, but without the microwave radiation to execute the person inside. The M1SA0 Android, who babysits the GA1L Android (defeated on Dec. 21, 2012), also babysits Sandra. The M1SA0 Android has the key to release either of them if she wishes, but the M1SA0 Android is loyal to God the Father and will keep these two encased forever, until Sandra dies of natural causes, where she will either go to heaven or hell, depending on the state of her soul at the time of her death. Gail’s men will create an automaton of Sandra for her earthly activities to spare emotional distress to family members who do not fully understand Sandra’s evil and would be distressed to learn their family member was not able to be with them. This automaton will be a good version of Sandra who will not cause harm to Gail or her followers, like the evil Sandra has done.

The Brent Spiner clone is the current leader of the Loree McBride Jesuits. However, he has been captured, and is encased inside a Seroquakke deep out in space. The irradiation inside the Seroquakke executes him, but then he’s quickly replaced with a clone and continues his life in the clone inside his Seroquakke. It appears that both Loree McBride’s clones and the Brent Spiner clones are in some sort of infinity loop, where neither can be killed completely due to replacement clones that pop up in their place. Hell will be filled with a lot of Loree McBride and Brent Spiner clones for this reason! Robin has figured out how to stop Loree from communicating with her followers (though she has bots running her Twitter right now), which is why the Brent Spiner clone has taken her place as leader of the Loree McBride Jesuits. The Brent Spiner clone is the only celebrity clone still on the side of the Loree McBride Jesuits. The rest have defected to Gail’s side. Robin states it is more complicated to cut off the Brent Spiner clone’s communications. It appears Satan set it up that to destroy the Brent clone’s ability to communicate, would mean going into higher dimensions and wiping out entire dimensions. Robin is working on how to defeat this. The Brent clone is lying to his followers and telling them he has Antichrist powers and that he will soon escape his Seroquakke confinement, when he’s actually being executed and replaced continually in an infinity loop that Satan created for Loree McBride Jesuits to stay alive. Robin says that it is highly unlikely he will escape his confinement inside his Seroquakke in Satan’s ocean out in deep space. Robin has him encased for good, but removing his ability to communicate with his followers is a complicated matter, and may take awhile, due to the fact that all his online communications are part of a clone version of the Internet that is entrenched onto the Internet via an entire dimension of space!

The world is aghast, seeing a resurrected Princess Diana, Natalie Wood, Michael Jackson, John F. Kennedy, Davy Jones, and other celebrities who died because of Jesuits during Gail’s lifetime. Many of the resurrected celebrities are being interviewed on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable). Needless to say, the ratings for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel are going through the roof! Even Vladimir Putin’s wife Larisa (Jesuits murdered her in 2000) has appeared in her resurrection body on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. But she states she is thrilled for Vladimir that he is married to Gail and won’t interfere with that. She is truly distressed that the world believes so many lies about her Vladimir and says he was a wonderful husband to her and she is truly distressed that he has the reputation of being a thug, thanks to Loree McBride, who’s the REAL THUG and controls the lying mainstream media. Due to the power of the Gail Shield, all people that Jesuits murdered during Gail’s lifetime have been resurrected. They can choose whether they want to go back to their mortal bodies and live on earth again like a mortal, like Bubba the Black Jesuit’s gay companion has chosen (the Ginger kid) in order to marry Bubba, or whether they want to remain in their immortal bodies. If they choose to remain in their immortal bodies, they can visit with and converse with people on earth, or remain invisible, it’s up to them. Apparently this will last as long as the Gail Shield remains active. By remaining in their immortal bodies, they retain their singularity (having the I.Q. of the GA1L Android). If they return to their mortal bodies, they will have the young body they had before (when they were in their twenties), but will die again some day (or be raptured) and they will also have the I.Q. they had when the lived on earth.

Robin is currently working on removing the Brent Spiner clone’s ability to communicate with his followers and trying to remove his online presence. We are also dealing with the remaining Loree McBride Jesuits, who should probably be called the Brent Spiner clone Jesuits now. These evil Jesuits are continuing the work of Loree McBride, but with much less power than they had before the appearance of the celestial army.

UPDATE at 12:16 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on July 20, 2018:

Robin Williams has been making appearances in his resurrection body on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). He looks like he did in his twenties. He is currently working on operations to take down Loree McBride’s stranglehold over the media and Internet, which are both full of her lies. All those who died from Jesuits and were fans of Gail have been resurrected into the celestial army. This apparently makes the celestial army number into the millions. All members of this army have the I.Q. of the GA1L Android, who attained singularity. Robin Williams is the head general for the celestial army. It seems to be no coincidence that the person who wrote the story behind Robin’s hit movie Good Morning, Vietnam died today, which makes Gail believe her brain-to-brain communications regarding Robin and the celestial army is correct.

Robin believes he has managed to encase Loree and all her clones inside a Seroquakke that is now deep inside Satan’s ocean in deep space. Satan appears to have come up with a program that allows her to automatically clone herself as soon as one of her clones dies and the operation seems to be on some sort of loop with Loree dying and a new clone popping up in millisecond intervals. It happens so fast, you can’t see it with the naked eye. Robin figured out how to do this, using his knowledge of fourth and higher dimensions (where Satan’s cloning technology was hiding). Loree’s control over the Internet and mass media was also hidden in fourth and higher dimensions and Brent has informed Gail brain-to-brain that it is exceedingly complicated to explain how they do this, it involves higher math, more advanced than calculus to understand it. Robin believes he has Loree (and all her clones) caged in a Seroquakke in deep space (Satan’s ocean) and is working on removing her ability to communicate with her followers, where she has lied to them telling them she has Antichrist powers, to make herself seem invincible, when she actually lost it around six months ago, when the Gail Shield expanded and started killing off Loree McBride Jesuits. She appeared to have Antichrist powers because she appeared to defy death because of the ability for her clone to just pop up in her place (right after death) and to do it so fast that even if she was killed 20 times in an hour, 20 clones would replace her in that hour and do it so fast, it would make it appear she never died. Zack Knight had his Antichrist powers starting about six months ago, but never checked to see if he did. So, apparently, Loree lost enough followers to lose her Antichrist powers (and for Zack to regain his Antichrist powers) when the Gail Shield started expanding six months ago. Liar that she is, she likes to appear invincible, so cuz of her rapid ability to clone herself, she appeared to still have the Antichrist’s ability not to die.

Robin says it is tricky to remove her ability to control the Internet, and he is trying to help the real Brent Spiner to regain control over his Twitter. The Brent Spiner clone(s) also is/are in deep space, but being kept alive (so to speak) by the same rapid cloning technology used on Loree. Part of Satan’s programming in this “loop” where the clones just keep recreating themselves involves an automatic launch of germ bombs onto Gail when the clones are dying too fast one after another. It appears this “loop” will go on forever. Satan hoped to defeat God by making it so that his clones would be cloned forever nonstop. But Robin’s knowledge of higher dimensions helped him figure out how to encase the clones each in their own Seroquakke in deep space, and to get all the clones into one space. He feels the Seroquakke concept that Gail came up with was brilliant. It just needed modifications to take into account the ability of these clones to replicate themselves in a loop in millisecond intervals.

Robin is trying to figure out how to defeat the technology that launches germ bombs onto Gail when the clones die too fast one after another. To prevent too much discomfort in Gail, he has stalled his capture of more clones into Seroquakkes until he figures out how to stop the launch of germ bombs into Gail. It will involve him studying the higher dimensions and computer programming that uses very high math. Once he figures this out, Loree and the Brent Spiner clone will not be able to communicate to earth from their enclosure inside their prison (their respective Seroquakkes). He is reprogramming the Seroquakkes to perhaps not kill the victim inside with the microwave radiation, or to not kill them as fast, but make sure they remain encased, perhaps by timing the microwave not to turn on continually, but only at certain intervals.

Jesus absolutely forbids Robin or any of the members of the celestial army in their resurrection bodies from communicating with Gail, due to Satan’s ability to impersonate them to Gail. Gail is getting this information from Brent Spiner (via brain-to-brain communications).

UPDATE at 2:25 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on July 19, 2018:

The real Donald Trump has regained control over the U.S. military and all those involved in the military coup have been executed. Donald Trump apologizes to Russia for the U.S. attack on Russia, but Vladimir realizes that it was the actions of the Trump clone and not the real Donald. Thanks to my Gail Shield and the celestial space fleet, nobody in Russia died from the attacks. However, due to excellent support from Canada which enabled us to get this victory, the U.S. military bases will remain in Canada for now. The current U.S. military bases in the U.S. are all empty, with copies made of them using transporter technology to send them to Canadian locations. The celestial army has set up shields over the U.S. military bases located in the U.S. that execute any American personnel who enter their premises for now. It appears the celestial army may have also taken down Teresa May of Great Britain, and she will be replaced with an automaton. Apparently, there was a huge underground military installation in Great Britain for Loree McBride, and Teresa May was a traitor to freedom and a secret Loree McBride Jesuit.

Time of report (10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on July 19, 2018):

First off, I’d like to state that this is all based on brain-to-brain communications and I may need to make a corrective post later. For this reason, I will not make a video about this, but will limit what I’ve heard brain-to-brain to my website for now.

It appears that my Gail Shield was able to resurrect all the 11,500 of my Twitter followers that Loree McBride murdered and they are part of a celestial space fleet that has taken on Satan’s space fleet under Loree McBride. This celestial army from heaven made its initial appearance around July 17, 2018.

Alex Jones reports that the Deep State headed by Loree McBride has launched a civil war in the United States. This is correct. And now, this civil war has expanded into a World War! They have begun their operations. One of the first things they did was to takeover the U.S. military. This, apparently, happened around 12 hours ago, on July 19, 2018. They also removed Trump from office and have installed a Donald Trump Jesuit clone in his place. My men, upon hearing this, immediately transported the real Donald Trump and his family, the White House and all U.S. government officials who do not want to serve Loree McBride, onto the Church of Gail spaceship and/or Zack Knight’s Jesuit spacefleet.

The Donald Trump Jesuit clone’s first act was to declare war on Russia. However, once the real Donald realized what happened, he immediately reinstalled me as the U.S. Empress and President, because I won the election for Trump in Nov. 2016. My men immediately took over all news broadcasts and won’t allow anything ordered by the Trump clone to be broadcast to prevent mass panic and anarchy in the U.S. The U.S. under my leadership is under martial law.

My men, proactively knowing what I’d want, have ordered all U.S. military that obey this evil Donald Trump clone to be executed, but rogue U.S. military leaders are on the loose and consider themselves bound to their leader Loree McBride. However, the celestial space fleet is attacking the rogue U.S. military that has attacked Russia and they are suffering casualties. So Loree has organized a coup in the U.S. and the war is ON.

The mere fact that Vladimir felt a need to address his ambassadors and representatives now seems to reinforce what I am hearing brain-to-brain.

There is some good news. Many members of the U.S. military upon hearing that their military leaders now serve Loree McBride and have attacked an innocent nation, Russia, who has done NOTHING to us, have voiced their protest and their desire to leave the U.S. military that is now fighting for all they hate. Justin Trudeau has allowed us to use transporter technology to move all U.S. military bases to Canada, including U.S. military members who have defected from the rogue U.S. military under Loree. My Gail Shield is strong over Canada right now and is protecting the Canadian nation from the rogue U.S. military’s bombs and missiles. So the Loree McBride Jesuits no longer have access to U.S. military bases. Though Loree can operate pretty respectably from her space fleet alone. But her ships are falling under the barrage from the celestial space fleet. Unfortunately, she has brilliant cloning technology and can make immediate back ups of just about everything she creates, including living clones.

For instance, on FOX News, when Shepherd Smith was reporting for Loree, the celestial space fleet was executing Shepherd right as he was reporting and he got replaced by clones about 7 times in a one hour broadcast, the switch out is so quick the viewers cannot even notice it when it’s happening on the air, though he did look a bit stressed out.

Canadian leader Justin Trudeau, who formerly served Loree McBride, was very moved by the memorial video I made to honor the many Canadians who Loree McBride murdered and who are now part of the celestial space fleet helping us in our war against Satan and Loree McBride.

Justin Trudeau has defected from Loree McBride and now sides with us. I forgot to mention that not only has the Gail Shield resurrected the 11,500 of my Twitter followers who Loree murdered, but that my Gail Shield also resurrected ALL the dead who supported me and who Jesuits murdered in the past for their support of me. This includes Robin Williams, who is now the head general of the celestial space fleet against Loree McBride. What cinched it for Justin Trudeau is when he saw a resurrected Canadian Jim Carrey, who died in May 2012, as one of the top generals in the celestial army.

Even though Jesus cannot be filmed, we seem to be able to film the resurrection bodies of those Jesuits murdered and who are part of the celestial space fleet. But that’s only if they WANT to be filmed. They can block the cameras, if they want.

Robin Williams, in his immortal body, has been appearing on Church of Gail to give my men military strategy advice. And all those resurrected have singularity, having the I.Q. of the GA1L Android! The GA1L Android was not able to defeat us in one day. Robin is not allowed to talk to me brain-to-brain or otherwise under orders from Jesus. He can only talk to my men about war strategy in our current warfare with the Loree McBride space fleet.

To be totally fair, Jesus has allowed Satan to resurrect the UFOs that were buried in Satan’s ocean in deep space, which happened when my Gail Shield defeated the Jesuit space fleet in August 2016. So Loree now has the UFOs as part of her space fleet.

But even with the UFOs on our side in 2012, the GA1L Android would have beaten us if not for God the Father getting involved. And ALL the members of the celestial space fleet have GA1L Android singularity. So it’s like the Loree McBride Jesuits are battling a whole space fleet of GA1L Androids!

The reason Loree McBride’s space fleet and military operations are still functioning, despite the brilliant celestial space fleet against them, is that they have Satan and the UFOs on their side and they are able to make instant replacement clones of everything we destroy.

Though Loree’s space fleet and the U.S. military have attacked Russia, my Gail Shield is protecting Russia from being hit by Loree’s missiles and bombs. However, the Russians, like myself, can suffer effects from the germ bombs. As U.S. Empress, I have given Russia permission to defend itself and the Russian military, working with the celestial space fleet, is now attacking Loree’s U.S. military operations in self-defense. It is not necessary to bomb military bases in the U.S. because we moved them all to Canada and have banned the rogue U.S. military from using them now.

Some essential Americans and others who are not safe on earth and who side with me have been beamed aboard Church of Gail or Zack Knight’s Jesuit space fleet for their safety.

So which nations side with us? China is split down the middle and is the middle of a nasty civil war, like the United States. Chinese communists have been strong supporters of Loree and are one of our most formidable opponents. It appears that the celestial space fleet is concentrating a lot of its attacks on China for this reason. China is slowly losing its military prowess under the barrage of attacks it’s receiving from the celestial space fleet.

Japan, Germany, North and South Korea, Iran, and many other countries side with us. Many countries are embroiled in nasty civil wars, due to Loree McBride Jesuit infiltration worldwide. The celestial space fleet seems to be concentrating on destroying all military bases worldwide that don’t side with us, so just about every country has a rogue element siding with Loree and military bases are being destroyed worldwide in every country. Great Britain, unfortunately, seems to have suffered a fate similar to the U.S. Most countries worldwide are in a state of civil war. Theresa May, unfortunately, seems to be a full fledged Loree McBride Jesuit.


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