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4.1 Due to efforts by those who want to overthrow me as the American Empress and U.S. President, I have to clamp down on traitors inside Conspiracy Law honoring nations. On Nov. 8, 2016, because both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were not on earth and thought dead, I ran in place of Donald for the U.S. Presidential election and won. I told people that if they voted for Donald, they were voting for me. So I won the U.S. Presidential election for Donald Trump. I am also the U.S. Empress or monarch and have been since 2014. However, I have had trouble with enforcement due to traitors inside the United States and within our network of Conspiracy Law honoring nations. The situation has become an emergency and there is a coup d’etat in progress right now led by Loree McBride/George Soros and their followers inside the establishment Republican and the Democratic Party in the United States. Donald Trump is my public spokesperson and representative and he is NOT the United States President, I AM. I have to emphasize this, so that the Soros conspiracy or coup cannot successfully usurp me as U.S. President. Soros has started a lying propaganda campaign creating the lie that the 2016 election was illegal due to Russian election interference. This lie is based on the lie that Donald Trump is the U.S. President, when the truth is, I AM THE U.S. PRESIDENT. This can be proved in a court of law, and by the video I made on election night when I won.

4.1a Even if there was Russian interference, which there was not, it would not be illegal if the interference was the use of Russian military forces to help us enforce Conspiracy Law during the elections, because Russia is our military ally as another Conspiracy Law honoring nation. We are currently in a soft civil war inside the United States, with the opposition side led by evil Loree McBride, her evil Brent Spiner clone husband and George Soros. Loree, the Brent clone and George Soros strive to overthrow me as American Empress and U.S. President by orchestrating a coup. For this reason, Loree McBride, the evil Brent Spiner clone, George Soros and all those who willingly and knowingly work with them, which would include most politicians in the Democratic Party, are guilty of treason and need to be tried for treason under military and Conspiracy Law. I say military law, because they plan to orchestrate a coup d’etat and have use Antifa as part of their military forces in the soft civil war we currently have in the U.S. and worldwide.

4.2 We rescued Donald Trump from his time as P.O.W. aboard Angelina Ballerina’s spaceship on Jan. 6, 2017, and I allowed him to be U.S. President in my place, even though I actually won the election, and I reverted back to just being the American Empress. However, as it appears that George Soros is about to orchestrate a coup against Trump, I need to reassert myself as the U.S. President. As the U.S. President, I charge Robert Mueller, Jeff Sessions and all in the U.S. Justice Department who willingly and knowingly support Loree McBride and George Soros with TREASON and want Mueller and Sessions and all those who willingly and knowingly support Loree McBride and George Soros tried in a military tribunal for TREASON, and I charge that they, along with Loree McBride, the Brent Spiner clone, George Soros and their massive conspiracy are attempting a coup d’etat to overthrow me as the rightful U.S. President, and thus, they are also trying to overthrow a lawful election (where I was elected U.S. President in 2016) and strive to overthrow the will of the American people and strive to overthrow me as U.S. President (which means they want to orchestrate a coup against my representative Donald Trump) and strive to replace my just rule with tyranny and anarchy.

4.3 Here is how the treason laws will be carried out. We will do brain and emotion reads on all those who we feel are part of the coup d’etat to overthrow me as U.S. President. This will include Loree McBride, the Brent Spiner clone, George Soros and most of the politicians in the U.S. Democratic Party, and some mainstream establishment politicians in the U.S. Republican Party (like those who followed John McCain). We will distinguish between those who are willing and knowing traitors as opposed to those who are extorted into treason. Those who do not want to be traitors to my government, but have been extorted into it, will receive mercy. However, those who extorted these Democrats and Loree McBride supporters into treason, must be arrested and tried as war criminals and for treason. Our brain and emotion reads will determine who is a willing and knowing participant in the coup d’etat in progress in the U.S. against my government. To ensure justice, all trials for treason will be public and can be viewed on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable). We will not hold secret trials. We will hold PUBLIC trials for all the world to see, to show that we are meting out true justice.

4.4 One sure way to find those who are part of the coup d’etat are those who work with Hillary Clinton, Loree McBride and Soros to fabricate a phony Russia collusion narrative around Trump’s election in 2016. These all need to be arrested for treason. Vladimir Putin is one of my husbands, and it is ridiculous to assume that he is an enemy of the United States! I will not allow Loree McBride to cause division with one of our key allies. I won the U.S. Presidential election fair and square. Furthermore, as U.S. Empress, Hillary Clinton was not even qualified to run for U.S. President. She is considered a war criminal and should not have even been running, so anybody who supported her willingly and knowingly, knowing that I am the U.S. Empress, is guilty of treason.

4.5 We have a big problem with the news media, that is overrun with evil Jesuits. Fox News is a little better than most, but CNN, MSNBC and the rest are all FAKE NEWS. It will now be Conspiracy Law, that all news networks except Gabrielle Chana FOX News must have a label blasted across the top of the screen that says FAKE NEWS, it must instruct viewers to go to Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). The exception will be Florida, where I live, where to protect me from targeting, the label may not be wise, as we are currently undergoing a civil war inside the United States.

4.6 I charge that Loree McBride, the Brent Spiner clone, George Soros and all those who willingly and knowingly support them are guilty of treason on several counts: 1) Dropping of germ bombs daily on populations to exert brain control on populations to control them and to sicken and weaken those they cannot control, 2) Spreading of lies and propaganda to cause mass hysteria and anarchy in preparation for a coup to wrest me from power, 3) Writing law to negate Conspiracy Law, in order to make null and void my edicts and legislation, 4) Removing the free speech rights of those who support me like Alex Jones and Donald Trump to silence them ahead of a false flag which will be used to frame Donald Trump and those who support me with made up crimes as an excuse to overthrow my government, 5) Extorting the mainstream media to spread lies to promote anarchy in preparation for my overthrow, 6) Attempting to overthrow my representative Donald Trump with made up accusations of Russian election meddling, to make illegal a perfectly legal election, in order to install a puppet leader who will serve the interests of a FOREIGN NATION that is the enemy of the American people, 7) Cutting me off from my husband, the real Brent Spiner, in an attempt to financially bankrupt me and make me unable to function as the U.S. President, 8) Infiltrating our military forces with traitors who are loyal to Loree McBride and George Soros and attack my allies, like Vladimir Putin, in order to have a divide and conquer strategy against us, 9) Infiltrating and taking over big tech, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to cut off our communications with each other, and isolate us from each other, to spread lies and propaganda against Trump and those who support me, to make the coup go smoothly.

4.7 It seems the main strategy in this worldwide civil war is infiltration, subterfuge, creating chaos, from which they plan to destroy us, take us over and conquer us. Our military needs to study and expose all the ways that Loree McBride and the Soros Jesuits have infiltrated our various networks and all those who willingly and knowingly support Loree McBride will be tried for treason. Those who speak the loudest about Russian collusion need to be arrested first, because those are obviously the enemy. With Vladimir Putin my husband, it is ridiculous to even worry about Russia as an enemy. The only ones who worry about it, are those who are guilty of TREASON and are using the Russian collusion narrative to overthrow me as the U.S. President by attacking my representative Donald Trump.

4.8 In fact, all those who push the Russian collusion narrative, will not only be arrested for TREASON, but will also be arrested for being part of the conspiracy that attacked Russia in August 2000, using the Clinton war machine to launch missiles onto the Kursk submarine causing the death of all sailors on board. Putin made a deal with Clinton, cuz Clinton threatened war on Russia if Putin would not. This was blackmail. So all those who still serve Clinton and are hawking the loudest about Russia collusion in the 2016 election, accusing MY HUSBAND Vladimir of betraying the country of his wife, must pay damages to the families of the Kursk who were MURDERED BY A U.S. MILITARY ATTACK ON THE RUSSIAN KURSK IN VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW. It was an attack on a submarine during PEACETIME. This has NEVER BEEN RESOLVED TO THIS DAY, and as U.S. President and Empress, I am totally against attacking a nation that has done NOTHING TO US, but only needs our support as they struggle to become another free nation, not ruled by tyrants like Loree McBride and George Soros.

4.8a Regarding Putin’s so called interference in Ukraine and nations that border Russia, this is Putin using SELF-DEFENSE against N.A.T.O. (run by the evil Soros war machine). Actually, Soros INTERFERED in Ukrainian politics and orchestrated a coup against a legally elected Ukrainian President, like he’s trying to do now in the U.S.! He did this, because his goal is to take over Russia, and then take over the world. Putin knows this. So while the U.S. plants military bases all over the world and sets up their attack strategy on Russia, they accuse Russia of warmongering, when it is the U.S. doing so! I won’t have this garbage. All those who accuse Russia of meddling in our election, will be arrested for treason. Vladimir Putin is my husband for God’s sake! And I am the U.S. Empress.

4.9 Those of you who object that I cannot have more than one husband. Well, I never planned it this way, but that’s the way it is. I guess I’m a lot like King David my ancestor, who had more than one wife. But that is irrelevant to the treason charges, except to point out that these traitors only create a false narrative to keep me from those who love and support me, to create division, which only serves their warlike purposes.

5.0 After those I’ve charged with treason are tried on a military tribunal, if they are a willing and knowing Loree McBride or George Soros Jesuit and they have no change of heart but still desire to overthrow me, we have no choice but to execute them for our own safety and to ensure that their planned coup does not take place. Such a takeover would be monstrous and would cause the suffering of innocents and for tyranny to reign in the world. But there will be a trial, in public, on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) because the world needs to be educated about this attempted coup against a duly elected monarch and U.S. President, and that the attack is not against Trump, but ME. Loree plans to rule with LIES, and using her control over the mainstream lying media, plans to create the illusion that I never was U.S. President and that the election that took place on Nov. 8, 2016 never happened. I basically ran for U.S. President, because on Nov. 8, 2016, we thought both Donald and Hillary were dead and I won the election for what we thought was a dead Donald Trump.

5.1 Anybody who brings up the Russia collusion narrative will be IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED FOR TREASON and tried for treason in our military tribunal. I will not tolerate this garbage anymore! I have been far too lenient and it has caused much damage to the world, to freedom and to justice. The charade is over. I AM THE U.S. President and my laws will be enforced. Let the trials for treason begin. My just government will not be overthrown. To say that Russia interfered with the election when Vladimir Putin is my husband is OUTRAGEOUS. I have had ENOUGH. So what if he did? He’s my husband. If he did, it was only to enforce my Conspiracy Law. Those who bring up this garbage anymore are ARRESTED FOR TREASON. Vladimir has saved the earth from annihilation many times. He is our ally and only those who want to overthrow me would attack him or go after him in a war that only serves the interests of those who want me OVERTHROWN. LET THE TRIALS FOR TREASON BEGIN!! Those determined to serve Loree McBride and Soros will be executed for treason.

5.2 You might say, you can’t go after the entire Democratic Party. I actually think not all in the Democratic Party are guilty of treason, but if all are, then all will go. This probably only would be true if Loree murdered all Democrats and replaced them with clones. Knowing how evil Loree is, I cannot rule this out. It is too dangerous to our freedoms to allow tyrants to take us over. You can see what has happened because I have been so lenient and have not exercised my power as U.S. President. I cannot afford to be lenient and watch a great country go down to be ruled by tyrants. We will hold trials and determine who is guilty of treason. For the sake of freedom and justice, those guilty of treason must be executed to save our country from a takeover by tyranny. Mercy will be shown to extortion victims.

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