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(Sect. 108 U.S. FIRST AMENDMENT with modifications to be enforced in all Conspiracy Law honoring countries on Sept. 5, 2018).


108.1 Congress (or the country’s legislative body) shall make no law (or NEGLECT to make laws or to enforce laws) respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

108.1a The First Amendment in this Sect. 108 is defined as Sect. 108.1 of this Section.

108.2 NEGLECT is defined as the willing and knowing neglect to defend the First Amendment rights of a citizen or group of people, when they are being denied their First Amendment rights. NEGLECT can take the form of gaslighting the victim and enabling the perpetrator of the criminal behind the violation of the First Amendment to continue their abuses against freedom of speech, the press and religion by denying evidence of the crime, playing dumb, or lying about what has really happened to the victim.

108.3 When any legislator is guilty of NEGLECT as defined by Sect. 108.2, they are to be removed from office and replaced with another legislator, who will, at first, be appointed by Gail’s men (the men on her marriage list) or Gail herself and then after appointment, will compete with other legislators through a vote to be officially sworn in as the legislator.

108.3a If a legislative body is guilty of NEGLECT in dealing with violations of the FIRST AMENDMENT (as defined by this Sect.), then all judgments they mete out in regard to the violation will be null and void and the case must be turned over to the judicial branch and a group of voter jurors (under Conspiracy Law) who will decide the case.

108.3b Due to the onslaught of BULLIES in today’s world, no one can be a voter juror or a judge in any case if they are a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath and all voter jurors and judges must be screened by brain/emotion reads to determine if they are a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath. To willingly and knowingly allow narcissists, sociopaths or psychopaths to be a voter juror or judge, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator. This will apply to ALL cases in Conspiracy Law.

108.4 Because the Internet has become the public square, Gail has written an INTERNET BILL OF RIGHTS (Sect. 108.5), that will be an addendum to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

108.5 No person will be denied a website or a presence on any Internet site or have their website or presence diminished in any manner based solely on their political, religious or philosophical views, if that website or presence is part of the public square. A website is considered part of the public square if the content on the site has the potential to sway the outcome of an election and if a large number of the population of that country uses that site to get their information or news, regardless of whether the owner of that site claims to be a private company. Any website that is part of the public square and that practices DISCRIMINATION as defined by this Section and by Conspiracy Law and the First Amendment, will be broken up by the Federal government, and its CEOs investigated for violation of the First Amendment. If they have willingly and knowingly violated the First Amendment, they must be replaced with a CEO who will honor the First Amendment, and they must pay damages to those who suffered damages as a result of their First Amendment rights being violated. The amount of the damages will be determined by a JURY TRIAL, consisting of voter jurors (see Sect. 8 of Conspiracy Laws and Government).

108.5a The Federal government is defined as the federal government of a nation that is a Conspiracy Law honoring nation. Conspiracy Law does not recognize the European Union as a Conspiracy Law honoring body. All Conspiracy Law honoring nations demand that the European Union be dismantled and taken down, allowing each nation inside the European Union to have their own sovereignty. Any Conspiracy Law honoring nation that is a member of the European Union will be considered a TERRORIST NATION under Conspiracy Law, and those nations that are Conspiracy Law honoring nations will DECLARE WAR on any and all nations that are willingly and knowingly members of the European Union. The European Union is run by George Soros, who is a war criminal and a terrorist.

108.5b All European Union member nations have one week FROM Sept. 12, 2018 to withdraw from the European Union, or they will be considered a TERRORIST NATION, and we will DECLARE WAR on all nations that are TERRORIST NATIONS.

108.5c The European Union has just passed a law that is a form of censorship, that we absolutely, as freedom loving Conspiracy Law honoring nations, will NOT recognize! Any nation that honors any edicts or laws issued by the E.U. will be considered a TERRORIST NATION, and all Conspiracy Law honoring nations will declare war on all EU member states or nations.

108.5d China is experiencing a civil war, and for this reason, we will divide China into two nations, Conspiracy Law China under the leadership of Hu Jintao and myself, and George Soros China under the leadership of Soros/Loree McBride. All Chinese citizens must take allegiance to honor Hu Jintao (not his clone) and me as their leader. We will use brain/emotion reads to determine loyalty. Those who rebel against Hu Jintao, and who willingly and knowingly support the Soros/Loree McBride Chinese leader will be executed for treason.

108.5e Russia is working with Conspiracy Law China to lead the military forces that will fight all those we deem to be TERRORIST NATIONS. A TERRORIST NATION is any nation that willingly and knowingly dishonors Conspiracy Law and me as the leader of all Conspiracy Law honoring nations. 

108.5f Donald Trump is my representative as U.S. President and must be protected at all costs. He and his family need to live on Church of Gail and not make any public visits without the permission and protection of my men, to spare his life. 

108.5g The Conspiracy Law alliance of nations definitely includes the United States, Russia, Conspiracy Law China, and Conspiracy Law North Korea. We have quite an alliance and I’m confident that several member states of the European Union will defect from the E.U. to join us. Within each of these Conspiracy Law honoring nations are traitors who willingly and knowingly strive to usurp my leadership of these nations. These traitors must all be executed. We will use brain/emotion reads to determine who willingly and knowingly supports Loree McBride and George Soros and the Deep State. These people will be executed for high treason against our freedom loving alliance of Conspiracy Law honoring nations. Loree McBride and George Soros are evil tyrants who strive to impose their lies and murder on everybody. This absolutely will not be tolerated. Any and all organizations that willingly and knowingly support Loree McBride or George Soros are considered war criminals under Conspiracy Law and anybody or any nation that willingly and knowingly supports them and/or their policies or edicts will be treated as war criminals under Conspiracy Law and all such nations that support these criminals will be considered TERRORIST NATIONS under Conspiracy Law. Once we label a nation as a TERRORIST NATION, it means we have declared war on that nation and anybody who willingly and knowingly supports that TERRORIST NATION against us will be treated as a war criminal under Conspiracy Law.

108.6 Any website that is part of the public square must have the following terms of service incorporated into their terms of service: 1) Nobody will have their web presence diminished or removed solely on the basis of “hate speech”, 2) No public square website is allowed to have community guidelines that would make void this Sect. 108 of Conspiracy Law, as these are often vague and arbitrary and make it easy to take down the presence of those solely on their political, religious or philosophical views. 3) In place of community guidelines must be this Sect. 108 of Conspiracy Law. 4) A person can only be removed from a public square website if they have committed a crime as determined by a COURT OF LAW that honors Conspiracy Law and not be removed solely on the basis of ALLEGATIONS. 5) A person who is in the midst of a court case regarding a violation of law, can be removed from a website if the judge or jury deciding on the case deem it necessary for their removal or diminishing on a website, in order for the case to be just or for the safety of the public, but no one can be removed just because somebody complained about the person and/or because the website received a flood of complaints. This is mob rule and won’t be permitted under Conspiracy Law. 6) Bullying will not be permitted on public square websites. BULLYING is defined as the use of willing and knowing intimidation, threats, extortion, lying, and/or defamation with the intent to subdue/remove someone who is perceived as a threat to one’s ability to control another. BULLYING will be determined by MOTIVE (through brain reads on the BULLY). The brain reads must determine that the bully is motivated by narcissism, sociopathy or psychopathy. Once the brain read determines that the bully is a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath, he/she will be investigated to see if he/she is a Loree McBride Jesuit, and, if so, will be arrested and dealt with according to Conspiracy Law, with possible death penalty implications if they are willingly and knowingly a Loree McBride Jesuit. 7) All complaints given to a public square website about someone’s web presence must be turned over to the federal government, who will analyze the complaint to see if it is coming from a BULLY. Those who fail to turn over their complaints to the government will be FINED and/or their company taken over by the government, depending on the severity of their violation and whatever needs to be done to protect freedom of speech. If a BULLY is involved, the BULLY will be fined for BULLYING (and for violating or attempting to violate the free speech rights of another person) and the person they complain about must not have their web presence affected in any manner. Severe cases of BULLYING, that are a violation of Conspiracy Law, will result in arrests, imprisonment or execution, depending on the severity of the crime. 8) If the BULLY is someone whose posts are BULLYING others because they are a narcissist, psychopath or sociopath, then that person’s web presence must be removed, to stop them from bullying. However the public square website CANNOT make the determination that someone is a bully. They must turn over all complaints (of whatever nature they are, including impersonation, etc.) they receive to the federal government, who will have a special branch devoted to BULLYING, who will scan the person complained about using brain and emotion reads to determine if they are a BULLY (narcissist, sociopath, psychopath). 8) No public square website can remove any person for IMPERSONATION or for any reason, without first submitting the complaint to the Federal government who will scan the complainer using brain and emotion reads and the one complained about to determine who is the real BULLY (if a BULLY is involved) and will also determine if IMPERSONATION has taken place, 9) IMPERSONATION is defined as impersonating the identity of a person other than yourself, such as being a clone of a real person and impersonating the real person who is not a clone. Because of the existence of clones, no public square website has the legal right to determine if IMPERSONATION has taken place. IMPERSONATION has become a complicated matter. They must turn the complaint over to the Federal government and let the government scan both the complainer and the one complained about to discern who is the IMPERSONATOR. 10) In short, no public square website can remove or diminish any person’s web presence for whatever reason, without first turning over the complaint and all information associated with it to the Federal government. 11) The Federal government will determine if the law has been broken, and that person needs to be removed from a public square website. 12) Public square websites and/or those who service public square websites (such as advertisers, or those who help maintain websites) that repeatedly violate this Sect. 108 will be broken up by the Federal government and their CEOs sacked or replaced if necessary. 13) Any Federal government worker who willingly and knowingly violates Conspiracy Law and/or acts as a BULLY for the government in carrying out these laws, will receive the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator.

108.7 This law will be retroactive going back one year from today (Sept. 5, 2018). The Federal government will analyze all removals from websites from all public square websites and will mete out violations in accord with Conspiracy Law and this Section. Those public square websites (and/or those who service them) who feel they may have illegally removed persons from their sites will have one week to reinstate all those they have illegally removed or diminished (with full privileges retained) in order to avoid prosecution from the Federal government. Beginning Sept. 12, 2018, the Federal government will analyze all those directly or indirectly removed or diminished from public square websites, going back one year from Sept. 5, 2018 and will mete out penalties and enforce Conspiracy Law as appropriate. Those public square websites and/or those who service them, that refuse to cooperate with the Federal government and are in violation of this Sect. 108 will be taken over and broken up and their CEOS or leaders sacked or replaced, so that their public square website will be in compliance with Conspiracy Law.

108.8 Any willing and knowing attempt or action to violate this Sect. 108 in a manner that supports BULLYING, IMPERSONATION (as defined by this Sect.) And/or that removes illegally the free speech rights of innocents, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator. Freedom of speech is very important. Once that goes down, tyranny reigns, and Gail, as a righteous monarch wants her citizens to feel free and unthreatened by tech tyranny or other forms of tyranny.

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