Aug. 17, 2011: The Most Important Trial in World History

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I have created a page dedicated to this trial:


In this video, I plead with the world to allow this trial to go forward and not allow the Jesuits to declare a mistrial.

From the Jesuits’ own website: 9/11 was punishment for watching “What About Bob”; Gail knew she shouldn’t have watched the movie, and that we had bugged her mother’s home, but did it any way.

[edit] Operation Panic: 9/11

While we had been working on Operation Panic for quite some time, after listening to Gail talking in her house, especially when she would pick up the phone to talk to Brent, we knew this year was the right year to conduct the operation.

[edit] Gail’s Reaction to 9/11

Startling enough, she was not demoralized by the event…. she was emboldened and watched the beginning battle scene from Gladiator again and again, gathering inner strength to keep fighting. Operation Panic did not have the impact we had anticipated.

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