Aug. 26, 2011: Gail Testifies at Quebec Trial (8-25-11) Against Jesuit Loree McBride, Jesuit Bomb Kills 25,326

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I am testifying at this trial through Skype, and Jesuit Loree McBride and myself duked it out. But right before the trial, the Jesuits bombed the arena, and 25,326 people lost their lives. While Loree McBride was testifying, she pulled out a flame thrower and aimed it at the judge and tried to set the courtroom on fire. Loree McBride clone #4 (see Jesuit website for more on this) was shot to death during testimony when she tried to set the courtroom on fire and a Jesuit lawyer asked to replace her with Loree McBride clone #5. Jesuits can transfer memories from one clone to another, and so the trial continued with clone #5.

Loree McBride’s voice at this trial matches exactly the personality on her YouTube videos, with the same disrespect and disdain towards me as on her YouTube videos. If this is a fake, as is claimed on a Jesuit website called PoeTV, the actors in the background should win an Academy Award, because the judge who talks with me and conducts the trial, sure does sound like a judge to me and Loree McBride as she presents her case against me on Skype, sure does sound like a Jesuit woman presenting her case. I don’t think those gunshots I heard on Loree were fake. Also, if you go to the Jesuit website, they admit that a trial is happening in Quebec and they gloat over the 20,000 they killed. UPDATE: was taken down around 2012.

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