Brent Spiner Sings "Marie" for Gail (1990-1991)

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Brent Spiner created his music album “Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back” for me. Here is one of the songs. My website is

Brent actually called Gail gorgeous many times when he called her on the phone in 1991. Gail perceived that Brent felt she was a total knockout. She found this humorous because she did not try to come across to Brent this way. And perhaps the fact that she did, showed her that Brent saw her this way because she had both inner and outer beauty, something Gail greatly admired in Brent. At this point in Gail’s life she dressed modestly and though she exercised and tried to keep herself physically beautiful, she made sure to maintain inward as well as outward beauty. She never sent any pictures to Brent that revealed her body at this time. Only pictures of her in church dresses.

Brent liberated Gail in 2011 encouraging her to reveal her hot body to the world, which Loree has interpreted as mental illness since Loree is certain that no older woman who reveals her body could be sane. But Gail looks amazingly good for her age.

When Gail heard Brent sing “Marie”, Gail knew that Brent felt she was a knockout. This only made Brent seem like he’d be super hot in bed if God ever made a way for her and Brent to morally consummate their love. At this time, Gail’s husband kissed her like she was the wall. Gail did not realize that her husband was a pedophile. But God knew and gave Gail a promise that someday she and Brent would marry and it would be with his full approval.

Gail wrote her novel Silver Skies’s love scenes imagining how Brent would make love to her with a passion and depth of loving she never got from her husband David.

When Gail learned about Loree in 1996, Gail knew that Brent did not love Loree, because Gail already figured out that Brent loves deep, intelligent women – definitely not Loree McBride. Gail concluded he had Loree to maintain his job at Paramount and this made her lose respect for Brent in 1996, so that she dropped him as a lover in her imaginations, replacing Brent with Franco Nero. But when God told her in a still, small voice in 1999 that Loree was a Vatican agent, Gail realized that Brent went through hell to maintain his communications with her and she offered Brent marriage which she knew he would take.

Brent has tried to marry Gail since then, but Loree’s death threats against Gail are very effective. Loree knows how to get Brent’s cooperation and how to keep Brent from Gail! But Jesus promised Gail that she and Brent would marry. Jesus says that Brent and Gail were made for each other.

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