Brent Spiner Sings "Time After Time" for Gail (1990-1991)

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Brent Spiner created his music album “Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back” for me. Here is my favorite from that album. My website is

This was the first song Gail heard when she played the album she received as a gift from her friend and fellow Brent Spiner fan Melody Rondeau in June 1991. On hearing this song, Gail realized that the man with the tenor voice who longed for her on the phone was Brent Spiner. Gail, who has genius emotional intelligence, perceived that Brent had been in love with her long distance for many years, but couldn’t take it and had to let Gail know.

Gail wrote Brent to tell him she adored him, but could not have him. Brent let her phone ring off the hook as the answer. She would pick it up and he would be there silent on the other end. Sometimes he would put his co-stars Levar Burton or Gates McFadden on the other end. Gail recognized their voices. Brent did this to validate to Gail that he made the album for her.

Starting in Sept. 1992, Brent called Gail less and gave Gail an unusual 3 weeks of silence in Sept. 1992. It devastated Gail who suffered depression over the silence. But she found peace when she decided to pray for Brent for the rest of her life. Then the silence ended at the end of Sept., but Gail could tell something had happened, cuz Brent became more cautious in his calls to Gail.

Before Brent made Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back, Gail just considered Brent her long distance pen friend, seeing more as a friend than as a star. At this time in Gail’s life, Brent was the first man she ever was totally herself with. She chose a star cuz she knew that would be safe, certain the star would never desire her romantically. When she found out she was wrong, she realized that a man she could love deeply also loved her deeply. But her moral convictions would not allow Brent romance at this time and she turned down his sexual advances.

Unfortunately, the evil Jesuit Order at this time, created Loree McBride in their cloning labs to totally break up this awesome love, which was a threat for their plans for world dominion. While Gail may have seen her love only as her friend and soulmate, the Jesuits saw him as the famous Brent Spiner who might ruin their plans for world dominion, especially if he married the woman with the genes of King David and Catherine the Great – something that neither Gail or Brent knew at the time.

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