Church of Gail Cities Set up Worldwide, Homeless Trained to be Farmers/Food Replicators

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I wrote Conspiracy Law Sept. 25, 2018, mandating the creation of self-sufficient, worldwide Church of Gail cities in Conspiracy Law honoring nations to give Church of Gail members safe & free healthy housing with free healthcare & low-cost healthy food as payment for serving on Church of Gail.

UPDATE on Aug. 5, 2021: I have cancelled Biden’s eviction moratorium and will be reimbursing all landlords for all rent losses they sustained during Loree McBride’s fake “pandemic”. All those who need to be evicted must be reported to the federal government (see below) who will take care of these homeless people according to my laws for the homeless, where they will probably be placed in a Church of Gail city (see below). Landlords are not required to keep renters who do not pay their rents any longer. We, as the federal government, are not trying to confiscate or rule over private property, except for the private property of terrorists.

NEW CONSPIRACY LAW (Sept. 18 to Sept. 24, 2018)(updated Aug. 5, 2021):

Church of Gail Cities Set up Worldwide,  Homeless Trained to be Farmers/Food Replicators

Sept. 18 to Sept. 24, 2018 (updated Aug. 5, 2021):

6.0 Those who’d like to join Church of Gail to qualify to live in a Church of Gail city, contact my men at I hear that once we have these set up worldwide, we are going to really go after the Loree McBride Jesuits among us and arrest them and weed them out. It will be easier once we separate from them and they can’t use infiltration among us to cause problems. Only Church of Gail members can live in a Church of Gail city. Absolutely no Loree McBride Jesuits or dangerous narcissists can live in a Church of Gail city. Anybody who willingly and knowingly allows a dangerous narcissist to live in a Church of Gail city will get the death penalty as a Jesuit conspirator. Narcissists will ruin these cities and destroy them, so they are not allowed to live in these cities.

6.1 If we are attacked while building these cities, the nation in which the attack occurs will be put under martial law and we will use the military to arrest, deal with any and all willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits or narcissists who cause problems, possibly resulting in immediate execution of these dangerous people. Anyone who willingly and knowingly arrests or executes someone who is NOT a Loree McBride or George Soros Jesuit or a narcissist while we are under martial law in order to violate Conspiracy Law during this time will get the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator. We will not impinge on the freedoms of innocents while under martial law. With our brain and emotion reads we can easily distinguish between innocents and those who are dangerous narcissists.

6.2 I’ll read you what I’ve been writing to Brent this week:

Looks like if I move out to Texas I’ll be shopping at HEB grocers and not Walmart anymore, except I may shop Walmart online. I’d love having my own laundry room. A large kitchen is essential, cuz I cook all the time. I really wouldn’t want a super big house, cuz it’s too much housework and dusting. The chance to grow my own food is intriguing.

6.3 You may want to put a greenhouse on the property, and make sure it’s locked, so no one can mess with my food. It would be super cool if it was already stocked with my favorite foods like tomatoes, carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower. romaine lettuce. You all know what I eat, cuz I send you my grocery costs budget that lists everything I buy. You may want to include some gardening books, cuz I am kind of ignorant about this. But the chance to grow my own food intrigues me. I kind of think it might be wise to be a prepper, the way this crazy world is. Also, if I’m growing my own food, may as well make it organic.

6.4 I don’t think I’d go so far as to have my own chickens or cows, though. I imagine if I had no easy access to grocery food, I’d become somewhat vegetarian to survive. I love my eggs, so I might change my mind about chickens or hens. Chickens are cute, though. I like birds. I love watching them in the morning when I go for my walks. Not sure I’d want roosters, though, I don’t need alarm clocks in the morning. I think if I saw any chickens, I’d never want to kill them. I’d just want the fresh eggs from hens.

I got to admit I can’t imagine Brent in a home with chickens, but maybe I don’t know him as well as I think. If I don’t have chickens, I’ll just have to drive out to HEB and buy my groceries. Not sure I’m a chickens kind of girl. But I am very creative and I know how to survive. Like I sew and can easily cook from scratch. I used to even make my own pasta!

6.5 I would definitely want a big freezer, cuz I never have enough freezer space! That way I could only shop once a month, cuz I HATE to go to the store. And if I have my own greenhouse, I could get my produce from my garden, which would save me from going to the store.

However, if I have a big freezer, I could buy lots of bags of frozen vegetables, enough to last for a month or longer!

6.6 Is it possible to set the home up with solar power, in case we have a power outage? I would need plenty of kitchen cabinets, cuz I’m a big time cook. A sewing room would be nice, too. A great way for me to be organized. A sewing room would have a large table to lay out patterns and cut fabrics and lots of small drawers for storing fabrics, etc. Of course, I kind of have what I need already. But having the room would make it easy for me to leave the project out and not have to put it up, until I’m finished.

6.7 As far as television, perhaps we could have satellite, that way I’d get free Internet from Church of Gail. Then with a satellite, I guess I’d have satellite T.V. Never had that before, but I think they offer more my kind of fare. I’m not too impressed with what they air on Spectrum cable.

6.8 My mother gave me tons of clothing, so I would need large closet space.

6.9 I also think I’d like my own bed and do it German style with two beds together for sleeping. I sleep rather light and don’t do well with another person in my bed. Though I certainly wouldn’t mind that for cuddling. But when it’s time to sleep, I want my own bed. Two twins together is perfect. I love a foam mattress.

7.0 I don’t like chemicals in the air, so make the home environmentally friendly. As far as flooring, I’m neutral. Wood flooring might be nice. I once had a new mobile home that the Jesuits laced with extra formaldehyde. That home made me sick. So if wood flooring would give me formaldehyde, go with something else.

7.1 But make sure whatever home you set up for me, that it will be easy to do the Gail Commandments. Maybe have a walking trail nearby, or shaded streets that are nice to walk on, like I have here in Melbourne. Texas gets hot in the summer, so shaded streets are a must.

7.2 Oh and I forgot to mention water filtration. Have the home set up with a water filtration system. Another option would be to have the entire city’s water supply filtered, and to remove fluoride from the water system, too. That would also be great in case we have a disaster. I used to filter my shower water, but don’t do that anymore. I remember when I lived in S.E. Houston, that Houston water was TERRIBLE. When I showered with it, it even made my hair look worse. Definitely would be nice to have a water filtration system in the home or city.

7.3 I love Sally Beauty Supply for hair products and I believe their headquarters is Texas. I get my shampoo and creme rinse and hair cutting and hair coloring products from them. The city needs to have stores that sell all the necessities.

7.4 Forgot to mention that a two-car garage would probably be nice. I’ve noticed that parking my car outside really ages the car fast, hastening rust and other problems. It would be nice to have a paved drive way and sidewalks nearby to lessen bringing dirt into the house as well.

7.5 I’m pretty adaptable, but since you tell me you all are custom designing the home I decided to offer my input.

7.6 Also, make sure the bathrooms are easy to clean. I always wipe down the walls in the shower stall after every shower to prevent mold/mildew. Too many nooks and crannies in the walls would hasten mold build up. This is not as important as having a two car garage, though. Cars age fast when they are parked outside and exposed to the elements. I really don’t need a new car every year. I like to buy stuff that lasts and take good care of it.

I just like the idea of being self-sufficient and not so dependent on the grocery store. I would love to only grocery shop every 3 weeks or so and still be able to eat fresh produce and have my eggs. Meat is not a problem if you have a large freezer.

7.7 As I was out for my walk this morning, Brent told me brain to brain that you all are constructing an ENTIRE CITY near Kerrville, TX based on the ideas I shared with you yesterday. I’ll tell you what I heard. You are creating a city that will have a Walmart Super Center, a huge fish farm that grow salmon, trout and all kinds of edible fish and seaweeds (wakame, kelp, etc.). You only need one fish/seaweed farm and it will be a huge constructed man-made lake totally free of pollution and will be temperature controlled in different sections, so that the temperature and waters will be perfect for different kinds of fish. Some portions of it will be salt water and some fresh water. So it will be partitioned on the inside with different sections for different fish and edible seaweeds. The fish and seaweeds will be harvested and sold at the grocers and also offered for free or discounted to Church of Gail residents who live in the city. The city will be composed like a huge suburb on the outskirts of Kerrville, with one farm per every ten households. That farm will grow the foods needed for ten families or ten houses on its block. A farm family will run the farm and their payment will be free housing and enough money to meet their needs. They must grow the foods, raise the meats needed for the ten families they support. The ten families will tell the farmer what they eat and the farmer will grow/raise their foods/livestock. The vegetables and fruit will be grown in a greenhouse on the farm’s property. This greenhouse will be capable of growing any type of vegetable or fruit that is commonly eaten by the ten families and the farmer’s family. It will be temperature controlled to have the ideal growing conditions for the families’ food. The greenhouse will be set up with automatic watering and fertilizing, using organic farming methods. The greenhouse will grow the most commonly eaten foods by the families. If they need something that the greenhouse does not provide, they can go to the Walmart Super Center down the road, or any grocers in the area. The farm will also raise livestock (beef, pigs, lambs, chickens, turkeys, etc.) for meat for the families. The livestock will be killed humanely, so that there is minimum suffering. The livestock will be raised antibiotic and hormone free and will be like organic meat. If they desire fish, they can go to the fishery, which will sell fresh fish strait from the fish farm. Or if they desire canned fish, they can go to the Walmart or grocer in the area.

7.7a Also, we will set up food replicators in each city, so that we may not need as many farms. This will also solve the problem in 2021, that we no longer have birds. The food replicators will make copies of the food items that people in the city buy and offer them for a discount to the grocery stores in the area. We will also have a food stamps program, enabling the poor to have enough money for food.

7.8 The grocers in this city will be unique in that they can get most of their fresh food from within the city and from the food replicators sell it at the store at a great discount for this reason. They may even start their own canning, to create discounted canned food made from the fisheries or livestock or produce grown in the city or from the food replicators.

7.9 The city will be set up with one small farm and/or food replicators per ten families and with millions of residents, that would mean there would be like 100,000 small farms or food replicators in the “city”. One out of ten of the residents must be full-time farmers or food replicator managers, to make the city self-sustaining and not dependent on outside resources. All farmers will have a small farm and are responsible to grow the food for their ten families and the meats they need also. There will be a family or two that will manage the fish farm, that will supply fish and seaweeds to the city. These are small farms, so they would not need large tracts of land, except for perhaps the cattle, but then all they may need is one or two cows per farm family. It would probably be wise to have a blend of food replicators and farms, so that we always have prime foods from which to replicate any foods needed for the city. If worst comes to worse, we can ship prime foods from other Church of Gail cities and start trade between Church of Gail cities.

8.0 Regarding each home’s landscaping, that will depend on the owner’s preference. If they prefer a desert landscape, they will have a rock garden for their yard. If they prefer a lawn, they will have a grass lawn. Those who have lawns, will have their lawns serviced by the farm family, who may use some of their tract to help grow the vegetables and fruit needed for its ten families. So the farm family will have plenty of land for their needs.

This huge city will be called Church of Gail City. It will be located in Texas hill country. The mail will be delivered to a Kerrville address and may be set up like it is currently in Church of Gail, where the mail gets delivered to a P.O. Box in Kerrville and then forwarded to a residential address out in Church of Gail City.

8.1 Church of Gail City will have a closed door policy. No one can visit the city or live in the city unless they go through a security check or scan, just like they do when they enter the Church of Gail spaceship. Only those who are eligible to live on Church of Gail spaceship can live in Church of Gail city in Texas.

8.2 There will be a huge dome shield over Church of Gail city to try and protect it from outside threats. This shield will filter out pollution from bombs and pollutions and allergens and keep the air clean for residents. This shield will execute any attackers, including any planes that try to drop chem trails and other threats to the residents. But the shield will allow sunlight to get through to sustain the many farms in the city.

8.3 Basically Church of Gail city will be set up to be self-sustaining, in the event the U.S. becomes a victim of a major terrorist attack, so that the residents can have their needs met in a disaster. In fact, it’s possible that if the U.S. got bombs all over and it is necessary, this city could give out its foods to others around the world as needed.

8.4 The medical care will continue as it has been under Church of Gail, with the local resident doctors offering their services for free to city residents. The doctors will be paid with free housing, groceries and medical care for themselves and their families, including free prescription medications to their families. The medical care will operate using my national health care plan for the residents, except that it will be free and those who provide the care, the nurses, the doctors, the pharmacists will be paid with free medical care, free housing, free food, free medications. Pharmacies will be all over the Church of Gail city, who will compound and create their own medications. This will free the city from the control of Big Pharma and allow the medications to be sold at a greatly reduced price, or even for free, with the pharmacists paid with free housing, food, medical care, etc. Those who offer the medical care, medications, etc. will also be paid a bit of a salary, enough to meet their needs, but not enough for luxury living.

Any ways, this sounds like a GREAT IDEA. Can’t wait till I live in this city with my awesome husband Brent Spiner.

8.5 Due to the fact that the city is self-sustaining, we can control a lot of our costs and it will just make it more affordable to everyone. We will allow stores and businesses as needed by the community. For instance, we may have Burger Kings, sushi houses, etc. All the homes will be set up very similar to how our home will be set up, Brent.

8.6 The goal of this city is to be self-sustaining, so that we are not dependent on the outside world for our needs. In fact, due to evil controlling Big Tech, we will even allow those who work for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc, who don’t like working for them cuz they’ve turned evil, to live at Church of Gail city and operate from within Church of Gail city and we will create our own version of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and launch it from Church of Gail city using our own satellites and technology. I hear Donald Trump is breaking them up any ways, because they’ve all turned into a big cartel, and so we will create our own Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. MINUS the Draconian censorship, so that people like Alex Jones will have their free speech again! Those who work for Big Tech and who live in Church of Gail city are forbidden to violate Conspiracy Law as they operate Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, etc. from Church of Gail city or they will be kicked out and/or executed (depending on how they have violated Conspiracy Law).

8.7 Any ways, this Church of Gail city will be like a huge Israeli kibbutz and even better. So excited about being able to live with my true family! Though we can use Star Trek-like transporter technology to enter and leave Church of Gail city in Texas, it won’t be necessary, so I can easily live there!

8.8 Today, I learned that many homeless people are joining our Church of Gail and that they will be the farmers and/or food replicator managers used to grow food and raise livestock for the Church of Gail cities and their families. We have a special training program for the farmers and/or food replicator managers, who need to specialize in small farms and small livestock and be trained more in versatility than in specialization, kind of like how people got their food in the nineteenth century.

8.9 Gail is setting up these cities all over the United States and people really want this. They are willing to forego a luxury income in order to have this security, because of the free quality housing, free quality healthcare, and very cheap quality food. These cities are self-sustaining and help us to get out from under the control of Big Pharma, big tech and the Deep State, so that we no longer need China or any country for food because we are totally self-sustaining, so China can hit us with all sorts of tariffs and it doesn’t phase us. Like all the Church of Gail cities in Texas have their own rice farms. I would also suggest that any Middle Eastern and Russian countries that set up cities like this could set up oil production facilities operated by our own Church of Gail members and be set up a way to bypass OPEC and have our own oil production facilities, making gasoline really cheap. We could set up our own trade between Church of Gail cities around the world and totally bypass the Deep State! But our goal is mainly to make each city totally self-sustaining, so we would only have trade between cities for commodities that are not easily produced by each and every Church of Gail city.

9.0 Also, in the event of civil war, where we may fall under martial law with supplies, power and food cut off, these cities are designed to be self-sustaining and are the ideal set up for any country in a civil war. It’s also a good way to separate the bad guys from the good guys, making it harder for Loree McBride Jesuits to infiltrate among us and cause confusion and bloodshed among us during civil war.

9.0a1 No Church of Gail city is allowed to have any coronavirus vaccines on their premises and if anyone is found willingly in possession of a coronavirus vaccine, they will be executed. We do not recognize the coronavirus pandemic in any Conspiracy Law honoring country. All shut downs, all requirements for masking are cancelled in all Conspiracy Law honoring countries if it’s in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus is to be treated like the common flu. Those organizations that violate our laws related to the coronavirus will be fined AND if they try to force the coronavirus vaccine on anyone (directly or indirectly), they will be militarily TAKEN OVER. If necessary, after clearing out innocents, we may even have to bomb buildings of violators and clinics that offer the coronavirus vaccine in violation of Conspiracy Law (see Sect. 15 of this document).


9.0a Because the coronavirus has never been more deadly than the common flu and was orchestrated in order to gain power for Satan and Loree McBride, all eviction moratoriums are CANCELLED. HOWEVER, all landlords are required to submit reports to the federal government of all those they must/or have evicted for lack of rent payment. All of those evicted must be treated according to our laws for the homeless (see Sect. 56 of Conspiracy Laws and Government). Ideally, we would like to put those who became homeless as a result of the “pandemic” in Church of Gail cities (see above) that are designed to be self-sustaining and not dependent on the global economy or system.

9.0b FURTHER, all landlords who have suffered lost rent or partial rent as a result of the “pandemic” are required to submit paperwork to the government detailing and documenting their losses because of unpaid rent or partial rent payments due to the pandemic. These documents must be accurate and if any landlord submits incorrect information, with the intent to get more compensation from the government than they should, they will be fined triple for the incorrect amounts submitted. These fines will be used to help worthy landlords, and the homeless, who need assistance.

9.0c Once the paperwork has been submitted, we will reimburse to these landlords the ENTIRE AMOUNT OF RENT THEY DID NOT RECEIVE DURING THE ENTIRE PANDEMIC. As a condition for receiving this, the landlords must not raise the rent for any of their tenants for each year they have been compensated. So, let’s say, we reimburse them for years 2020 and 2021, this means the landlords cannot raise their rents for TWO YEARS from the date they receive the rent reimbursements from us. We will get the money for these rent reimbursements to landlords from Loree McBride Jesuits (who orchestrated the fake “pandemic”), by seizing Loree McBride Jesuit bank accounts and using that to pay damages to these landlords. If there is money left over from our seizures of the bank accounts of Loree McBride Jesuits and some people have lost their jobs (or suffered significant financial losses) or have been evicted as a result of the Loree McBride fake “pandemic”, that money will go to finance our Church of Gail cities and to take care of those who became homeless as a result of the “pandemic”.

9.0d Any landlord that raises their rent for their tenants in violation of this contract between the government and the landlords, will be required to pay back to the government all the rent reimbursement we gave them for the unpaid rent they suffered during the pandemic. The purpose for the rent reimbursement is to make rent affordable to people and to curtail the effects of inflation due to Loree McBride’s disastrous orchestrated pandemic. We also want to take care of those who cannot afford a home or place to live.

LAWS FOR THE HOMELESS AND THOSE IN DESTITUTE POVERTY (written on Nov. 10, 2004). For those homeless people who would be absolutely horrible farmers, we also have this option to deal with them (taken from Sect. 56 of Conspiracy Laws and Government):

56.0 All workers (social workers, physicians, maids, etc.) in the homeless CARE CENTERS are considered LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS and must not be UNWILLING AGENTS and those professionals (social workers, physicians, vocational guidance counselors, etc.) in the CARE CENTERS must know CONSPIRACY LAW (see Sect. 28.8[c7] of ICL:ST).

56.0(a1) It will be the job of the MILITARY POLICE, to ensure that all adult (18 years of age or older) homeless people are treated according to HOMELESS CATEGORY A or HOMELESS CATEGORY B, in order to assist these people and give them the breaks they need to get back on their feet.
56.0(a) It will be the job of the MILITARY POLICE, to ensure that juvenile homeless persons are treated according to Sect. 56.0(x) and (y) of this document.

56.0(b) The adult homeless will be divided into two categories: Those who are homeless because of medical problems or addictions (like alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.), called HOMELESS CATEGORY A and those who are homeless because of other reasons, called HOMELESS CATEGORY B.

56.0(c) Those in HOMELESS CATEGORY A will be placed in government sponsored CARE CENTERS, where they will be treated, fed and housed free of charge and helped to regain their health and/or to be removed from their addictions. There will be some cross-over between the national health care plan of that homeless person’s country and the CARE CENTERS, so some of the money which is contributed to the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK for the HOMELESS may be used to pay for the services of medical professionals and other professionals who care for sick homeless persons. In this respect, the NATIONAL HEALTH CARE PLAN will receive some funds from the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK (in order to give them the financial assistance to care for those homeless persons who need medical assistance). The CARE CENTERS for the homeless will not be finances by taxes, but by donations from those who donate to the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK and by some funds from the NATIONAL HEALTH CARE PLAN (to pay the salaries of physicians and others who treat the homeless).

56.0(d) We prefer to use the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK to finance the care of the homeless, because there is strict financial accountability in the ICB and this should help to ensure that all monies donated to the homeless, WILL BE USED FOR THE HOMELESS and not for nefarious purposes.

56.0(e) Those homeless in government sponsored CARE CENTERS will have to follow the rules of the CARE CENTERS. There will be curfews and rules for quiet. They must not trash out their premises and must keep their area clean and organized–so that their area will not become a health problem to the CARE CENTERS, if they have the health to do so. They will be instructed how to dispose of their waste, how to use the restrooms, kitchens and other areas where illness could be spread, so that they will not spread illness by stupid actions, like throwing vomit filled (or feces filled) napkins into open trash receptacles. These are called SANITATION RULES and if these rules are violated, then these homeless will not be allowed to remain in the CARE CENTER and may be moved to another facility where they will be strictly monitored.

56.0(f) If the homeless are bedridden, then maids will be hired to keep their premises clean. There will be inspections. No loud music can be played or no loud noises can be made which could disturb their neighbors. No illegal drugs are permitted on the premises and no drunkenness will be tolerated on the premises. No guns or dangerous weapons will be permitted on the premises. If the homeless need transportation to and/or from their CARE CENTER, a van may be used to transport them to and from locations; or they may request and order needed materials from orderlies who will go and purchase for them what they need.

56.0(f1) The set-up will be like a dormitory or college housing complex, and there may be a cafeteria and some rooms may have cooking facilities. A cafeteria may be necessary for those who are sick (like diabetics) and need to be on special diets.

56.0(g) No homeless person will be placed in the mentally ill section, unless he is diagnosed as mentally ill person (prone to violence or suicide) by a PLP or RSP. Those homeless in the mentally ill section, will not be permitted to have anything on their person or in their premises which could be used for suicide or murder (such as knives, ropes, guns, etc.). It will be our goal to bring these mentally ill homeless back to good mental health and to release them from the CARE CENTER as soon as it is safely possible. They will be placed in treatment programs to help them regain their mental health. These programs will be administered by PLPs (who are trained in psychiatry). However, the psychiatry practiced by these psychiatrists must be done according to the guidelines of Sect. 5 of GENERAL 666-COMPUTER OR SATELLITE COMPUTER LAWS. We have found it necessary to redefine mental illness, since many mental illness categories are not accurate and need to be redefined (see Sect. 5 of GENERAL 666-COMPUTER OR SATELLITE COMPUTER LAWS).

56.0(h) If the rules for the CARE CENTERS are violated, those homeless will be released from the CARE CENTER and placed in jail or in other CARE CENTERS where they will be strictly monitored and controlled (possibly with barbed wire enclosures and locked cells).

56.0(i) When, and if, these homeless are brought back to health or removed from their addictions to the point that (if they had the training), they could be successful at a financially stable occupation, they will be placed in training programs to help them gain skills and/or degrees in order to obtain employment. These training programs will be administered by those who are experts in analyzing people (and who will use 666-Computer analysis of I.Q. and hidden talents), in order to determine where these homeless people can find their “niche” in the job market.

56.0(j) It is our goal to train these homeless people to develop their talents and skills so that they can be prepared to enter occupations (for which they are suited and for which they have skills, aptitudes and interests). This will help to strengthen the economy and will help to contribute valuable workers into the workforce. After we screen the homeless and present to them the results of our 666-Computer analysis of their aptitudes, abilities, interests, etc.– that homeless person (if not mentally ill as determined by Sect. 5 of GENERAL 666-CL) can choose which training program they want. If we feel they’ve made a poor choice, we will advise them otherwise, but we will not force them to adopt our guidelines.

56.0(k) However, once they enroll in a training program, they must be faithful to it, so it is important for them to make a wise choice. If, they follow a training program, which we do not advise for them, and fail in it because it is determined they are not fit for that occupation (as determined by 666-Computer analysis of their brain), then the next time they must go into the training program which we recommend for them. If they fail because of unforeseen health problems or other reasons (besides lack of suitability for that field), then we will allow them to continue in that training program, if they desire. We will let them start over and try again, if they are still interested in that field and it is determined they are suitable for that field.

56.0(l) Once a homeless person is placed in a training program, he/she will have to report regularly to his/her social worker, to ensure that he is following his/her training program and is progressing in his/her training program. The training program will be designed so that the homeless person (in spite of his/her disabilities) will be able to successfully complete that program, if he/she is diligent and committed to that training program. We may allow the homeless to study at his/her own pace or on the internet or by computer or in classroom or a mix of both, but a program will be outlined for each homeless person which best suits his/her style of acquiring knowledge and/or skills for an occupation and that homeless person must follow his/her training program with deadlines established for completing the modules of his/her training program.

56.0(m) Part of the training, will include on-the-job training, where he/she will be immersed into his occupation as an apprentice. The homeless person will be paid for his/her work as an apprentice in his/her field. The purpose for allowing the homeless person to work as an apprentice in his/her chosen field is to ensure we have placed this homeless person in the right training program. If he/she bombs out (or feels miserable or out of place) as an apprentice in his/her field, we may put him/her in another training program for another field. The reasons for the failure as the apprentice will be analyzed and the homeless person may be transferred to another training program for another field. Generally, people tend to be happy in work for which they are suited. So, if this person hates his/her apprentice job, he/she may be training for the wrong profession. We will strive to spot these misplacements early, so that we can place the homeless person in the right occupation, so that our training on him/her will not be wasted.

56.0(n) For example, let’s say we determine that we have a homeless person with a high I.Q., who is an outstanding candidate (but somehow got bad breaks and ended up homeless). And this person has an interest and aptitude for medicine. And 666-Computer analysis of that person’s brain indicates that this person, if trained, because of his/her interests, intelligence, personality profile, humanitarian instincts, etc.would make a fine medical doctor. We will strive to train the homeless to enter fields for which they are suited and for which they are interested, and for which they can make valuable contributions to society. This will give that homeless person satisfaction and when a homeless person is happy on his/her job, then he/she is no longer on the streets. We will use 666-Computer analysis of that person’s brain and compare it to the profile we obtain of those who are successful in various occupations, to best determine which training program to place this homeless person in. For instance, if this homeless person’s brain profile matches those of about 80% of the successful medical doctors, we may recommend for him/her to pursue a medical course of study.

56.0(o) This homeless person may be placed in a training program to be a medical doctor. We would pay for the training. We may start him/her off in a pre-med course of study and have him work as an apprentice in a medical field (possibly as an orderly for surgeons or as an orderly in a hospital or medical office, etc.). Because medical training is so involved, we would place such a homeless person in a training program that would prepare him for a medical related field (not as involved as medical school, at first–to see how he/she does). For instance, we may first place him in training to be a pharmacist or pharmacy assistant or to be a medical technician or medical technologist. And then if he/she does well in this and continues to advance, he may eventually end up becoming a licensed physician. But, in the meanwhile, he/she will have an employable skill, such as pharmacist or medical technologist. He may then hold a position as a medical technologist or other more advanced position above medical orderly. Eventually, if he/she sticks with the program, he may end up becoming a licensed physician.

56.0(p) Many homeless people have vast talent and because of bad situations in their lives, this talent is wasted. We will strive to give these people a “break” and to help them find employable ways to use their energies and get them off the streets and into financial independence.

56.0(q) Before we place the homeless into any training program, we will analyze each homeless person, according to 666-Computer analysis of his/her brain, in order to determine I.Q., psychological profile, his/her interests, his/her abilities, and how closely his/her brain profile matches the brain profiles of those who are successful in their occupations, etc. to determine which training programs are best suited for these homeless persons.

56.0(r) Those in HOMELESS CATEGORY B may be placed in government sponsored housing with stipends for food, but depending on the person, may just be given some financial assistance to help them in hard times. If they are given financial assistance, it will be in the form of a money card (like a food stamps card) which can be used to help them purchase the necessities. This would be very similar to the welfare and food stamps program in the United States. Each case will be evaluated individually by government social workers who will study that person’s circumstances and will decide what will be the best form of action for this person.

56.0(s) If we feel it is helpful, we will also place some of those in HOMELESS CATEGORY B into training programs to prepare them for occupations which would get them off the streets and move them into occupations where they can make valuable contributions to society.

56.0(t) If, they cannot afford the training they need, we will pay for their training and they will have to report to our social workers (who will monitor their progress in their training module). Their training will be handled as described in Sect. 56.0(i) through (q) for HOMELESS CATEGORY A. This could be a way to create talented lawyers, doctors, teachers, accountants, government workers, etc. to enter the workforce. We will not train the homeless for a field in which their financial stability is uncertain (such as actress, musician, etc.) since our goal is to get these people off the streets.

However, once that homeless person has financial stability, they can pursue these other careers or interests on their own. It must be noted that if the homeless person has a passion for a financially uncertain field, he/she could train for a similar field (which is more financially solid–like technical writer or scientific writer or medical doctor who advises screenwriters and technical people in Hollywood) in which he/she could acquire skills (like writing skills) which would help him/her in his/her “dream” job. These skills could be transferred to his/her dream job (like minister, missionary, fiction writer, actress, screenwriter, poet, news broadcaster, etc.) later. We may even allow the homeless person to act as an apprentice in his/her dream field (freelancing screenwriter, missionary) while he/she trains for the more financially solid job (technical writer, doctor, nurse, teacher)–since, for instance, the skills required to be a good screenwriter can help one to be a creative and better technical writer.

56.0(u) The financing for HOMELESS PROGRAMS for those in CATEGORY A or B will come from the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK and from donations made to the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK for the HOMELESS.

56.0(v) Donations can be made to the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK for the HOMELESS and all donations made to this fund can only be used to help the homeless, if this money is willingly and knowingly used for any other purpose, that will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to the person who illegally handled the funds.

56.0(w) Our goal is to get people off the streets, away from addictions and crime and into the workforce where they can make contributions to society and be useful members of society.

56.0(x) THOSE HOMELESS PERSONS WHO ARE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE OR WHO ARE YOUNG ENOUGH TO NEED THE GUIDANCE OF A FAMILY AND PARENTS and, if it is deemed they would do best in a family situation, will be placed with adoptive families, according to the guidelines of Sect. 7 of INTERNATIONAL REPRODUCTIVE LAWS.

56.0(y) Those younger homeless with a history of medical problems, drug addictions, etc. will be treated according to HOMELESS CATEGORY A for adults, but may be placed in special CARE CENTERS for juveniles.

56.0(z) Any willing and knowing violations of the guidelines of this Sect. 56, with the goal to assist the Jesuit Order in their goals for a worldwide dictatorship, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.

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