Nov. 19, 2011: Gail Chord's Portraits, Brent Spiner sings 'It's a Sin to Tell a Lie'

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Brent Spiner created his music album “Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back” for me. Here is one of his songs. My website is

With this song, Brent wanted to let married Gail know in 1991 that he truly loved her with a marriage kind of love. Gail got the message, but sadly had to turn him down in 1991 due to her very strong Christian convictions about adultery, but refused to give him up as her long distance lover. Unfortunately, the Jesuits took advantage of Gail’s high moral standards to inject Loree McBride into Brent’s life in 1992, to make sure that Brent could never marry the woman he truly loved.

Gail was very private about her love for Brent while married, to protect their long distance relationship from her very jealous husband. After her divorce in 2001, she began to go more public about her love for Brent.

However, Jesus gave Gail a promise in 1992, several months after Loree drug raped Brent, that used the song “Somewhere” from West Side Story as a promise, that someday she and Brent would be married and it would be with God’s full approval. Jesus Christ personally showed up in 2012 and reconfirmed that promise, assuring Gail that she has been hearing from Jesus all these years about his plan for her life. Jesus said that she and Brent would defeat the Jesuits and it would be in an awesome way. So Gail guesses that after the Jesuits are defeated that she and Brent will marry.

Gail refuses to give up her soulmate to Loree McBride. If she did, Brent could very well commit suicide. There is a Brent Spiner clone who is evil and is Loree’s cuckasaurus rex against innocents who oppose Loree.

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