Nov. 19, 2011: Gail Chord's Portraits, Brent Spiner sings 'When I Fall in Love'

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Brent Spiner created his music album “Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back” for me. Here is one of his songs. My website is

Brent Spiner in 1991, realizing he had fallen in love with a woman of deep Christian convictions, tried to convince her he meant business and wasn’t playing games with her heart. He would obviously feel no need to do this with Loree McBride, who loves to be in the spotlight in public with Brent to show off her celebrity status. Gail fell in love with Brent as a person, not as a celebrity and Brent knew it. To ensure Jesus would approve of her love for Brent, knowing she was married when it happened, she kept it very private in the 1990s. It seemed so special and so deep and pure, she didn’t want the world to see it as inferior goods. That is why she wrote Silver Skies (novel) to let the world know how deep and true she felt Brent’s feelings were for her.

Brent has never wanted Loree McBride, who is totally obsessed with her status as the celebrity “wife”. Gail never cared about fame, fortune or celebrity when she fell in love with Brent. All she saw was his beautiful soul and the nature of this deep and special love is reflected in the songs Brent chose for his album of love songs for Gail: Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back.

Gail would have been content to keep her love with Brent private forever, but, unfortunately, Loree’s intrusion into Brent’s love for her has forced Gail to go public, so that she can one day marry the man of her dreams: Brent Spiner.

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