Nov. 16, 2011: The wife of the real Brent Spiner's heart (1990 to now)

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Nov. 16, 2011: A Brent Spiner clone has stolen Brent Spiner’s computer, so the real Brent does not feel safe communicating with me online right now and this is also why the real Brent has temporarily shut down his website at

Order my books Brent Spiner’s Flames and Bible for Tribulation Saints at Amazon for the latest online communications between myself and Brent. Even at my own website, I have experienced problems in working on my own website, as it seems “bugs” have invaded the website building program, but, thus far, I have found ways to work around the bugs. I have also had some problems with my e-mails to Brent, in that I’ve had log-on issues, but I’ve found ways to work around these thus far.

These photos on this video I made for Brent Spiner for “Church of Gail” on November 3, 2011, using my webcam, so photo quality is not the greatest. Jesuit Loree McBride is married to a Brent Spiner clone. Jesuits have cloned both Loree McBride and Brent Spiner with many copies, but the real Brent Spiner, the one born February 2, 1949 from Houston, Texas has been in love with me since 1990, and has made two music albums for me “Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back” and “Dreamland”. Visit my website & for more on this.

Brent did NOT dedicate his music album “Dreamland” to Loree McBride or her son (conceived via artificial insemination with semen obtained through drug rape with Brent Spiner). She has gotten cooperation from the real Brent Spiner to maintain her public presence with Brent Spiner, by threatening him with public exposure as her sexual partner, using her photographic “evidence” to scare him into submission. UPDATE: She actually threatened to KILL ME if he wouldn’t play her game. He mentions her in very small print in a group with others on “Dreamland”. Doesn’t sound like a dedication to me, but rather, an attempt at pacification. Visit Judge Terrance Jenkins YouTube channel and my website at for more about how Loree likes to display her sexual photos with “Brent Spiner”.

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