Nov. 19, 2011: Gail Chord's Portraits, Brent Spiner sings 'Goodnight Sweetheart'

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Brent Spiner created “Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back” for me. This is one of the songs. Visit my website

He sings of a woman who is not beside him and who he longs for. That woman was me in 1990/1991 when he made the album. Brent and I have had a passionate and devoted long distance relationship since 1990. In 1990 I was married and it was against my strong Christian moral convictions to go to him, but I loved him in my dreams. When Jesus showed me (1999) that Loree McBride was a Vatican agent and that my enemy was the Catholic Church and that my husband was also their agent, I knew I had Scriptural grounds for divorce and that if I did not leave my marriage my husband would kill me. So in 1999 I offered Brent forgiveness for Loree and my hand in marriage. Due to Jesuit obsession over our love for each other, as of Sept. 2018, we have not been able to physically consummate our love, other than brain to brain loving (which is quite satisfying by the way).

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