Nov. 19, 2011: Gail Chord's Portraits, Brent Spiner sings 'Long, Long Time'

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Brent Spiner created “Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back” for me. Here is one of his songs. Visit my website

In this particular song he hints that the woman he is singing about has been on his heart for years. Brent sang this in 1990/1991. He first started reading my letters to him in 1989. So from 1989 to 1991, he secretly loved me. I do recall that during this time, about once a month someone called me on the phone and never said a word. I’d pick up the phone and there would be a blank on the other end. This never happened to me until I started writing Brent. Then in May 1991, this person talked to me and it was the voice of Brent Spiner. He made love to me on the phone with the same longings in his voice that you hear in this song.

Loree McBride entered Brent’s life as his stalker and drug rapist in 1992. Jesuits created her in their cloning labs to destroy Brent’s love for me. They failed. However, Loree refuses to give up her status as Brent Spiner’s wife, driven by pride and self-absorption to maintain a lie at the expense of Brent’s love for me. The REAL Brent Spiner has NEVER wanted Loree McBride. Loree lives in a delusional world of her own self-importance and will do literally ANYTHING to enforce that delusion upon the world, killing and destroying anyone who gets in her way. She and the Brent Spiner clone currently head up the Loree McBride Jesuits, who aim for world power and the total destruction of Brent’s love for me. We tell the TRUTH, so we must be destroyed.

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