Church of Gail Messages to Gail's Men at Church of Gail (Jan. 20, 2019)

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I definitely feel that this Dallas Theological Seminary (below) message and John MacArthur and other’s messages which I’ve embedded below (as video and audio sermons) is perfect for Gail’s men at this time who live on Church of Gail. I recommend that the men who decide who should be on my marriage list analyze how my men feel when they listen to these messages and if they disagree with them, it may help you to weed out some “bad eggs”.

Though I will never reinstate any guy to my marriage list who has had sex with Loree McBride in rebellion to me and Jesus (like Viggo Mortensen), if they repent of their rebellion against Jesus, we can allow them to return as crew members at Church of Gail. If they are willing to return, understanding they will not be on my marriage list, that is a pretty sure indicator they will not be a danger at Church of Gail. It shows that they have put Jesus first in their life and have abandoned their dangerous path following Satan and Loree McBride.

Gail will not make love to Viggo anymore brain to brain, because he’s off his path and is on Satan’s path. She regularly lightning bolts him if he tries to talk to her brain to brain. When, and if, these men return, she encourages them to find a wonderful woman (not Gail) to be their spouse and for them to learn some patience and humility in their walk with the Lord.

We absolutely will not allow protests on Church of Gail.

That is the spirit of Satan. It is a sign of rebellion against Jesus and will NOT be tolerated! It takes a man of deep spiritual maturity to be Gail’s husband and these rebel men have a lot of growing to do. Gail will not reinstate them to her marriage list, because they don’t have the spiritual maturity to be her husband. But if they are willing to return, understanding that they will NOT be on Gail’s marriage list, they can return to grow in their walk with Jesus.

Gail encourages them to find a good Christian girl who loves the Lord. Having sex with Loree McBride is a very evil thing to do and Viggo (and any man who has had sex with Loree in a rebellious state) can only return to Church of Gail if he repents publicly in sackcloth and ashes, with the penitent act shown on Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel.

Gail will not reinstate any of these men to her marriage list if they return (especially if they have had sex with Loree) to send a strong message that alignment with Satan’s right hand person is as bad as taking the mark of the beast! She will allow them to return to Church of Gail as crew members if they had sex with Loree because of INSANITY.

But the fact that they had sex with Loree in a rebellious state disqualifies them forever from Gail’s marriage list! But Gail believes in forgiveness and they can return as crew members (free to marry any good Christian girl they want) and can be Church of Gail members if they publicly repent in sackcloth and ashes on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel.

Right now the judgment of God is on the rebel men and Gail as Jesus’s prophet encourages them to repent before Jesus allows Satan to destroy them. They need to do like Nineveh when Jonah preached to Nineveh to get right with God, BEFORE JESUS DESTROYS THEM. I think Jesus is pretty pissed right now (you 10,000 guys following the lead of your Antichrist Viggo Mortensen). You better get right if you have a brain on your head. Repent in sackcloth and ashes before God lets you drown in your own sins. PLEASE LISTEN PRAYERFULLY AND CAREFULLY TO THE MESSAGES JUST BELOW. All messages are important, though God has no problem with homosexuality per se, only homosexuality done for lust and not for love.

The following messages are by John MacArthur and Gail feels it is so important at this time, that she has added them to the Church of Gail sermons she feels her men should listen to. Please keep in mind that most of these messages are earlier messages in his ministry when he seemed better than he is now. To keep a proper perspective on John MacArthur, I want to include something by Andy Woods, who is a Bible teacher I greatly respect:

Despite the above message, I feel John’s messages which I’ve included here are excellent for the most part. I chose the messages more for the content of the messages than for the messenger. However, as I’ve pointed out, I do not agree with his stance against homosexuality, and see God condemning sexual violence and selfishness as opposed to one’s sexual orientation. So when he comes down on gays, remember that he is a product of some inaccurate Bible teaching perpetuated over the years in Christendom. Also, though God is not anti-gay, a pastor cannot be a homosexual, just like a woman can’t be a pastor over men. (1 Tim. 3). You might say, “But you are suggesting sermons for Church of Gail, you are usurping Brent’s leadership as Pastor of Church of Gail.” No, I am only suggesting sermons and would not be offended if Brent chose not to air some or all of the sermons at Church of Gail. It’s just that he’s super busy and may not have time to prepare sermons right now, so I’m trying to help him meet the spiritual needs of his congregation by suggesting some sermons at a time when there is a deep need for such sermons. UPDATE on Jan. 23, 2019: I have heard brain to brain that the reason for these irregularities at Master’s Seminary and Grace Church, is that Loree McBride has flooded John MacArthur’s ministries there with Jesuit clones. You have to understand that Loree’s headquarters are in Los Angeles (where John MacArthur’s ministries are located).\




The message on spiritual suicide above is excellent. However, I disagree that the term Sodomites means homosexuality, but rather means sexual violence or the use of sex to assault a person. That was the sin of Sodom and Gomorrha, that they used sex to assault people and they practiced violent, harmful sex. When you read Genesis 19, the sexual sinners not only abused those of the same sex, but those of the opposite sex. They are similar to the Benjamites of Judges 19. I presume this because Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt – God’s punishment on her for participating in the sins of Sodom and Gomorrha. The sexual sinning was not limited to homosexuality. God is not against homosexuality per se, but ANY use of sex (heterosexual or homosexual) not practiced with loving motives.

Here is my video that encourages you to listen to the above messages: