Gail Chord Schuler HEXACO Test Results

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HEXACO Results Gail

What it all means:

If you want to take the test:

If you are an INFJ, INFP, ENFJ or ENFP, you need to read The INFJ Writer, especially if you are a writer! Lauren really helps you understand what makes you as an NF type tick and how to apply that to your work.

I tried very hard to answer honestly. I  want the world to know what I scored, not because I think I’m better than everybody else, but to show that how Loree McBride tries to portray me to the world is woefully inaccurate. I am not a crazy, paranoid schizophrenic!

My honesty/humility score is 4.31, way above average. My courage is not based on arrogance, but on devotion to my purpose (to help Jesus make this world a better place).

My emotionality score is 2.75, below average. This is probably because I try very hard to be objective and not allow emotion to influence my judgment. This is how I am able to make videos that call a spade a spade, and make Loree fuming mad at me. Also, with a high altruism score, and knowing that Loree is against everything that I feel makes the world a beautiful place, I’m highly motivated to take her down as long as she remains a toxic person. I could forgive her in a second, if she ever got right with God. But my objective side says this is highly unlikely, not with Satan feeding her on and enabling her to be evil. Unlike Zack Knight, she’s a sociopath. Zack had a mild case of narcissism, so he was reachable. As they say, never cross an INFP or try to block an INFP from following their life’s purpose (something they believe in), which is what Loree does to me. An INFP will climb mountains to oppose anyone who tries to block the INFP from doing his life’s mission!

My extraversion score is 2.88, meaning I have a tendency toward introversion. This is true. I dislike crowds and need time alone to think about life and daydream.

My agreeableness score is very high at 3.88 (almost off the charts high), meaning I am very forgiving, gentle, flexible and patient. Loree interprets this to mean I suffer from delusions and am easy prey to con artists. No, I’m just a very forgiving person. With a low emotionality score, I tend to be objective and see people for what they are.

My conscientiousness score at 3.31 is slightly below average, meaning I am not strong in discipline and organization. This is because I am a creative, free spirit. I admit this is probably one of my weaknesses and Jesus has told me to work on this. Probably one of the reasons he gave me the Gail Commandments.

My openness to experience is above average at 4.0, indicating that I am a creative, free spirit and tend to flaunt social conventions.

My altruism is high at 4.25, meaning I live for others more than for myself.