Silver Skies 1996 Version to Feature Loree McBride, Brent Spiner CLONE

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Silver Skies 11022018 1996 Version

For those who are waiting for my masterpiece to come out, I am working very hard on this novel, because I want it to be as true to reality as possible. I have done a deep and thorough study of Bible prophecy, so that this novel may well end up being a prophecy. Those of you who have read my Silver Skies novel, where I have published the first two-thirds with a crappy ending, may notice that I worked clones into the story, but it didn’t work, because I just tacked it on at the end without it being an organic part of the story all along.

My biggest complaint about today’s authors is that they all sound alike and very few have a unique, stand-out literary voice. I hope to break that trend and be a true STAND OUT VOICE in literature. The forces aligned against me are titanic, but I have Jesus and the talent he’s given me on my side. To do this, I’ll have to work outside mainstream publishing because Loree McBride regulates that, which explains why everything sounds the same.

Most who publish independently are not as committed to the writing craft as I am and take shortcuts that make their writing appear sloppy and not professional and they fail to develop their characters, theme and plot enough to write something that makes a difference OR they are obsessed with trying to write something that is “professional” and end up drowning their unique voice because they yearn to be professionally published. I don’t GIVE A FLIP about professional publication and am PROUD to be INDEPENDENTLY published. I choose independence because I want my own UNIQUE VOICE TO SHINE and not be drowned out just cuz I don’t meet some guidelines. I FLAUNT the guidelines and write a truthful story, even if I’m the only one doing it. I write with the motive to write something that will last for posterity. I have been working on Silver Skies since 1993, but admit to a long time of writer’s block. I finished two-thirds in the 1990s and then just dropped it. But I have a vision for the last third now and this book is gonna be great.

You might say, you should give your book to readers. I have chosen not to do this for several reasons: 1) the ones who have the ability to critique it accurately will probably be too kind to me, 2) the rest, those who critique it unfairly, will be a waste of my time. As an intuitive writer, I use my intuition to critique it. I read it and see if it affects me emotionally. If not, I know I need to get back to work! God has given me the ability to critique my own writing. I usually only have to sit on it for a month at the most and I can pick it up and see what’s wrong and what’s right. This is a God-given talent that I have. So when I finish Silver Skies 1996 Version, I will immediately get to work on its sequel Silver Skies: The Millennium, and then, after about a month, will take a look at Silver Skies 1996 Version and see if I still like it. Then after I give it a final polish, out it goes!

I am in NO HURRY. You can’t write a masterpiece overnight. But the book is coming along.

Let’s just put it this way, I am confident when I finish this book that it will make no. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list again. Of course, you never hear about this in mainstream news and I never make money off of it. Loree ensures that I remain a “poor” writer. But when I read it and cry, that is my payment.

When I finish Silver Skies 1996 Version, I will remove the current Silver Skies that I have available at Amazon. This version I am currently working on, is the one I want the world to see.

Silver Skies Theme Song: Apple Blossom Time

You see, when I wrote Silver Skies in the 1990s I was unaware of cloning technology and that Loree McBride is a clone. I just thought she was a crazy Vatican agent. In fact, I wasn’t even aware of Loree McBride! So the mere fact that I created a villain who is so much like her, attests to my brilliance in creating characters. Now I realize that the existence of clones has a major impact on all that’s happening in our world today, especially in politics, the media and among those who have influence in our world.

I will market the novel as an epic Christian fantasy novel, but the novel is very autobiographical.

“Most of the events in Silver Skies are a matter of history, with future events depicted according to the author’s understanding of Bible prophecy. There may be persons alive who took part in events similar to those described in the book. But the author has extrapolated from fact and created mostly fictional characters. Though most characters are based on real life persons in the author’s life, none of them is one hundred percent like the real life person, except that the author believes clones do exist and play a major role in current events and will play a role in future events. Names have been changed though and no character has the name of the person they resemble. Like occurs in real life, the author will portray clones as operating undercover while impersonating the famous people they steal identities from. Because these views are deemed paranoid schizophrenic, the author chooses to publish independently, and won’t waste her time using (or trying to use) traditional publishers or literary agents. Despite this, the author has striven to write a book that is ‘traditional publisher worthy’ in every way and hopefully, will transform the readers. Though the author markets this as Christian epic fantasy, she thinks it will be one of the most truthful, thoughtful and layered books to hit the markets in a millennium with a deep emotional resonance that will move the readers (with a blend between Colleen McCullough’s The Thornbirds and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings in its “voice”). In fact, the author believes future tribulation saints will read this like a prophecy. Loree McBride and the Jesuits, using clone versions of the Internet, steal monies from those who expose them, so the author expects to make almost nothing from this book, except when she gets to heaven, where Jesus will give her five crowns (crown of righteousness, crown of life, crown of glory, crown of incorruption, crown of rejoicing). This novel is a labor of love that honors true love.”

How can I do this without losing money when Loree McBride steals 98% or more of my writing proceeds? I create and design all my own books. I do all the editing, all the writing, all the marketing, all the covers, all the design, all the manuscript submission to Amazon. Amazon has a great set up for writers who have a little bit of computer know-how and know how to design and market their own books. I use GIMP to design my book covers. I use Microsoft Word to do the writing and the outlines. I edit myself. You can operate at very minimal cost this way. The Lord has given me talent in all the areas I need to put out the book. I am an artist, writer, book cover designer and good at English. Though I’ll admit, I sometimes flaunt the grammar rules to have my own style. I have learned how to set up the manuscript for Amazon publication and Amazon allows author to do this all for free if they know how to do it.

I only spend money on food and bills and live very frugally. I even cut my own hair! I live like a missionary. I bought some beautician sheers and figured out how to cut my own hair. It’s amazing what you can learn when you put your mind to it! I’ve been coloring my own hair since 2001.

The area where it’s costing me, is that I’ve had to buy some books on writing craft, for research and for inspiration to help me with the actual writing. But I don’t pay anybody for marketing, publishing or creating my book. I do it all myself! The book is not ready to be published until I can read it and CRY because of the catharsis I get from reading it. I have already written the ending, so I know what I’m working towards. You might say, what if it only makes YOU cry? I’m pretty picky about what makes me cry, folks! I’m not given to overt sentimentality.

I’m, apparently, very talented.

I paid a publisher once to publish, BIG MISTAKE, cuz the Jesuits took over RoseDog books. I’ve learned to do it all myself. That way I can BE SURE that the book turns out the way I want. Jesuits always take over anybody or any company who tries to help me write, publish or market a book, so I’m a very INDEPENDENT writer.

Just think, back in Emily Bronte’s day, they didn’t have computers, fancy publishers, marketers, etc. and Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights is far better than most of what’s coming out today by big name writers who pay for all this fancy stuff. You don’t need all this stuff to write great.

You might say, but what about Amazon? Fortunately, for me, Jeff Bezos is a graduate of Miami Palmetto Sr. High, where I went to high school and one of my biggest fans. Amazon has been a great place for me to publish my books. If you’ve noticed, I’ve never criticized Jeff Bezos. Not saying he’s perfect, but he’s treated me right. There are a lot of problems in the world, but, to me, the greatest problem is Loree McBride and her sidekick Satan! So that’s who I’m focused on, not all this other stuff. Jesus does not want me focused on today’s politics. He says this stuff makes no difference for the future tribulation.

You might say, you will get sued for defamation. Well, the parts that are negative and resemble real life are TRUE and you can’t sue for defamation and win, when it’s TRUE. If they want to go after me for defamation, they’ll have to go through my men first and Judge Terrance Jenkins (one of my men) is a Harvard Law School graduate. I’m not going to state which character is patterned after Loree or which is patterned after the Brent Spiner clone (will ruin the book for you), but the readers will figure it out!

In actuality, Silver Skies must be pretty good, because Steven Spielberg made a movie based on the first two-thirds which I wrote in the 1990s. Unfortunately, I rewrote what I did in the 1990s and made it worse (and that’s what’s up at Amazon right now) and the movie is not based on my horrible rewrites but what I originally wrote. Spielberg will probably love the ending I am creating for Silver Skies now. Once I finish Silver Skies 1996 Version, I will remove what I have up at Amazon. I can’t seem to remove the RoseDog books version. I don’t know why, even though I told them to take it down.

You might say, but you did horrible rewrites, so you must not be talented at critiquing your own work. I did the rewrites when I wasn’t up on the writing craft (I hadn’t been working on my writing for years at the time) and just did them fast to give Spielberg an ending to the movie he made from the book. But that’s not the case today. I deliberately reread all the craft books that made me the writer I was in the 1990s and am getting back to the mindset I had back then when I wrote the first two-thirds (which is masterpiece, by the way). Now, when I read the work, I tune into my intuition and listen to it. That’s how I critiqued it in the 1990s. I’m back where I was then! I have relearned the craft that I had forgotten.

Oh, by the way, when I wrote the first two-thirds I didn’t give it to readers. I critiqued it myself using my intuition. That is how I will operate when I write the last part of Silver Skies 1996 Version. I have brilliant intuition that operates at high genius level. As long as I’m in “the zone” and allow my intuition to operate while I work on it, this book will be great.

What works for me probably won’t work for most writers, unless they are intuitive types like I am. So don’t assume that my way is the only way or that I feel my way is the only way. I also understand that writers need to eat. Because I don’t need writing money to survive, this frees me up to write for passion and not get so stressed out that I can’t write cuz of bill collectors at my door. Believe me, I’ve been there and you can’t write when you have to obsess about the bills. I’m not rich by any means, but I’m not worried about bill collectors either. It’s amazing how much you can live on, if you just buy only what you need for food and bills. I also have strong faith in Jesus and know he will take care of me. I take it one day at a time. I make some sacrifices that some people wouldn’t be comfortable with, but money is not my God and I trust Jesus to take care of me.

I never eat out. I don’t worry about going to the dentist, but I take very good care of my teeth using my Sonicaire electric toothbrush. I never have been an “eat out” type of person any ways. I cook everything from scratch. I drive around in a rusty old car and am trusting Jesus to keep that going until I can get another one. But I’m able to write (my passion) and consider myself lucky for this reason. I paid off all my credit cards and don’t live in debt, which I consider a sin, by the way. I ripped up all my credit cards. The Bible says to owe no man anything. I don’t take out loans. I don’t use credit cards.

I follow the Gail Commandments and this keeps me healthy.

I’ve learned, like the great missionary, James Hudson Taylor, that I can live on a lot less than I previously thought possible.

Steven Spielberg and my men have worked on the Silver Skies movie as a labor of love. Latest I heard is that it is not available mainstream and is offered for free to the public where it’s shown at certain select theaters. I started off my fiction writing career as a screenwriter and so when I abandoned screenwriting and went to novels, I transferred the strengths I gained as a screenwriter. For this reason, my novels have strong characters, plots, and dialogue.

I approached writing a novel, by thinking of it as a movie in my mind, forming pictures and sounds in my mind that I put onto the page. It took some practice, but now I’m good at it. I personally think screenwriting training is great training for a novelist. It forces you to think deeply about the characters, theme and plot. Once you master this, then you can work on getting the words right (the “voice”). But when you know your character deeply, you can write from intuition getting into your character’s soul and then the words just flow, as if the character takes you over and writes the words for you. In fact, some of the craft books that have been the most helpful to me as a novelist, have been books about screenwriting. Perhaps this is why Spielberg loves my stories!

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