Loree McBride Brought Before War Crimes Tribunal for Candida Auris Pandemic

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Loree McBride and her followers have dropped bombs on populations causing people to die, become disabled and sick with Candida Auris. Even worse, she has disseminated a disinformation campaign designed to keep people sick or to kill them with the germ. I myself have been made sick with this germ and I am certain if I was not on Seroquel, would be either dead or insane from the germ.

Loree McBride is ordered to appear before an international war crimes tribunal for creating and disseminating Candida Auris en masse (via her bombs, chem trails and other means) on innocents worldwide and for the disinformation campaign she’s created to cover her butt over her biological warfare using Candida Auris against innocents. Loree is guilty of massive war crimes, including, but not limited to, the creation and dissemination of Candida Auris among innocents en masse, and, even worse, attacking those who try to save people from this deadly yeast. For instance, she ordered that Brent Spiner M.D. be arrested for dropping Seroquel bombs on the population because some people who are alcoholics died from the Seroquel bombs. The combination of alcohol and Seroquel can be deadly. Therefore, I think a better strategy would be the creation of Seroquel shields that absorb the yeast from the atmosphere like a sponge. The cost for dealing with all the damage caused by Loree’s war crimes will be paid for by taking over all the bank and financial accounts of Loree McBride Jesuits and ordering them to pay for damages caused by their biological warfare on innocents. We will conduct war crimes tribunals on Gabrielle Chana FOX News to show that we are justified in seizing any and all assets of all Loree McBride Jesuits in order to pay for the cost of dealing with their war crimes. Because I have ordered the immediate execution of any and all Loree McBride Jesuits, the only person who needs to attend the war crimes tribunal is Loree McBride herself. She can appear via Skype and does not need to appear in person. If she fails to appear, making it impossible to conduct the war crimes trial, we will read off the charges and declare her guilty, along with all her followers and begin immediate take over of all the financial accounts of Loree and her followers. The purpose of the trial will be to establish our right to take over the financial accounts of all Loree McBride Jesuits in order to pay for the damages caused by their massive bombing raids on innocents. Also, every Conspiracy Law honoring country must use their military to help us take down Loree McBride’s space fleet using any and all means necessary to do so. Willing and knowing failure to assist us to take down Loree’s space fleet will be viewed as a sign that that country is working with Loree; and that nation will be treated as a TERRORIST NATION according to Conspiracy Law, which means we have the right to take down the military of any nation that does not assist us to take down Loree McBride and her space fleet.

If you believe you are ill with Candida Auris, contact my men at gailsmen@yahoo.com. We may be able to get you on Seroquel and give you some of Zack Knight’s semen (which has antibiotic properties with Candida Auris).


1) It is a genetically engineered super germ created by the Jesuit Order to take me out, but is now being disseminated on the population through Loree McBride’s bombing raids on innocents in order to induce yeast schizophrenia in the population enabling Loree to control people using brain control (which is her specialty). Brain control is how Loree McBride managed to get the real Brent Spiner to go to bed with her in 1992, so that he made love to Loree thinking he made love to me. Loree used semen from this incident to artificially impregnate herself, creating her baby Jackson, who has been used as a weapon to prevent Brent from marrying the woman he truly loves – ME. Zack Knight, former Jesuit leader, was complicit in the creation of this germ, but has stopped doing so now since he came to my side in September 2016. Unfortunately, Loree McBride enjoys being evil and continues the biological warfare that Zack started. It appears she is even worse than Zack and has modified the germ to make it even more deadly and is much more brazen in the way she infects the populations with yeast.

2) There is no known cure except for Seroquel. Seroquel works by removing the germs and its toxins without killing the germ. Killing the germ only makes the infection worse, because the dead germs explode releasing their nutrient-filled toxins into the blood and surrounding tissue, feeding any remaining living germs like fertilizer.

3) It kills by leeching nutrients from your cells, so that the patient literally dies from starvation, because it requires the same nutrients that you need. This explains why those who are near death from this germ become very thin and emaciated. This is why I was so thin, even though I ate like a pig when I had a serious infection from this germ.

4) It has an affinity for the nervous system, so that it enables the Jesuits to use the germ to assist them in brain control over the population. Symptoms of nervous system infection includes debilitating muscle cramps, numbness in parts of the body, spasms and headaches. The germ can literally induce schizophrenia, causing a yeast-induced schizophrenia because of its affinity for the nervous system. Though it has an affinity for the nervous system, it easily infects the gastrointestinal tract, causing bloating and gassiness, especially if you are swallowing a lot of post-nasal drip from breathing it in.

5) The germ goes systemic very fast and can easily infect the blood, leading to systemic infection and death.

6) You can easily develop an allergy to this yeast’s toxin after long exposure to the germ because Loree drops bombs filled with Candida Auris daily over the populations. When this happens, as has happened to me, you can develop a yeast sinus infection, because the allergy aggravates inflammation, and in severe cases you can get asthma leading to death. The sinus infection caused by allergy to the yeast toxin is very debilitating, interfering with sleep and making it so you can only breathe through your mouth due to severe inflammation of your sinuses. Even on Seroquel these respiratory symptoms can happen, because Seroquel removes the germ and its toxins from your body, but cannot control your allergic response to the germ’s toxins. To help with allergies, the patient should go for a walk outside because Jesus puts medicine in the air for allergies. Taking an antihistamine or allergy medication, along with frequent nasal irrigation using a neti pot, might also help.

7) Doing the Gail Commandments is the best medicine for dealing with Candida Auris. https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/06/gail-commandments/.

The Gail Commandments help with allergy, removing the germ from your living quarters and your bedding (by laundry) and enhancing your immune system and nutrition. Taking extra vitamin/mineral supplements is not good because these serve to feed the germ. That is why the Gail Commandments only allow you to take one multivitamin daily and no other vitamin/mineral supplementation.


1) I do not believe this germ gives you a fever. However, because those infected with the germ usually have compromised immune systems, they can get a fever from a secondary infection caused by a virus or a bacteria. Many of those who die from this germ, do so, because their immune system is compromised leading to a mixed infection that includes a candida auris infection and so they get a fever. The fever comes from the bacterial or viral secondary infection. Yeast do not tend to give people a fever. Loree is trying to describe this yeast as if it behaved like a deadly bacteria to cover her butt over her bombing activities.

2) Totally disinfecting a patient’s room using methods that work for Clostridium difficile, will not work as long as Loree continues to drop bombs, because the germs are entering the patient’s room, not primarily from the patient, but from the OUTSIDE (the bombs). So unless you are able to fill the room with air not contaminated by outside air, the yeast will remain in the room (coming from the outside). Probably a better strategy would be to use an air cleaner with the filter replaced often to ensure it’s working. But the concentration of yeast is so strong in the bombs, the better strategy is to STOP THE BOMBS. We may be able to get our Nanotechnology Research Team to develop a Seroquel Shield that stops the germ from entering the atmosphere from the bombs and chem trials and the air over populations. Loree also uses chem trails to disseminate the yeast over populations. The cost for developing this shield should come from all Loree McBride Jesuits, because we will seize their bank accounts as punishment for dropping these bombs on the population and will use those seized assets to pay for the damages caused by their bombs. (We will use certified public accountants to show on Gabrielle Chana FOX News all our financial records to show how we are spending the money that we seize from the Loree McBride Jesuits.) This is why those infected with the yeast, have the yeast in their window blinds, in their roof, in their carpet, etc. It is NOT coming from the patient who is infected with such a deadly germ that it infects the patient’s entire room, the yeast is infecting the patient’s room from the BOMBS (from the OUTSIDE).

3) The main method by which the germ causes infection is NOT through contact with infected people, but by breathing in the air from outside, which is contaminated because of Loree’s bombing raids over the population. You can wash your hands till they’re blue, but as long as Loree keeps dropping bombs, people will keep getting sick. Loree has been bombing innocents in a blitzkrieg worldwide, attempting to induce an epidemic of yeast-induced schizophrenia (because the yeast has an affinity for the nervous system) to enable her to use brain control on innocents, to get them to do her bidding (which is her specialty). Stop Loree’s bombs and the pandemic is over. Loree has ordered the FDA and CDC to lie about how this germ is spread to cover her butt over her bombing activities and to distract you from going after her for her bombs.

4) Those in danger from the infection is EVERYBODY, even healthy people. If you breathe air, you can get infected. This is literally a military attack on innocents using biological warfare, and can turn a healthy person into a dead person overnight, especially if you are allergic. Your susceptibility to infection has nothing to do with the state of your health (it has to do with the concentration of yeast in the air you breathe), except those with weakened immune systems obviously are at a disadvantage in any type of infection.

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