Help Tulsi Gabbard (who's like Ron Paul) Get Her Place in the Democratic Debates

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May 1, 2019

Gail —

The deadline to qualify for the debates is still over a month and a half away – and as more and more candidates qualify in such a crowded field, we’re in danger of losing our spot on the debate stage.

Even though we have reached the 65,000 threshold, if more than 20 candidates qualify, the Democratic National Committee will move the goalposts and some candidates will be eliminated.

By mid-June when the final decision is made, we need to make sure we’re in the strongest position possible — and we need your help to get there. We’re at 69,913 donors right now and we expect that we will need at least 100,000 by June 15th — but that number may increase depending upon how the other candidates are doing.

Can you forward the email below to your friends and family to share this milestone, and call on them to join our movement?

Put simply: we can’t rest on our laurels. With 31,000 donors left to reach our goal, we desperately need your help.

Just copy and paste the message below and then send it to everyone you think needs to hear about Tulsi and her message.


Have you heard of Tulsi Gabbard? She’s a 4-term Hawaii Congresswoman, veteran of two deployments to the Middle East and currently a major in the Army National Guard – now she’s running for President and I’m very excited about her.

What I love about Tulsi is that she speaks the truth. But her courage to speak out has made her unpopular among establishment politicians and the mainstream media.

Despite all the odds, Tulsi just passed the DNC’s two requirements to make it to the Democratic debates in June. She outpaced other, better known candidates to reach 65,000 donors and to place in 3 qualifying polls. And she’s not taking any money from PACs.

But things could change. Please click here to learn more about Tulsi and what she stands for — and consider donating to her campaign:

We need a Commander in Chief like Tulsi. I hope you agree with me.

Thanks, Gail . You’re in the driver’s seat with us in this campaign. We couldn’t do any of it without you.

View the page I created devoted to Tulsi Gabbard and why I’m voting for her:

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