Tulsi Gabbard's Like Ron Paul. Going Democrat to Vote for Her.

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Loree McBride is ensuring that Tulsi Gabbard gets no good press. Tulsi is a jewel in the Democratic Party who is anti-establishment and anti-Deep State. If you are an anti-establishment Republican, Independent, Green Party member or Libertarian, you need to check out Tulsi Gabbard. Though I don’t think Tulsi can win enough votes from the Democrats to win, if she can get voters from other parties to defect to the Democratic Party just to vote for her, she might stand a chance. She should have a real appeal to Centrists who voted for Trump in 2016, because she appears to be one who will actually carry out many of the policies that Trump ran on where he’s failed to deliver. I am switching my party affiliation from Republican to Democrat to vote for Tulsi in the Democratic primaries. This will be the first time I’ve voted Democrat since 1976. Here’s how to change your party affiliation in Florida. https://www.facebook.com/your.GabrielleChana/posts/2409979119054873

Loree McBride ensures that only her cucks make it into office. With Putin on my marriage list, Loree has demonized him and then makes up stories about candidates being in collusion with Russia to ensure that those who support ME (or supports Putin who supports ME) don’t get elected.

Loree’s problem with Trump is that he won’t be her cuck 100%, only about 25% and that’s not good enough for Loree. Loree doesn’t attack Tulsi Gabbard cuz Loree knows Tulsi doesn’t stand a chance in hell of getting the Dem nomination. Believe me, if Tulsi stood a chance of winning, all of a sudden you’d hear about how Tulsi colluded with Russia and accepted bribes from Syria and all sorts of nonsense. Loree rules the roost.

There is no Russia collusion. It’s just made up fairy stories, elaborately concocted by Loree to slam her enemies. Loree expects Biden to be her 90% cuck. I personally think he might be a 50% cuck, which is slightly worse than Trump being a 25% cuck.

Tulsi appears to have true convictions, almost a SURE indicator she won’t get very far. I’ll vote for her any ways, just to spite Loree’s Deep State. Maybe my men can make her a secret President who will overrule whoever gets elected in the mainstream press. I am the Empress after all and I can appoint her as my representative.

Will be voting for Tulsi Gabbard in the primaries, but don’t think she’ll win the Dem primaries. At least I voted my conscience. If her name is available in the general election, I’ll be voting for her. I don’t know if America has the sanity to vote for this woman. I think our country is a bit mentally ill and off-balanced. BUT I shall pray, vote for Tulsi, and whatever happens, happens.

Our country is very divided right now and most people vote with a chip on their shoulder and are mainly voting AGAINST another candidate and are not really FOR ANYBODY. So those who vote for Biden, will do so, cuz they want to get rid of Trump. Those who vote for Trump, will do so cuz they don’t want a Democrat running things.

So I’ll be voting for Gabbard and some would say I just threw the vote away. Well, since I originally did not plan to vote, it wouldn’t make much difference any ways. At least you can’t accuse me of not voting, not that I really care what people think about my politics.

I don’t think she’ll win. She’s TOO SANE for most people. America has become a cauldron of mental illness and sane and balanced people don’t seem to win elections. America seems to enjoy being in a co-dependent state with either a sociopath or a narcissist.

You might say, what if Bernie Sanders makes Tulsi his Vice President and he wins the Dem nomination? You know, this is all hypothetical. I don’t think the Democratic establishment will let Bernie win. I also don’t think Bernie has the courage to make Tulsi his Vice President. He’s a bit of a cuck. If Bernie makes Tulsi his Vice President, I may consider Bernie, but he doesn’t have the backbone to make Tulsi his Vice President I’m afraid. I wouldn’t count on it. I would like to see Bernie take a stronger stand against the military industrial complex. Right now, I’m not committed to anyone but Tulsi. Now if she agrees to be Bernie’s running mate, I’ll deal with that, when, and if, that happens.

In our last election we had a choice between a sociopath (Hillary) and a narcissist (Trump). Americans don’t seem to like sanity.You might say, but you voted for Trump! I know. I know. I was horrified over a possible Clinton win, THAT’S WHY. And Trump, being the clever narcissist that he is, knows how to say what you want to hear. He knew lots of people were scared to death of a Hillary win. But once he got into office, he just plumb forgot most of his promises and has caved into the establishment and Deep State on most matters.

When it comes to narcissists and sociopaths, you don’t judge them by what they say, but WHAT THEY DO.

I am currently a registered Republican, but that will change soon, so I can vote for Tulsi Gabbard in the primaries. In Florida, you can’t vote in the primaries for a political candidate unless you belong to that candidate’s party. Tulsi is a Democrat and, in my opinion, the best one running I’ve seen thus far for President in 2020.

You need to go to the website https://registertovoteflorida.gov and then download a form to fill out if you will be voting in Florida for Tulsi and are not a Democrat. I have filled out the form and will be mailing it to the Supervisor of Elections for my county.

Trump is involved in regime change that promotes the Deep State. I won’t be voting for him in 2020.

Trump has not stood up for freedom of speech, has failed in his immigration policies, and has been a cuck for the Deep State in supporting the Deep State’s military industrial complex. He also does whatever Loree McBride’s Jew clones want him to do. He is their cuck. Loree may be against Trump, but I can assure you, Loree does NOT like Tulsi. But Loree has to be careful about opposing Tulsi, because Loree touts herself as a die-hard Democrat. You can be sure Tulsi is not getting much press, though. Loree will NEVER endorse Tulsi and is trying to keep her out of the spotlight because Tulsi is a great public speaker who opposes Loree McBride’s Deep State. Loree is the leader of the Deep State right now. Trump needs to butt out of Venezuela, Russia, Syria and Iran and mind his own business! All that money spent on Deep State regime change could be used to help Americans at home and save lives lost in unnecessary wars.

I will not be acting like a crazy Bernie Sanders supporter and will maintain friendships with all my friends, regardless of how they vote. I don’t break friendships up over politics. Cuz frankly, no politician is the answer to all our problems. Only Jesus Christ is the perfect politician.

If you’re surprised I’m doing this, I’ve always said I’m a Centrist, which means I could lean Democrat or Republican depending on which candidate is closest to my Centrist views.

One of the main reasons Trump got my vote was because I thought he would be sane in his foreign policy and not be a war hawk like Clinton. He’s been a real disappointment. Don’t regret I voted for him, cuz Clinton would have been a DISASTER.

Not that worried about climate change however. But Tulsi aligns closer to me than anybody else. But I don’t have a problem with controlling pollution, especially from Loree McBride!

Not impressed with how Trump is handling foreign affairs. I don’t cut off people because their political views differ from mine, though. I respect everyone’s right to vote their conscience. Just voicing how I personally feel about the 2020 election thus far.

You might say, well, Biden is better than Trump. You know, we have so many imperfect candidates that sometimes I just feel the best thing for me to do is to just stay out of it. I’m not crazy about Biden, either.

Bernie Sanders is too much of a cuck. Not impressed with how he caved into Clinton in 2016. Hillary would be a TOTAL DISASTER, so I mainly voted for Trump in 2016 to KEEP HER OUT. Also, I liked a lot of what Trump SAID. But I’m sadly learning that he talks a good talk, but doesn’t walk a good walk. In other words, what he says and what he does are two different things. No regrets that I voted for him, though. I’m not one to live a life of regrets. I put a lot of thought into all my decisions and they are usually ones I can live with in the long haul (about 95% of the time). It was either Trump or allowing Hillary to turn America into Stalin style Russia.

You might say, but as a Christian, you should vote and be the salt of the earth. I respect that view and honor those who hold that view. But as I do not see any political candidate as worthy of being the salt of the earth, I feel my best strategy for 2020 is to pray. I always believe everyone should honor their conscience, especially if they are a Jesus follower and love Him. It’s just that my conscience differs from most Jesus followers at this time. Trump’s handling of foreign affairs is very important to me. It shows me how he feels about the Deep State and he doesn’t hate it enough to satisfy me that he is a good President. He fakes and talks courage, but his actions are cowardly.

Trump is not a man of true conviction. He only does what he thinks will help him win elections. In that respect, he’s no better than Biden or the Democrats. I will say that most of the Democrats are worse than Trump in this respect. I’m looking for a politician with true convictions and who doesn’t just say things to get elected. Sadly, I can’t find one, except for Jill Stein. I figure since they never do what they say they’ll do, I’d rather vote for one who has conviction cuz that person is more likely to be better even if I don’t like all their views.

Trump has nothing to lose to be against abortion, to cater to Loree McBride’s Jew clones, and hold the establishment right’s positions. But I am finding that he won’t veer from establishment positions when it comes down to actual policies. His actual policies cater to the Republican Deep State, cuz he’s worried about losing an election or losing his Presidency. In other words, he’s a cuck, too.

You might say, but if a Democrat wins cuz you didn’t vote, how would you feel? Well, if I prayed over the election, I would assume that it would work out somehow for the good. You might say, but what about abortion? I am against most abortion, but then, Loree McBride is murdering millions right now and it isn’t even reported. She’s the head of the Deep State. So my main concern is that we get someone who really hates the Deep State and has convictions.

If the Democrat has convictions, they just might end up being a better President than Trump, cuz like all politicians, their actions would be different than what they say. I actually liked Barack Obama for most of his Presidency. He really hated the Deep State. He got kind of bad after around 2015, when Trump started running.

I’m impressed with Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii who’s running as a Democrat. She seems to have thoroughly thought out her views and seems against the Deep State. She may be a female version of John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy was very anti-Deep State. I now prefer her over Trump.

You might say, Obamacare was a disaster. Yes, it was. The Deep State ruined it. Obama tried to implement my National Health Care plan, but allowed the Deep State to mess it up. But I admire him for trying. I believe in a national health care plan carried out according to my Conspiracy Law, which is basically a nationally run HMO which is voluntary, not mandatory and competes with private insurance.

Trump talks like he’s against the Deep State, but how he’s currently handling Russia and Putin shows that he’s a cuck to the Deep State. Same with immigration. He talks like he’s so outraged, but allows his immigration officers to violate law to allow illegals into the country. This is why Ann Coulter is against him. I have a lot of respect for Ann.

Loree McBride’s Jew clones just scream RUSSIA COLLUSION to Trump and he cowers into the corner, with a loud bark and NO BITE.

You might say, but Loree McBride is against Trump, so he must be good. Just cuz she’s against someone, doesn’t mean they’re good. She’s a sociopath and he’s a narcissist, so they don’t like each other. She thinks if she gets rid of Trump, she can rule the world. I think Biden might surprise her in a bad way, but then, I’m not sure. Loree thinks she owns the Democratic Party. I don’t think she does and she may be in for a rude awakening. I will continue to pray and hope that the candidate who will defeat Loree gets in, whether that person be Democrat or Republican.

So how could Trump turn this around for me? I’d like to see him make an apology to Russia for the sanctions he’s made against them and to remove all sanctions against all countries, where it’s none of the U.S.’s stinking business to do sanctions, like Venezuela and Russia. I’d also like to see the WALL GO UP. Not talk, but ACTION. The wall is not as important to me as seeing some consistency in Trump. Sadly, I don’t think Trump is enough of a man of conviction to honor his most important campaign promises, so he won’t get my vote in 2020 and if Biden wins, then so be it. Now if Biden starts acting like Hillary Clinton, I might vote for Trump just to KEEP HIM OUT, if he wins the Democratic nomination. But Biden seems like a sneaky sort of fella. You might say, but Trump is not sneaky.

I have to disagree. Trump’s actions behind-the-scenes are cowardly, evil and sneaky, especially in anything that might offend the Deep State. Even worse, he has an ego problem and how he tries to resurrect his image, which he’s far too worried about, ends up hurting innocents, cuz he overcompensates to try and correct the lies about him in the media.

I think Biden will end up becoming more of a Centrist, which is my platform, though he will talk more left wing to get votes. I can live with that. In that respect, he’s just like Trump. Says one thing and does another. I think he will be less of a war hawk than Trump. Trump let’s his ego determine his policies and he’s really proud of his military stance, which, to me, is a TOTAL DISASTER. Trump’s such a Deep State cuck in his military policies.

Not sure Biden will not also be a Deep State war hawk. It seems ALL Presidents cave into the Deep State. So Biden won’t be getting my vote either.

Right now, Trump’s meddling in foreign affairs to help out the Deep State. I also think he should cut military spending, not increase it! America has been the world’s busy body, doing hurtful regime change and overthrowing legal elections, to help out Deep State coffers for too long. I am so ashamed of him over this and he’s actually behaving like a typical Deep State war hawk. Don’t forget that the Deep State exists in both the Democrat and Republican parties. I even see it in some Independent parties. I’m not sure about the Green Party, but I’m sure if any of their candidates became viable, that the Deep State would seek to penetrate that party as well. More than a candidate’s party, is WHO THEY ARE. Are they courageous? Do they have convictions? That’s what matters to me.

You might say, but what about Biden’s raping and womanizing? Well. . .it’s probably true, but then, ALL the candidates are guilty in this area. So I’m more concerned about their attitude towards the Deep State. Zack Knight was a rapist and now he’s totally anti-Deep State. I was able to reach him, cuz Zack had some convictions. So courage and convictions are the main things I’m looking for! Even a rapist can change, if they have some convictions.

Another person I would vote for, would be Ron Paul. But I don’t think he’s running.

Barack Obama had more conviction than Trump in my opinion. You must remember the REAL Barack was murdered by the Jesuits in 2012. Jesuits murder politicians who have true conviction. We’ve had a Barack Obama automaton since then.

Let me tell you of a President who hated the Deep State, and that was John F. Kennedy. He got shot, but he has my respect. As a little girl, I cried when I watched the news and heard he was assassinated.

You might say, well, you should have voted for Stein. Well, I was more concerned with keeping Hillary OUT and a vote for Stein would not be as effective in that as a vote for Trump in 2016.

I was planning on not voting in 2020, until I investigated Tulsi Gabbard. Tulsi has my vote for 2020.

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