Donald Trump's a Genius Narcissist. Tulsi Gabbard is the REAL DEAL.

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I’d prefer Trump over Kamala Harris, who’s a Loree McBride cuck! But Tulsi Gabbard is better than Trump. Kamala Harris appears to be a sociopath. If Kamala runs against Trump, the Dems lose! Americans will vote for a narcissist (Trump) over a sociopath (Kamala). Dems, if you want to win against Trump, you need to nominate Tulsi Gabbard!

As long as Tulsi is on the ticket, she gets my vote! Of course, I may be able to write her in and I’ll do that if I have to. If Tulsi gets the Dem nomination, she will be elected by a wide margin against Trump and she’ll win, because I predict about 25% of the Republicans who voted for Trump in 2016 will DEFECT TO TULSI in 2020. The key is to get her into the debates. She won me over as a Republican when I heard her speak! She’s the ONLY Democratic candidate who can defeat Trump! She seems so courageous and genuine and I believe will really hold her line against the Deep State. She WON’T cave in like Trump has.

Most evangelicals will probably stick with Trump, but Trump got a lot of support from Centrists like myself and they usually don’t like unnecessary wars and they will defect to Tulsi if she runs against Trump as the Dem candidate. You might say, how can you as a Christian support Trump over Tulsi, when Trump seems friendlier to evangelicals? Well, I see through Trump’s narcissist charade. It’s actually pro-Bible to treat others fairly and when Trump interferes in the elections and affairs of other countries to listen to Bolton (a Deep State hawk), he’s being unjust and unfair. Unfortunately, most Christians, with perhaps the exception of the missionaries, can’t see what the Deep State’s policies are really doing to these countries. The news is LYING about what’s really happening in these countries.

You might say, how do you know the news is lying about what Trump’s policies are really doing to these countries? It’s cuz Vladimir Putin is on my marriage list and I have a personal relationship with him. I know the West is full of nonsense about him. I can’t believe the insanity we have in the West about Putin! Putin is a good man!

Tulsi has stated that she feels Putin is the enemy of the U.S. but says that should not stop us from trying to engage with him, rather than attacking the Russians. I personally think she is wise to say Putin is our enemy (mainly to get the press off her back) and that when she gets into office, it will make it harder for her enemies to try to cage her into betraying Russia to save her political neck (like what Trump’s doing right now). After she has some meetings with Putin, she can modify that if she wants. At least she will meet with him. I believe she really will. And, in a sense, Putin is the enemy of the American DEEP STATE, so if she means it that way secretly, she is right. Putin is not the enemy of Americans who support ME THOUGH.

I won’t be impressed with Trump until he makes a public statement that he has REMOVED sanctions from Russia and the countries like Venezuela, which is really hurting them. I also want to see him apologize for bombing Syria. Until he does that, I’M NOT IMPRESSED.

Regarding Tulsi’s views on gun control and Planned Parenthood, I’m not sure how I feel about that. I don’t think she will send the “squads” to take guns away from people. She would go more in the direction of legislation. Even so, I’m not a gun owner, so this doesn’t affect me that much. I don’t believe in taking guns from the citizens. As the Empress, we can arm the citizenry with citizen scanners to help them defend themselves. We could use space age guns in place of the gun and bullet version.

What I like about Tulsi is that she’s not married to party ideology and she has an open heart, which means, after she gets into office, she’s likely to be “reasonable” and willing to discuss differences with her opponents, rather than just engage in name-calling, slander and attacks. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris and Donald Trump, she says what she means and means what she says. If she changes her mind or policies (like her stance on gay marriage), she will offer an apology (if needed) and is willing to learn. There will be no back-party deals where what she does and what she says don’t align. She won’t make sneaky, dirty and underhanded attacks on nations or people just to promote her political career, like Trump and all the rest of the politicians do. I like her because she is NOT a politician. I may not agree with all her stands, but she’s consistent and true to her ideals and doesn’t play games with you. She has a Centrist heart and will win over the Centrists in all parties. There are a lot of Centrists out there.

America is sick of politicians. We want the REAL DEAL. Those who voted for Trump, thinking he was an anti-establishment REAL DEAL guy are sorely disappointed in him right now. It appears that Tulsi is all that Trump ran on, as an anti-establishment politician, but that Trump sadly is not. Trump has a bunch of Deep State war hawks as his closest advisors right now. Bolton is a DISASTER. Tulsi is the REAL DEAL, not a politician. We voted for Trump thinking he would be anti-establishment. He’s brilliant with words and like a narcissist, knows what his audience wants to hear. But his actions reveal him to be a narcissist.

Some Democrats think Trump is stupid. I think he’s a genius. That’s how he was able to win the election. He can read and manipulate people well. Narcissists are good at that. The problem is, he’s a narcissist. He’s more concerned about WINNING than MORAL VALUES and PRINCIPLES. It’s his narcissism I object to. He puts on airs that he cares about MORAL VALUES and catering to the evangelicals helps with this false image. But to treat other nations unfairly to score political points (and I think he knows he’s doing this), reveal him to be a narcissist, more concerned about winning than morals or being a true Jesus follower. Unfortunately, because many evangelicals can’t see that Trump is manipulating them like the genius narcissist he is, it’s making the evangelicals appear very hypocritical to the unbelievers out there, who easily see through Trump’s narcissist charade. We evangelicals are living in our “bubble” right now and fail to see that our support for a narcissist makes us appear gullible, stupid and hypocritical for standing by Trump, when his narcissism is in plain view to those not influenced by their biased religious views.

It does not hurt Trump’s political career to take a stand against abortion, gun control, etc. But you won’t catch him taking any stands that could cost him the election, like Tulsi’s doing. You might say, but anybody would cave in under all the lies and slanders he has gotten. Not true. Not a person who has GENUINE CONVICTIONS, LIKE I BELIEVE TULSI HAS.

The problem with the way Trump operates is that it can win him an election, but it won’t win him a second term, IF his opponent has all the genuineness and authenticity that he ran on and that we now realize he does not have.

Now if his opponent is another narcissist or, even worse, a sociopath, Trump will get his second term. The opponent needs to be a REAL CONTRAST to Trump and have all the genuineness that WE THOUGHT TRUMP HAD WHEN WE VOTED FOR HIM. As long as Tulsi contrasts with him as the more genuine REAL DEAL candidate, she will beat Trump in a LANDSLIDE, CUZ SHE WILL BE ALL THAT WE VOTED FOR IN TRUMP IN 2016 AND THAT WE HAVE SADLY LEARNED HE IS NOT.

Trump is kissing the butt of the Republican Deep State right now. We are SICK OF POLITICIANS. If not for Tulsi, I would not be voting in 2020.

I will vote for a genuine, REAL DEAL person, over a politician, even if we do not agree in all areas. That is why I have switched to the Democratic Party. My views are a blend between the Democrat and Republican Party, so I can easily jump from one party to another depending on WHICH PARTY HAS A GENUINE, REAL DEAL CANDIDATE.

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