War With Iran will be a BLOODBATH. Iranian Sleeper Cells Inside U.S.!

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Check out this article about the sleeper cells: ISLAMIC TERRORIST NETWORK IN AMERICA


It seems our best bet for the 2020 elections is Tulsi Gabbard for President, with a Republican, Green and Libertarian Congress and Senate. Hopefully, the Republicans in the Senate and House would secure the border, and President Tulsi Gabbard would ensure we don’t get into unnecessary regime-change wars. But with Tulsi as President, even with Dems in the House and Senate, she could put in check the war hawks in all parties. Donald Trump must fire John Bolton and the Deep State war hawks in his administration.

In the 2020 elections, pay attention to the record of the future Senator or Representative and find out whether they beat the war drums too much and if they love to harp on Russia-gate, you know they’re married to the Deep State. Tulsi Gabbard, though a Democrat, is the best one for President. For the House and Senate, you need to see how that person talks about regime-change wars and whether they, in the past, played the Russia-gate game. Just cuz they’re Republican does not mean they aren’t married to the Deep State. I think I’d vote for a Democrat over John McCain, who was a real Deep State war hawk. I’m not too impressed with Marco Rubio, either, in the war department. If they love to blame Russia for our election woes, they are a war hawk at heart, DON’T VOTE FOR THEM. Those who play the Russia-gate game are war hawks at heart. They’ll put our country into an unnecessary war in order to stuff their pockets at your expense and the expense of your sons and daughters in the military.

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