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UPDATE: Executive Order on Oct. 19, 2021: No government money can be used for abortion, except through the National Health Care Plan, all such illegal usage will bring the death penalty. All payment processors in these organizations must be transformed into perfectpenis payment processors to ensure my laws are honored. Ron Paul has a very informative article about this today.

An abortion is defined as aborting a fetus. A fetus is defined as any human fetus conceived through willing and knowing sex with a partner that is more than a week old according to the time when it originated or was conceived, not according to accelerated growth hormone age. Fetuses with accelerated growth hormones are usually Jesuit babies that need to be aborted, which usually came into existence via a lab (illegal) or through rape or a semen bomb of some sort.

55.6[a] All abortions must be performed in a manner that keeps the fetus alive and unharmed, using the same technology that Bill Nye developed to transport poop from Gail’s men’s rectum to outer space in Jan. 2019. As of May 2019, Roe vs. Wade in the United States has been overturned and replaced with this Sect. 55.6 of Conspiracy Law. The exception will be if it turns out that TRANSPORTER C-SECTIONs do not work to remove the fetus alive and without harm from the mother’s womb and if this procedure does not work as outlined in this Sect. 55.6. In that case, Roe vs. Wade (or its equivalent law in the country) will remain in effect.

To ensure that the TRANSPORTER C-SECTION is performed safely and in accordance with Conspiracy Law, only those health care providers that belong to the PLP or RSP network can perform TRANSPORTER C-SECTIONS. Before they conduct the TRANSPORTER C-SECTION, they must state under 666-Computer mind reads and scans that they are doing this in accordance with Conspiracy Law and are not doing it to violate Conspiracy Law or to remove the fetus from the woman without the woman’s willing and knowing permission. The woman participating in the TRANSPORTER C-SECTION must also take an oath before the procedure stating that she has made this decision of her own free will and that she is aware that by doing so, she is putting up her fetus for adoption for another family to adopt her child when it become a full term baby. If either the health care provider doing the TRANSPORTER C-SECTION or the mother fails this scan, the TRANSPORTER C-SECTION procedure cannot go forward.

Planned Parenthood in the U.S., or its equivalent in a country, must belong to the National Health Care Plan of that country. Once the TRANSPORTER C-SECTION goes into effect, all ABORTIONS ARE BANNED to be replaced with TRANSPORTER C-SECTIONs. All abortion equipment MUST BE REMOVED from all Planned Parenthood facilities, to be replaced with the app or whatever is used to carry out TRANSPORTER C-SECTIONs. Willing and knowing failure to remove abortion equipment from all facilities that practice abortion will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

55.6[b] Bill Nye will work with the Nanotechnology Research Team to develop technology making it possible to do a transporter c-section (in place of ALL abortions) that should be painless for both the mother and the baby and that saves the baby’s life. Using transporter technology, the baby will be transported live and unharmed to an in vitro lab where it will grow to full term in a laboratory, very similar to how Jesuits grow and create their clone babies.

55.6[c] This will solve the problem of the new, overly restrictive Alabama law (May 2019), which outlaws abortions, even for rape and incest. If the baby is transported LIVE from the mother’s womb to a laboratory, to be grown in the lab, this will NOT be considered an abortion under Conspiracy Law, but will be considered a TRANSPORTER C-SECTION.

55.6[d] It is a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law to treat a TRANSPORTER C-SECTION as an abortion under the law. No mother will be punished for removing her baby from her womb using a TRANSPORTER C-SECTION, when she does so of her own free will.


55.6[f] Babies transported from a mother’s womb to be grown in a laboratory (via TRANSPORTER C-SECTION), will be offered for adoption when the baby reaches full term. Care must be taken to ensure the baby is placed into a family that supports Conspiracy Law and that genuinely desires to have this baby and to raise it to be a productive member of society. We will set up an international adoption agency that will place the baby where it can be raised in a happy, healthy family somewhere in the world. Conspiracy Law is aware that some countries, like China, that may belong to our Conspiracy Law network, have a system of abortion in place to limit the size of families. This will no longer be tolerated in a Conspiracy Law honoring country. In the case of a country like China, we will allow countries to impose limitations on the size of families, but the unwanted pregnancy must be handled according to this Sect. 55.6. We can easily place the Chinese baby with a family from another country. The unwanted pregnancy will be terminated using TRANSPORTER C-SECTION, the live and healthy fetus extracted from the womb using TRANSPORTER C-SECTION will be grown to full term in vitro in a lab and then placed for adoption in a country outside of China.

55.6[g] Because of the ability to transport fetuses safely from a mother’s womb to a laboratory using TRANSPORTER C-SECTION, it is now considered murder to abort fetuses (regardless of how far along the pregnancy is) rather than use TRANSPORTER C-SECTION to remove the baby safely from the womb to a laboratory where it can grow to full term. Once the baby is removed to a laboratory, the physicians in the lab can there decide whether the baby should be grown to full term (if the baby is seriously defective).

If the fetus is defective, our team of scientists will determine if it is in the best interests of the fetus to keep it alive after it has been extracted from the woman’s womb using TRANSPORTER C-SECTION. We will determine if there is a family out there willing to adopt this defective baby. If we cannot find a family to adopt it, then the fetus will be destroyed using the most painless method possible. My guess is that most fetuses, even defective ones, will find a home. Some people may view a defective fetus, like they would a pet, and would raise it with love in spite of its imperfections.

If the fetus is a clone baby, it must be destroyed. Clones are inherently evil and are designed to impersonate authentic persons and must be destroyed. If the fetus is a mixed breed human/animal, it must also be destroyed. Only those babies that are 100% prime humans, NOT clones, not mixed breed babies (like half human/half animal) can be saved using TRANSPORTER C-SECTION. Also, any babies that have been conceived using devil or fallen angel (UFO) semen or DNA must also be destroyed. Willing and knowing failure to destroy clone babies, half animal/half human babies, or babies conceived via devil or fallen angel semen will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

55.6[h] This new technology ends the abortion debate ONCE AND FOR ALL. Those against abortion, cannot have any objection to transporting the baby LIVE to a lab where it can grow to full term and be offered for adoption.

55.6[i] Those FOR abortion cannot complain about a PAINLESS procedure, that cleanly removes the baby from the womb without harm to the mother or fetus and that is paid for 100% by the National Health Care Plan and that allows the baby to live.

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