Tulsi Gabbard: "I'm ready to be on Fox News town halls & debates"

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Gail —

I’ll sit down with anyone, anywhere to help address the threats and challenges facing our nation today. That’s right, anyone — including Fox News.

We’re more than a year from the general election but already, other Democratic presidential candidates have refused to attend Fox News town halls and debates. Whether I agree with their views or not, Fox News viewers are real people — real people that I, as President, will commit to serving. So I’m not interested in playing partisan games or trying to score political points. I’m running for President to put the interests of the people first — ahead of profit and ahead of political convenience.

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In this time of deep division, it is so important that we treat each other with the respect human beings deserve from each other. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s the only thing we can do if we’re serious about making change. If we truly want to solve the challenges facing this nation, we have to be willing to listen to each other. We have to be willing to take the concerns of the other side seriously and address them respectfully.

In my time in Congress, I have seen many well thought out policies die on the House floor because they lacked bipartisan support. That support doesn’t materialize just because you have a good plan. It takes relationships built on mutual respect and trust. Trust that you won’t turn around and demonize the people on the other side of an issue. Trust that you don’t see your opponents and their constituents as mere caricatures, but as real human beings.

In short, it doesn’t matter how smart your policy is. If you can’t have a respectful conversation and build the consensus to back up your ideas, they stay just that — ideas.

I’m not willing to write off millions of people to score political points. Will you stand with me?

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We have a country to rebuild. I know we can do it, together.

Thank you for all you do,