Fascism in the Age of Trump

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Chris Hedges is BRILLIANT. I agree with him about 90%. He appears to be the dreaded “socialist” that most evangelicals despise, but is actually a progressive who voted for Jill Stein in the 2016 elections. But I would encourage evangelicals to listen to him with an open mind. He brings up a lot of valid points. I’m on the fence about climate change, but agree with him 100% that the power elites are running things and like the status quo. I also believe that pollution is a BIG problem and that the way to solve it is to get rid of the Loree McBride Jesuits, who are the biggest polluters on the planet by dropping Candida Auris bombs everywhere. Loree McBride at her Twitter tells everyone to get rid of their straws (LOL) while she bombs the hell out of everybody using Candida Auris bombs. I’ve noticed that Trump does NOT care about Loree’s bombs, but the environmentalists care, so, for this reason, I support the environmental movement in opposition to Trump (who caters to the rich and powerful, even if it means allowing Loree to bomb the hell out of us). While many environmentalists seem stupid in some of their suggestions over how to fix pollution, at least they acknowledge that pollution can be a problem. Trump seems to totally discount this.

I tend to think the truth lies somewhere in the middle between the socialist position and the evangelical position.

I agree with evangelicals that God supports the nation-state and that nations should maintain their individuality. However, this does not mean that nations getting along for the sake of peace are engaged in a satanic form of globalism, as long as they are not trying to impose ridiculous regulations on everyone and as long as they allow freedom of speech and of the press while they get along for peace. Though my Conspiracy Law is international, I allow each nation to retain their autonomy and I don’t force them to adopt Christian belief as their mantel. On the other hand, I also don’t allow religious discrimination against Christians or Bible believers and give everyone the freedom to follow their conscience, so long as they don’t harm innocents in the process. And, yes, the ONLY wars that the U.S. was involved in that were justified from about 1900 onwards were World Wars I and II. The rest were regime-change wars.

Christians that feel the Iraq war under Bush was justified, have not been on the ground in these countries and seen the results of this war. All we have done is replace one evil over another and, in fact, the evil that has been replaced is far worse than what was there before. Tulsi Gabbard is right on, here. The only wars that are justified are wars that attack the Deep State cronies. So how do we know who are the Deep State cronies? They are the ones who encourage us to live lives of fear and doubt. If the country is not bothering us, LEAVE THEM ALONE. Don’t fabricate evidence to start a war with someone, in order to get their oil. And evangelicals who fall for this, you need to get outside your theological bubble and deal with REALITY. Just cuz Trump spouts stuff that appears to align with your view of the Bible in order to get  your support for regime-change wars, does not mean his position is correct. Besides, isn’t going to war with a country to topple their government, in order to make it align with what you consider to be your version of Democracy a form of globalism? Perhaps the globalist is the UNITED STATES, trying to force all countries to be mini versions of the UNITED STATES. What makes us Americans think that we are so superior we are allowed to attack nations that aren’t like us?

You might say, but they are a threat to us. Really? How? All these wars have not fixed the problems. In fact, these regime-change wars are largely responsible for the influx of refugees coming from the countries where we’ve toppled their governments. Part of solving the immigration crisis is to STOP REGIME-CHANGE WARS.

While it is true that Satan will set up a worldwide dictatorship, it won’t happen until after the rapture. In the meanwhile, the way for Christians to be the salt of the earth is to oppose the Deep State and Deep state wars and to live lives that promote peace and harmony.

The main area where I disagree with him is that I feel the literal interpretation of the Bible is correct. It’s just that evangelicals tend to be too narrow in some of their interpretations. I do believe that God created the world in seven days, cuz it says He rested on the sabbath. Regarding the “discrepancy” that God created light on the first day and the sun on the fourth, read this: https://creation.com/how-could-the-days-of-genesis-1-be-literal-if-the-sun-wasnt-created-until-the-fourth-day

I explain why my views don’t align perfectly with the typical evangelical position, even though I consider myself an evangelical or born again Christian. I encourage all Jesus followers to support peace and sign Bernie Sanders’ petition to require Presidents to get the approval of Congress before going to war. I believe Jesus would approve of this petition. https://act.berniesanders.com/signup/em_iran_petition/

Please donate financially to Tulsi Gabbard, rather than Bernie Sanders, though. https://www.tulsi2020.com/

Here is my Facebook post about this: https://www.facebook.com/your.GabrielleChana/posts/2439004809485637

What REALLY happened to the Kursk submarine in 2000: https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/20/kursk-submarine-disaster-jesuit-deep-state-murdered-russian-sailors/

Some of my dear Conservative friends, think it is not me making posts at Facebook lately, because I seem to support Bernie Sanders, socialism and abortion, so I’d like to clarify some things. Here is a transcript of my conversation with a Conservative, evangelical friend.

“Gail, I been watching your post and it’s not sounding like you. Have you turned pro abortion and pro socialism; what’s going on? Please to assure me that this is you – tell me how we met.” – MY FRIEND

We met through your sister, and I am not pro-abortion. I have written Conspiracy Law that overturns Roe vs. Wade.


I updated and refined this new law on May 17, 2019 and you’ll see that I am not pro-abortion. On the other hand, I think the Alabama law is too strict, because it does not allow for abortions in the case of rape and incest. BUT Jesus has shown me a way to deal with this that should pacify ALL PARTIES, except those who aren’t interested in a solution because they are too fanatical to think straight. Check out my new law (in the above link), written to overturn Roe vs. Wade. I also find it ironic that pro-lifers are so fanatical about abortion, but not as fanatical about regime-change wars, which kill adults unnecessarily.

As far as socialism, I am actually a libertarian. Some aspects of what people call socialism, I don’t find objectionable, like a National Health Care Plan. But a lot of Bernie’s ideas seem dumb to me. I think Tulsi is smarter. You don’t need to worry, I won’t be voting for Bernie, BUT I agree with him 100% about regime change wars! Sometimes he hits the nail on the head.

I don’t know if my Conservative friends have noticed, but I HAVE NEVER CRITICIZED BARACK OBAMA. I respect his memory as one who stood with me as Empress when he was alive. The Jesuits murdered Barack Obama in 2012. He supported me as Empress and I am forever grateful to him, because, for that, he gave his life. I have voted Republican most of my life, but to support Barack, I did not vote in 2012. In 2012, I could not get myself to vote Democrat.

To me, the BIGGEST ISSUE today is regime-change wars. I’d even vote for a communist if they share my passion about regime-change wars. I think we have a tendency to be too caught up with labels and stereotypes. We need to see each candidate as an individual. Also, I am not convinced that the American experiment is the best form of government. I feel the best form of government is a monarchy with a benevolent dictator at the top. Yup, that dictator is Jesus Christ. But I’m libertarian, because until Jesus Christ rules, it’s better to have some checks and balances in case we get an evil dictator. But in all of history the country that had the best form of government was Israel under King David. That was a monarchy. Even then, it was not perfect, because King David was not perfect. But the American experiment is on the way down. We will get a bit of a reprieve under my rule as Empress, NOT because of the U.S. Constitution (which is an impressive document), BUT because of MY RULE, because I fear God and am very much like King David was BEFORE HE SINNED WITH BATHSHEBA.

I was very much against Hillary Clinton because she’s a worse WAR HAWK than Donald Trump and voted for Trump mainly to KEEP HER OUT. Now, Trump is almost as bad as Hillary in this regard.

I have evolved since 2012 and now no longer feel it is sinful to be a Democrat sometimes. My husband Brent has been an open-minded Democrat and he has influenced me. Brent NEVER tells me what political views to have, but always engages in intelligent discussions with me and then I make up my own mind. Brent seemed to like Ben Carson in the 2016 elections, but he did not try to influence my vote, when I voted for Trump in 2016. In fact, I mainly voted for Trump because he seemed to share my passion against regime-change wars. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with him now! I did NOT vote for him because of his pro-life stance, which has never been as big a deal to me as it is to most pro-lifers.

In fact, I told Jesus that I felt life begins with the breath and so perhaps abortion is not murder as long as the fetus has not breathed. To this Jesus replied that he has plans for those babies and even if life begins with the breath, he would prefer most abortions don’t take place. However, Jesus did abort some babies in me as a result of RAPE.

Like if Tulsi runs as Bernie’s VP, I may refrain from voting in 2020. I definitely want her at the top of the ticket.

Bernie’s right about TPP and it’s true that the Corporations and big money are running America. On the other hand, some of his views seem a bit extreme to me. I’m more of a moderate. I find fanatical rants and extremist views distasteful coming from either a Conservative or a liberal.

“BS can kiss my grits; I stand with no Socialist / Communist lover!” – MY FRIEND

I understand, but I’m really passionate about regime-change wars. To each his own. I don’t think it’s any of the United States’s business to go about trying to force other countries into our version of democracy. That is such hubris! America has been far from perfect in the human rights department.

I think for myself and I despise group think, whether it be evangelical group think, liberal group think, Conservative group think or ANY group think. I think it’s important that each of us use our own brains and come to our own conclusions and if that makes us a bit of an outcast, we need to be true to ourselves.

I am an INFP (Myers-Brigg) and that’s how INFPs are. Like most INFPs, I am a peace-maker, a negotiator and I prefer intelligent calm discussions over heated debates. This is something I greatly admire about Tulsi. One thing I admire in people is an open mind. Jesus seems to feel like I do. I dislike closed minded people. None of us is perfect and it is a sign of humility and intelligence to recognize that what seems so right in our current generation, may seem opposite to future generations. The only one who is right about everything is God. And how evangelicals interpret the Bible is based on their finite intellect which sometimes misinterprets the Bible. Therefore, in areas where the Bible is grey or unclear we should show tolerance.

Like Jesus, I despise the us/them mentality. The worst sin of all is PRIDE. It is the sin that leads to all other sins and it is behind the us/them mentality. I do NOT believe that we are superior to another human being by virtue of being more right than them. We are superior based on how much we love.

Let me give you an example of evangelical group think. Most evangelicals believe that if anybody believes that you can get to heaven outside of Jesus Christ, that means you go to hell. This is actually true, BUT what evangelicals fails to realize is that there are many Jesus ways to heaven. In fact, some Buddhists, New Agers, and even those who seem to hold to occult views will get to heaven if they are tuned into Jesus’ spirit and have said the sinner’s prayer IN THEIR HEART, even if not the actual words. Yes, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, but there are many ways to get to him. The sinner’s prayer is usually the easiest way and I highly recommend it as a way to reach people for Jesus. But the sinner’s prayer needs to come from the heart. So anybody who knows they are a sinner and feels a need for redemption from that sin by a higher being who is all love and perfection will get in. So evangelicals needs to show more tolerance to those who don’t adhere completely to their doctrinal statements. We should only oppose people if they cause disharmony in the world and are negative and hateful.

This does not mean we should stop being missionaries or trying to show people how to find peace and love in Jesus. It does mean that our ministry will burn up like wood, hay and stubble when Jesus hands out his rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ if we carry out our ministry with a spirit of self-righteousness, pride and intolerance. Our attitude should NOT be, “It’s MY WAY or the HIGHWAY.” That is PRIDE and Satan is the author of all pride, whether it be religious pride, secular pride, liberal pride, Conservative pride or PRIDE.

Most evangelicals have the false idea that they will lose rewards based on whether they adhere to the CORRECT VIEWS. I actually think they will lose rewards based on MOTIVE. Everything we do needs to be motivated by LOVE. If love is our motive, we will be rewarded. If PRIDE is our motive, we will lose rewards. So, it’s possible for someone to be imperfect in doctrine and yet get all five crowns, if they did everything out of love and humility.

This is not to say that doctrine is not important. Correct doctrine leads us to a correct view of God and how he wants us to live and if this doctrine makes us loving, humble, thankful and believing that God has a wonderful plan that he is carrying out and if we are in tune with him and not negative and hateful, then what we believe is helping us to stay in God’s will for our life and we are helping him to restore love and harmony in the universe, which is HIS WILL. Satan is the master of division, fear and doubt and all doctrines that cause us to go in the direction of fear and doubt are false doctrines.

But we should always remember that our finite minds can never be as accurate as God and that we are always wrong in some area of doctrine till the day we get to heaven and that nobody is completely right in doctrine. With this awareness, we should live out our Christian life with the primary focus on living a loving, thankful and humble life and our goals should be to increase love and harmony in the universe, even with those who seem to be incorrect in doctrine. As long as the incorrect person is living a life of love and harmony, don’t attack them. Encourage them to continue their life of love and harmony and if they are at peace, then be happy for them.

I’m not saying everybody who goes into a rant is motivated by pride. They could just be misinformed or stupid. But it is a mark of humility to realize that not all our views are right and we should make allowances to others who may disagree with us, especially in multi-faceted, complex issues (like abortion) that need to be seen from several angles. I believe Bernie is sincere and a humble man, but that he is not smart enough to be President.

Also, don’t get on me about Ukraine. That was a regime-change war DISASTER. I’ve seen over and over what is REALLY GOING ON IN THESE COUNTRIES where America tries to overturn the current government. There are SO MANY LIES in the news media right now, based on the LIE, that Western government is superior in human rights to all other forms of government, which justifies our IMPERIALISM in foreign policy. This makes me want to vomit. Perhaps, if I was not a close friend of Vladimir Putin, I would fall for this garbage. But I KNOW THE TRUTH and I cannot deny it.

It’s NONE OF AMERICA’S BUSINESS to get involved in regime change wars, if that country has NOT attacked us and is not a threat to us! In fact, I think the only wars that were justified in recent history were World Wars I and II. And, if you’ll notice, those are the only wars we won! It seems when the U.S. becomes a MEDDLER, we LOSE. In both cases, we were dealing with a very aggressive Germany.

Now, it seems America is acting like Nazi Germany against other nations. WE ARE THE AGGRESSORS, trying to topple those nations that don’t adhere to our ideology. Did you know that as a result of our meddling in Ukraine, that Ukraine is NOW A NAZI COUNTRY? So we replaced “socialism” or communism with Nazism. LOL.

As a result of my deep friendship with Vladimir Putin and knowing that it was an American submarine that fired the missile that killed ALL the sailors in the Kursk submarine (2000) and how the U.S. conned Putin into a cover up about this, really makes me MAD. The U.S. can be a BEAST sometimes. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/tragedy-of-the-kursk-utm_sourcepenultimate.html

I have always considered myself a Centrist Libertarian, so don’t be surprised if I jump from Democrat to Republican and vice versa. I vote by CANDIDATE, not party. Right now, it appears I’ll be voting for Tulsi as President and perhaps Republican for the senate and house races. Not sure about the senate and house races yet.

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