After Dem Debates, Tulsi Gabbard Should Run as an INDEPENDENT

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It’s early and Loree McBride controls the narrative and the polls. I personally think Tulsi will end up getting a lot of Republicans, Independents, Greens and Libertarians after the debates. Her voting base is moderate to left-leaning Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Greens and progressive Democrats (the Bernie Sanders crowd). How the Democrats poll on Tulsi is NOT reflective of how Tulsi will do in the general election.

Her greatest challenge is to overcome the blockade Loree is putting around her. The Dems will NOT be the ones who put Tulsi into the Presidency, it will be the Republicans who cross over mainly. If Tulsi cannot get the Dem nomination, I’d recommend she go Independent. You won’t see Repubs coming over to her until after the debates, though.

Loree McBride may try to block out Tulsi even during the Dem debates. I predict she will get interrupted, blocked out and perhaps not given a chance to speak during the Dem debates. In fact, I believe that Loree’s actually had Biden, Sanders and the whole Democratic crew enter the race to negate Tulsi. Loree McBride does NOT like Tulsi Gabbard, because Tulsi is even worse than Donald Trump as a candidate who will drain Loree McBride’s swamp. Whereas Trump talks about draining the swamp, Tulsi will really do it! So she has to become a NOBODY. If I was Tulsi, I’d start running as an Independent RIGHT AFTER THE DEM DEBATES, possibly the first Dem debate, especially if they give her the Trump treatment during the Dem debates.

Joe Rogan appears to be her best interviewer and she should feature clips of her interviews with him prominently in her campaign advertising, with her main focus on her anti-war, free speech stances. She should say over and over that she wants to pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. A lot of folks are furious over this. Her next best interviewer is Tucker Carlson. She should use clips from Tucker interviews as well. To reach across the political spectrum (which she MUST DO to win), her slogan should be “anti-war, free speech courageous” candidate. This is something that resonates with both Republicans and Democrats, and everybody’s sick of phonies. She should emphasize her relative consistency and that her positions have remained consistent over the years and that she only changes positions when she has a good reason, not for political expediency.

Tulsi won’t win without getting a lot of ex-Trump voters. Right now, most of them don’t even know who she really is. Because I understand the Republicans well, having voted Republican most of my life, I’m reaching out to that crowd. Tulsi MUST GET A LOT OF REPUBLICAN CROSS-OVERS to be competitive. I think she can do it.

I know the Green Party has offered her a spot, but she’d stand a better chance beating Trump as an Independent I think, IF she does not get the Dem nomination. She NEEDS Republican voters to be competitive and most Republicans won’t vote for a Green Party candidate. She needs to overcome the “socialist” label to get the Republicans. It won’t be the Dems who put her into the White House, it will be the Republicans who have abandoned Trump because of his war hawk policies.

A lot of Repubs are mad at Democrats and vice versa and to get out of this quagmire, Tulsi needs to run as an Independent, so people will see her as a PERSON and NOT A PARTY. Actually, belonging to either the Dem or Repub party is a liability more than an asset right now for this reason. If Tulsi runs as an Independent, she can reach reasonable people from all across the spectrum.

A difficult area for her to navigate will be the issue of gun control. She needs to assure the Republican voters that she believes in the 2nd Amendment and that she’s not obsessed with taking guns from the citizens, while at the same time believing that dangerous criminals should not be allowed to have guns, so she doesn’t lose her Progressive base. Unfortunately, this is where she will lose the majority of the Republican voters. However, there are Centrist Republicans who would resonate with her anti-war, free speech stances, and when she talks about gun control, she needs to come across reasonable and admit that some of the terrorist incidents that have happened could have been rigged to unnecessarily take guns away from law abiding citizens. This may cause some undecided Republicans to swing over to her, if she runs as an Independent. HOWEVER, she should wait until she runs as an Independent to do this, or the Dems will probably not even allow her onto the debate stage. She could do this as spite for being rigged out of the Dem nomination, if this is how she really feels. I personally think she should keep this rather low-key throughout her campaign and make her main focus her passion against regime-change wars.

All this Russia hysteria that the establishment Dems are using on her will resonate with her future Republican voters and this will only HELP HER to get Republican votes away from Trump. The ones who voted for Trump in 2016 and have seen him break half of his promises, will see Tulsi as the REAL DEAL that they thought Trump was and she’ll steal Republicans away from Trump. This is how this gal will win. She should NOT count on the Dems to give her the Presidency, BUT THE REPUBLICANS WHO ABANDON TRUMP. BUT, she should play low-key on issues that many Dems would not like (their fanatical abortion stances, their fanatical gun control stances, their fanatical immigration stances, etc.), except her stance on regime-change wars and only reveal her full deck when she runs AS AN INDEPENDENT. As an Independent candidate, she needs to come across REASONABLE, SANE, and BALANCED on the issues of abortion, gun control and immigration. She WON’T WIN the fanatical Republicans (like the ones behind the Alabama abortion laws) and should not worry about this, just concentrate on her base: Moderate to left-leaning Republicans, Libertarians, Centrists, Independents, Greens, and last, but not least, the Progressive Dems. THIS IS KEY to winning the Republican vote and still not alienating her Progressive base. Her greatest strength is that she appears INTELLIGENT and COURAGEOUS on foreign policy and free speech. This needs to be the image she wants everyone to have of her. She must run as the candidate who is against partisan bickering and wants to heal the divide and put into action, SANE, REASONABLE, COURAGEOUS and BALANCED legislation that does not cater to partisan politics and bickering, but what is BEST FOR THE PEOPLE, REGARDLESS OF PARTY. She needs to focus on Trump’s RECORD, which speaks louder than his WORDS. After the debates, she also needs to focus on the hypocrisy of the Dems and point out the inconsistencies in their policies that she despises (to win over Republicans and Dems, too) and study how Tucker Carlson attacks the Dems and whenever she agrees with him, to point it out. Tucker’s pretty spot on about a lot of things. She should say proudly that she’s running third party because the establishment controls both parties and she represents all the people, not parties.

As far as financing, I will ask my men to take regular offerings at Church of Gail (we have millions of members from all over the world) for Tulsi’s campaign and to give these offerings regularly to Tulsi to finance her Independent run for the U.S. Presidency. Our church members come from all parts of the world, but American Brent Spiner is the pastor and we only accept contributions from those nations that honor Conspiracy Law. We would give her the offerings as a gift from Church of Gail. We do have some Russians in our membership and we will not stop them from giving, if they desire to. BUT the offerings are not coming from the Russian government, but church members in a church that has Russian members, including Vladimir Putin. Ha ha ha ha. We can reveal on Gabrielle Chana FOX News that Tulsi’s campaign is largely funded by Church of Gail and NOT be in violation of campaign finance laws, since my Conspiracy Law is the law of the land overriding the Constitution, and under Conspiracy Law financial donations from other countries are allowed AS LONG AS THE VOTERS KNOW THIS. We will be fully transparent, unlike Hillary Clinton who does a lot of behind-the-scenes deals. Hillary Clinton’s campaign was largely financed by ISRAEL AND GEORGE SOROS. Israel right now, IS IN SIN and I believe has been KICKED OUT as a Conspiracy Law honoring nation.

The difference between Tulsi and those who claim to be patriotic is that the Dems have gotten FOREIGN MONEY for their campaigns, but NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT IT. Under my Conspiracy Law, as long as the donations come from a Conspiracy Law honoring country, foreign donations are ALLOWED. It is only required that we be TRANSPARENT about WHO is financing our campaign. NO SECRETS IN FUNDING ALLOWED. Our Church of Gail, composed of members from all over the world WILL FINANCE TULSI’S campaign and if Loree McBride and her hypocritical Dems want to make a stink about it, we’ll expose all their underground financing from George Soros and Israel on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. We’ll also expose that Trump gets a lot of secret support from crony capitalists, too! The issue is not whether a foreigner supports you, the issue is WHETHER THEY ARE A CRIMINAL!

Foreign funding for political campaigns has been going on secretly for decades in the U.S. in both the Republican and Democratic Parties. The only difference is that the Dems decided to make this a campaign issue with Hillary’s run for the Presidency, and what we are doing is just making everything transparent.

Here is an email I shot off to my men on 5-22-19 about Tulsi:

Dear men:

I want us to take regular offerings from Church of Gail to support Tulsi Gabbard’s run as an INDEPENDENT candidate for U.S. President. Tell Tulsi that I recommend she go Independent sometime after the Dem debates.


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